Top 3 Most Creative Christmas Gifts for Golfers

Golf is an interesting sport that is enjoyed by a large number of individuals worldwide. In more cases often than not, golf Christmas gifts are suitable for at least one individual in someone’s life. Because the sport is so popular and widespread, there’s an abundance of Christmas gifts for golfers on the market. The only challenge is finding the right one.

To help shed light on some of the most creative and inspiring Christmas gifts for golfers, below we feature three items that will hit home with the golfer in your life.personalized divot tool

1. Mark Mender Divot Tool

Conventional or plastic divot repair tools pull up along the sides of the ball mark resulting in more damage to the green and more or less compromising the future put of other golfers. The Mark Mender, on the other hand, is golf divot repair tool that’s equipped with a spring-loaded squeeze mechanism that enables golfers to repair their divots with ease and satisfaction.

Applying a simple poke and pinch technique, the Mark Mender adds to the experience of a great approach shot while maintaining the quality of the green. In addition to being a divot tool for golf ball marks, also serves as a cigar holder further adding to its appeal. This greatly reduces the hustle of having a cigar holder attached to your cart separately from your divot tool. Enjoy your cigar as you embrace the green. It is available fully customized at 12-unit minimum order.

2. The Carry-On

The polycarbonate outer shell is TSA (Transport Safety Authority) compliant, but what makes The Carry-On more than an ordinary piece of luggage are the two built-in USB ports that connect to a battery and allow you to charge up while waiting for your next flight (it can charge your phone up to four times).

Meanwhile an internal compression packing system that allows over-packers to maximize space minus the need to check their bags at the airport. The Carry-On is particularly useful when you are down golfing a whole weekend and you need to limit your luggage.

3. Personalized Wood Golf Ball Marker

golf ball marker toolYou can have three initials engraved on this little accessory that can clip onto any golf bag and hold golf essentials like a scorecard, tees and some cash for the beer cart. Keep your golf game organized with the personalized ball marker available via fast delivery, free laser engraving available and is of high quality.

The wood golf ball marker is a small, flat object used to mark the position of a golf ball when the ball is lifted on the putting green. It is somewhat the size of a coin and is placed directly behind the ball before it is lifted. The ball is then swapped right in front of the marker on its initial position. This particular gift is handmade and can be customized with one to three initials at the vendors’ and orders placed are collectable in 3 days’ tops. See options at

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