Load Scanner’s Promising Future in Multiple Industries

Managing payloads, bulk materials, and other loads that need to be weighed and evaluated can be made much easier with the help of a load scanner. The volumetric load scanner system utilizes advanced laser technology and up-to-date algorithms. The system makes a comparison of empty vehicle scans to the loaded vehicle scans.load-scanner-technology

With the help of 3D images, the scanners can provide operators the ability to scan loads of their trucks in high-definition. Once the load volume scanner system is incorporated into a related platform that is usually compatible with most types of devices and computers, the operator can quickly scan, view and manage the data that has been studied and computed.load-scanner-volume

Given the significance of correctly and efficiently weighing truck loads for several industries, such as farming and mining, load volume scanning technology can be the replacement for expensive and constantly-maintained weigh scale systems.

Different Uses of Load Volume Scanner

Bulk Materials Management

The load scanner is used for managing bulk materials. It is ideal to use for materials that are massive and capable of flowing. Once the correct inputs have been placed, the load scanner can easily measure items like aggregate, grains, sand, recycled materials, biomass, storm debris and many more.

Biomass & Mulch Applications

Load volume scanner systems are also vital in the management of biomass, mulch, and organics load. These materials are bought and sold today per volume. With the help of a load volume scanner, the operators, and the buyers get a precise measure of the product. By doing this, the business will be much simpler since the computations are based on actual data instead of estimation.load-scanner-biomass

Mining & Payload Management

Load scanner is a breakthrough in the mining industry. With the help of the load volume scanning system, the mining industry has gained a considerable amount of knowledge. Some of the uses of a load scanner in mining are the management of load position, optimization of shovel operator, monitoring of production, fill factor and carry-back, optimization of the truck body and a real-time measurement of material density.

Farming & Agriculture

Load volume scanner for grains is a big boost in the agriculture business. With the help of the scanning system, harvest management can be remarkably improved. Load scanning of grains can be done on-farm or in-field. The management of production can be done per field or per farm. Also known as the Yield load scanner in agricultural settings, the system can also provide measure meter input and provide real-time production report per farm.

Stockpile Management

With the help of the load scanner system, you can monitor in real time the stockpile inventories and material loads. With companies like Walz Scale that have progressed this innovative technology, you have ominously increased the awareness regarding your operation’s performance. Later on, you can use the data to reduce the costs of operation and maximize profits.

Public Works

Load scanner has a promising potential to revolutionize the operations of public works including the management of material inventories and truckloads. With the help of load volume scanners, some public work tasks such as tracking of storm debris and management of snow trucking, aggregate material load, and salt stockpile become more efficient and accurate.load-scanner-public-works

Waste Management

With the help of load scanning systems, waste load and debris management become more effective especially if the system is integrated correctly into the landfill. With the aid of the scanner system, truck traffic on site can be lighter. Aside from this, load management of coal ash and storm debris can be done better.

Oil & Gas Industry

Load volume scanner is also an important tool in the oil and gas industry. The scanner assists in the drill waste management so that environmental requirements are easily achieved.load-scanner-oil-gas
Compare to the conventional heavy-duty truck scales, load volume scanners are definitely more efficient with its own unique weighing solution. The technology of load scanners needs less upkeep and it’s very simple to use. The system is also guaranteed accurate in measuring load weight plus volume. Also, it helps to save on expenses.

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The Specialized Therapies of Bly Family Chiropractic in Bloomington, IL

30 year chiropractors in bloomington ilHaving recently celebrated its 30th anniversary of providing quality chiropractic care to patients who need rehabilitation and pain relief, Bly Family Chiropractic has been regarded as one of the most effective and comprehensive chiropractic care providers in the state of Illinois. With a vast array of services, and a philosophy of using two heads to tackle each situation, the Bloomington, IL chiropractic clinic prioritizes their clients’ needs above everything else.

Bly Family ChiropracticTo elaborate on what makes Bly Family Chiropractic so pronounced in central Illinois’ chiropractic community, below are some of the specialized therapies that the practice offers.

Spinal Adjustments & Active Release Technique (ART)

Each of their active release technique sessions consist of a through our examination as well as an adjustment. Typically what occurs during an examination is that a professional chiropractor will use his/her hands to evaluate the thickness, flexibility and texture of the tendons, ligament and muscles.spinal adjustment chiropractic bloomington il

By doing this they will be able to find scar tissue due to the fact that scar tissue restricts soft tissues movement. This in itself however, can lead to loss of strength, pain and a reduced range of motion. If they detect a problem they will utilize one or several specific protocols from a list of over 500 to apply the right amounts of pressure while said patients bends or move.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression, or disc decompression as it’s commonly called, can prove to be especially beneficial to individuals who experience bulging discs, pinched nerves, sciatica, facet syndrome and herniated discs as well.

During a typical disc decompression session at Bly Family Chiropractic, they use a specialized table that pulls on the spine which subsequently leads to the separation of the vertebrae from each other. The resulting vacuum will allow herniations and bulges to go back inside of the disc. The pumping action that the specialized spinal decompression table causes, also allows nutrient rich fluids that are on the outside of the disc, to go back inside.

Cold Laser Therapy laser therapy chiropractic bloomington il

Their cold laser therapy sessions can prove to be especially useful to individuals who experience:

  • Sprains, tendonitis, tendon ruptures and other connective tissue disorders.
  • Muscle relate disorders and injuries such as bruises, contusions, ruptures as well as muscle shortening contractures.
  • Inflammatory conditions like plantar fasciitis, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and epicondylitis.

Chiropractic studies suggest that low level laser therapy can significantly accelerate the body’s ability to repair itself. It’s also been proven that it can help to reduce the duration of which inflammation remains prevalent during the healing and repair process. In a nutshell, by partaking in a cold laser therapy session with one of the chiropractors in Bloomington, IL you will give your body the opportunity to repair it’s tissue at a much faster rate.

Pulstar pulstar chiropractic bloomington il

In order for you to understand how effective a pulstar session can be, let’s take a look at how the pulstar works as well as to examine the basis of palpation. Whenever a professional chiropractic care provider palpates a spine, they essentially check for motion, joint fluidity and rigidity.

This in itself is a manual procedure that is time consuming and does not always lead to 100% accuracy. However, the pulstar is able to determine if the vertebrae’s motions is too fluid or rigid. In essence, it’s able to tell what areas are hypo-mobile or hyper mobile much faster and more accurately than the manual procedures that a chiropractor uses.

Visit the address of the Bloomington chiropractic clinic or contact the office at:

Bly Family Chiropractic
2501 E College Ave. Ste. C
Bloomington, IL 61704
Phone: (309) 661-1155

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5 Incredibly Versatile Industrial Barcode Readers

Industrial barcode readers, also known as barcode scanners, are electronic devices used to scan, read and output printed barcodes to a computer .A typical barcode reader consists of a scanner, light source, a light sensor that translates optical impulses into electrical impulses and a lens.

There are several types of industrial barcode readers available on the market today and each has its special features and capabilities. Below are some of the most incredible and versatile industrial barcode readers available in the market today.

1. Zebra DS3500-ER Barcode ReaderDS3500-ER barcode reader

The Zebra DS3500-ER is a high-tech industrial barcode reader that is capable of scanning various types of barcodes at nearly any range. Most industrial workers prefer this type of scanner because it is capable of scanning barcodes from near contact or even barcodes as far as 40 feet away. Besides that, DS3500-ER can read barcodes in both dark and well lit areas.

Another beautiful feature of this scanner is that it gives you reliable results regardless of prevailing conditions, whether you spray it with water, drop it on the floor or even dust or grease it, DS3500-ER will always give same reliable results day in day out. In terms of performance, this superior scanning machine is very excellent since it is capable reading barcodes easily at ultimate speed.

2. Zebra LS3008 Barcode Reader

Zebra industrial  barcode scannerThe Zebra LS3008 is a lightweight, durable and ergonomic scanner that requires virtually no training. This robust handheld scanner is easy-to-use and provides the highest level of performance.

In addition, Zebra LS3008 is built to withstand various industrial environment and can scan objects at any angle. Another impressive feature of this scanner is that it uses single board construction technology which eliminates all common points of failure which are associated with ribbon cable technology. Due to its liquid polymer scan technology, the Zebra LS3008 is highly scratch and wear resistant and can be safely be used even in dusty environments.granit1980i industrial barcode readers

3. Granite 19801 Barcode Reader

The Granite 19801 is another impressive industrial barcode scanner that comes packed with state of the art technologies which make it very simple to use. Due to its integrated laser pointer aiming technology combined with auto-illumination and omni-directional reading capability, this scanner is capable of reading barcodes even at extended ranges.

Besides that, the Granite 19801 scanner is also built to withstand various harsh industrial environments with high efficiency. Not to mention, the granite 19801 uses single scanning solution and hence it can substitute and consolidate virtually all multiple purpose scanners in distribution centers or even in warehouses.

4. Intermec SR30 Barcode Reader

The Intermec SR30 is an ultra modern industrial barcode reader that offers the optimum combination of ergonomics, durability and performance making it a worthwhile investment in light industrial settings.

Intermec SR30 barcode readerAs one of the most versatile industrial barcode readers, This robust scanner is also designed to adapt to various industrial interfaces since it is fast, easy to install and also easy to reconfigure. Besides that, this industrial barcode scanner uses linear imaging technology, making it to deliver fast and accurate readings even when reading damaged or poorly printed barcodes.

5. Zebra DS3408-EZ

The Zebra DS3408EZ scanner is a resilient industrial barcode scanner specifically designed for high production environments. This scanner uses the CMOS image sensors which allows it to accurately capture and process barcodes at faster pace than typical digital scanners. The Zebra DS3408EZ is also armed with powerful microprocessors that are capable of decoding both 1-D and 2-D barcodes within a flush of a second regardless of size or density.

Because of its robustness, the DS3408EZ barcode reader can perform reliably even in harshest conditions. Besides that, this Zebra barcode scanner uses integrated imaging technology which allows operators to easily capture barcodes at different angles thereby eliminating the need of manual alignment.

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An Inside Look at Portable In-Motion Rail Car Weigh Scales

Investing in rail car weigh scales is one of the best moves for an industrial-based business that hinges its productivity and performance on weighing heavy loads and uses rail to transport those loads.

In today’s world, speed and accuracy is of essence, and no business wants to spend too much time and effort weighing loads individually using conventional weighbridges and portable truck scales. For many businesses in mining, farming, and other forms of resource extraction, it is more economical, effective, and convenient to acquire rail car weighing scales. And now, technology has advanced to now offering portable in-motion weighing systems for rail cars.

rail car weigh scales

What Are Portable Rail Car Weigh Scales?

Portable rail car weigh scales are becoming quite popular in certain industry sectors. This is attributed to their efficiency and numerous benefits that have simplified the process of weighing cargo on vehicles using a railway system. Just as the name suggests, the scales are small, compact and can easily be moved from one place to another. Setting up the system is easy and straightforward and can be done within thirty minutes.

How Do Portable Rail Scales Work?

These types of scales are designed to be used to accurately measure large cargo/loads that are being carried over a rail system. Unlike other heavy-duty scales, this type doesn’t need to be permanently fixed on one location. The system is fitted inside the rails where it takes measurement as a vehicle passes over the unit. With highly sensitive sensors, the weighing scale detects the weight of the passing vehicle and relays the data to a computer. The system can work on vehicles that are in-motion or static (stationery).

rail car weigh scale

Where Are The Rail Scales Used?

Weigh-in-motion rail car scales are ideal for use in a variety of applications. In fact, more-and-more industries are adopting this system to speed up operations and efficiency. Considering they are portable, easy to install, and can weigh very heavy loads, this scales are fast becoming a must have in many sectors. All that is needed is a railroad track system where the scale is attached when needed. Common areas of application include agriculture production (high-volume farmers), mining sites, recycling, chemical, petroleum and many other areas.

rail car weigh scale system

Benefits of Portable In-motion Rail Car Weigh Scales

The high adoption and appreciation of this kind or heavy-duty portable rail scales is attributed to the numerous benefits which include the following:

  • Easy-to-set up: Fitting the system into the railroad track only takes about thirty minutes.
  • Portable: The scale is quite simple in design, compact, small, lightweight and easy to move around.
  • Versatile: The portable scales are suitable for many applications and works on static as well as moving vehicles.
  • Accurate: Courtesy of groundbreaking technology and highly-sensitive motion and pressure sensors, the scales gives accurate readings in real-time.
  • Durable: Top brands such as Waltz offer strong and solid scales that can tolerate regular use, heavy weights, as well as the elements.

Portable in-motion weigh scales for rail cars are without-a-doubt a good investment for business that ship heavy loads via train cars. They are easy to install, weigh large quantities, can be used almost anywhere there is a rail track system, and are highly-accurate. Nonetheless, to have maximum satisfaction, it pays to go for top brands such as Waltz which is known to be reliable, reputable, and effective. In addition to boosting productivity and efficiency, portable in-motion rail car weigh scales also improve profitability.

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Strapping Machines: The Underutilized Tool for Warehouse Automation

There are many forms of equipment and machinery used for warehousing and automation. Strapping machines are one such system that often doesn’t get the attention it deserves, especially when it comes to advancing the level of efficiency and automation in a warehouse setting.

What are Strapping Machines?strapper machine

Strapping machines are unique pieces of equipment designed to seamlessly strap packages for wide variety of products in many different industries. Strapping is the process through which manufacturers apply a strap to combine, reinforce, hold or fasten it.

Strapping machines help to ensure load integrity and are available in the semi automatic and fully automatic models. They provide warehouse automation solutions for manufacturers in the safe packaging, distribution, and overall logistics of goods and commodities.

Uses of Strapping Machines

While strapping machines have a specific purpose, they are used for a variety of applications, including:

  • Manufacturers use them for attaching items to pallets crates and skids. They provide security for goods that are prone to damage out of physical contact.
  • Manufacturers use them to bundle items together for convenient handling and distributing items like pipes, newspaper, concrete block, lumber, etc. strapping machines
  • They are used in reinforcing wooden boxes, corrugated boxes and crates. They guarantee safety during distribution from the warehouse to different customers.
  • They are used for attaching items to flatbed semi-trailers or flat cars. Flat surfaces will require strapping machines to ensure the stability of goods on transit from the warehouse.
  • Strapping machines are used for securing delicate items like a unit load of bricks, metal parts or packaged glass.
  • They are useful in holding textiles or bales of agricultural products as well as securing coils of steel.
  • Strapping machines are used to manage inventory, consolidate vendors and deliveries, automate manufacturer’s product line, eliminate damage as well as to free up valuable space in the warehouse.
  • Finally, they are used for the bulk handling of materials. Most of the industries operate with bulky raw materials that require special equipment like strapping machines to increase productivity.

Advanced Strapping Machines

The capabilities and features of today’s strapping machines vary in a number of ways. There are different versions and speeds of strapping machines for sale. There are fully-automatic and high volume models, semi-automatic and moderate volume models, and semi-automatic and low volume models. Different strapping machines also exist for specific applications, such as pallet strappers, StraPack RQ-8 strapper machines, and table top strappers.

strapping machines for saleUnlike the basic strapping machine, this is a top quality and highly efficient and reliable for the majority of packaging securement. It consists of speed up to seventy cycles per minute and a pull out dispenser. It has a constant strap tension both for large and small packages as well as hard and soft products. The advanced strapping machine is what most manufacturers need to save time and money since they have simple and rapid coil change.

Advanced strapping machines guarantee very high performance leading to some of the machines being underused. They are designed for heavy warehouse duties such as distribution.

Advanced strapping machines are operator friendly with easily adjustable strap tension and a simple push button touch panel. It uses simple technology, easy access and few moving parts.

There are several manufacturers of strapping machines worldwide. Some of these manufacturers include; Signode, Maillis Strapping systems, J-Pack, Dynaric, Aetna, RoboPack, BestPack, Strapack, Clamco, Orion Packaging, etc.


Strapping machines are very important tools for warehouse automation, especially in packaging departments and 3PL warehouse applications. They are used by several industries and other businesses in different ways. The advanced machines sometimes are underutilized as a result of their high-performance capabilities. Manufacturers should, therefore, settle on strapping machines that will meet their operational needs without being underused or overused.

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The Evolution of Portable Truck Scales & Mobile Weighing Systems

For the last 70 years or more, heavy-duty weigh scale design expertise has been on the rise. This is because there is need to save time, money as well as enhance road safety. Today, there are several variations in portable truck scale technology, including in-motion scales, low profile design, and more. Here are the three significant advancements in portable truck scales:

In-Motion Truck Scalesportable truck scales advancements

In-motion portable truck scales are capable of recording the weight of a moving truck without disturbing traffic. In most cases, these scales are installed on free weights, especially for weighing semi trucks at weighing points. There are a wide range of in-motion truck scales on the market currently. These are used to make sure that the trucks are complying with the set regulations as well as evaluate the vehicle while on the road. In addition, the scales provide cost-effective remedies by monitoring all the heavy duty trucks while moving on the road.

The weigh in-motion scales can also be used to to measure per axle weight or even gross weight to ensure that the vehicle is within the set weight limit. Note that in motion truck scales can measure the axle spacing in order to determine the class of the truck as well as record the vehicle speed.

When looking for portable truck scales and similar wheel weigher systems, it is important to consider a number of things, including weight capacity, certification, feasibility of the axle scales and steel plate deck options, and pit.

Low Profile Truck Scales

Low profile truck scales are suitable for replacement of worn out scales on existing foundation. This is because it is high strength and extra low profile design that is only a few inches from the ground in elevation, which make a simple fit to replace and support a wide range of capacities. In addition, low profile portable truck scales are available in various styles, such as in-motion and static weighing options.

low profile truck scales

Installing low profile scales is not only easy and inexpensive, but also simple. You can choose from a variety of popular capacities and different platform sizes made of steel or aluminum. The stainless steel load cells are combined with double link suspension system to get rid of side loading on load cells, which can influence reliability and accuracy. It is worth mentioning durability and efficiency of the truck scale depends on the choice of the materials. For instance, stainless steel composition ensures that the design can support a variety of capacities and protects against abrasion.

Easy Installation & Reduced Down Time

The modern truck scales are easy to install and have significantly reduced down time of up to 15 minutes or less. In a case where downtime and repair costs seem to be out of hand, it is important to find the root cause of the problem. The goods news is that the modern truck scales for portable weighing are not only reliable but also use more advanced technology to perform a vehicle scale health check. With such technology, identifying a problem takes only a few minutes and thus saving you time and money.

Due to advancement in technology, the scales can operate in all conditions without requiring servicing or calibration. Therefore, truck scales can endure most of the conditions like excavation operations and more thanks to technology.

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Feature-Rich Home Security Systems to Meet Your Everyday Needs

Your home is your sanctuary and as such, you need to feel safe in it. This is where home security systems come in. There are literally hundreds of home security systems in existence and while this might seem as good news to some extent it isn’t as the numerous options make the task of selecting the best security systems quite challenging.

So how do you go about selecting the best system? Well, making a selection based on the features of a system is the best way to go. This said, the following is an overview of some of the features you should consider when selecting a home security system.

home security systems

Alarm & Lighting

Alarm and lighting are perhaps one of the most important features that should be considered when selecting a security system. Alarms are an industry standard when it comes to security systems and can either be triggered automatically in the event that a door or window is opened when the system has been activated or manually via a panic button.

Lighting also forms an integral part of a security system and usually come with a number of variations. For instance, they can be motion sensitive and come on in the event of an intrusion or can be programmed to come on when the alarm goes off or the panic button is pressed.

Remote Access & Programming

Remote access and programming is another important feature usually incorporated in security systems. With remote access, an aspect of versatility is brought in as an individual can be able to arm, disarm or even program a system from a remote location using some given medium: usually a computer, cell phone or some other device.

Cellular Connectioncell phone security monitoring

Cellular connection gives an individual a more secure and reliable connection to a security system. Landlines and broadband internet connections are other viable options but have some weakness. Landlines can be easily cut by an intruder while internet connectivity usually experiences some disruptions or low signals at times.

As such, it is usually advisable to use a combination of these services so as to ensure you have a reliable system. For instance, you can use a cellular signal as the main connection with a landline or broadband connection as a backup.

Two-Way Voice Intercom

A two-way voice intercom is also another great feature and an alternative to communicating with the monitoring centre via phone. With a two-way voice system, you can communicate instantly with the monitoring centre: this feature is great for the elderly or handicapped.

Fire Protection

Some security systems have an option of integrating a fire protection system. An individual can then get an alert if the fire system goes off for quick action. These fire alarm home security systems

Security Cameras

Security cameras are also another viable feature when it comes to a home security system. With security cameras, an individual has a number of options: one can choose continuously recording cameras, motion sensitive cameras or even night vision cameras

Integrated Home Automation System

An integrated system basically consists of the main security system that has been integrated with home automation controls. This system usually normally incorporates remote monitoring via a phone or computer and has limitless possibilities. For instance, it can be used to open the garage door, turn lights on or off within the house or even switch on the stereo

As a rule, the best security system for your home should have features specific to your needs. For more information about various home security systems, visit:

Seico Security
132 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61554

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5 Reasons Why UniFac Leads The Logistics & Warehousing Industry

It goes without any shred of doubt that technology can shape the entire world. It is virtually the nerve center of today’s business operations, and how one uses it determines the end results.united facilities logistics warehousing

The definition of “systems” at United Facilities, Inc. (UniFac) is not solely based on technology. The systems behind the logistics and warehousing leader encompass skillful professionals utilizing state-of-the-art software alongside superior hardware to meet and even exceed their client’s requirements and expectations.

United Facilities ostensibly boasts exceptional third-party logistics and warehousing solutions that are essential in operating a world class facility. The 3PL company affords the California landscape with an extensive range of logistics/warehousing services with incredible level of excellence, simplicity and precision (in addition to hosting distribution centers in three other states throughout the U.S.)

There are a number of reasons why UniFac leads the logistics and warehousing industry throughout the U.S. The company offers all-inclusive warehousing, logistics and distribution competencies that have been perfected through several years of elaborate research and dedication to service.

It is one of the leading 3PL companies in the U.S. (and the world at large), helping to develop solutions that cater for each and every aspect of a product lifecycle. UniFac treats the supply chain as one continuous whole that leverages on expertise and experience. This, in turn, aids to increase efficiency while minimizing costs to ameliorate the entire operations of every client’s supply chain.

Supply Chain Innovation & Growth

The current generation of UniFac is expressly driven by expansion and innovation. The 3PL company emphasizes on technology, constant improvements and community involvement—factors that are essentially the most important ingredients to evolve and reach greater limits in the global supply chain arena.

UniFac has recently introduced contemporary tracking and inventory programs to its extensive list of commendable features. This has seen it rise to new heights in terms of boosting productivity and reducing costs, ultimately leading to its current worldwide popularity.

Streamlined Packaging & Distribution

packaging warehousing californiaUnited Facilities has similarly expanded its packaging department to become a whole new field of expertise for the organization. Consequently, the firm now concentrates the energy in streamlining their client’s packaging processes. This, coupled with their cutting edge technologies, allows them company to increase productivity, save money and drive incremental sales growth.

In fact, there is a new generation of Altorfers that is remarkably active in managing the firm. It has expanded to cover more than 5 million square feet through its constantly expanding variety of services. This has really enabled them to convey their exceptional operations in over eleven cities. Warehousing services are at the center-stage of the company’s supply chain management solutions.

Strategically Positioned Warehouse Centers

The company boasts a string of strategically positioned warehouses and logistics solutions, making them one of the lead (and reputable) providers of warehousing services in the entire U.S. With active distribution warehouses in California, Illinois, Florida, and Colorado, UniFac offers a dependable network for freight forwarding.

In addition, virtually all their warehouses encompass state-of-the-art material handling equipment to execute a creditable job. They also have hoards of warehousing technologies—including hydraulic docking systems, electric stackers and forklifts—all managed and controlled by skillful professionals who understand their job.

World Class Warehousing Management System

supply chain management warehouseUniFac boasts a world class warehousing management system (WMS) that is simple to customize. Clients can customize the company’s WMS to suit their unique needs and prerequisites, allowing them to have utmost flexibility when it comes to warehouse locations. United Facilities offers a number of warehousing solution to the clients. These include (but not limited to) the following:

  • SOP standardization
  • Temperature control
  • FDA approval
  • Special labeling
  • Performance management
  • Inventory management and more

Advanced IT Supported Network & Communications

By using their unique location, the company helps its clients to make the ultimate best out of the up-to-date information and communication technologies and distribution services. The customers can easily synchronize their specific supply chains to improve processes and reduce waste occasioned by various business operations.

United Facilities has outright efficiency, speed and reliability when it comes to third party logistics and supply chain management. UniFac is a household name when it comes to warehousing and distribution service providers in the U.S. Hiring the UniFac simply means that you are guaranteed to receive deliveries within the required time frame. This will enhance your competitive edge in business, giving you a (rare) opportunity to carry out several business operations effectively and professionally.

In a nutshell—UniFac’s stringent adherence and commitment to excellence along with strong background knowledge of distribution operations can help you make the right choices in business. This is (probably) the only logistics/warehousing company that boasts the right skill and aptitude required to execute quality and efficient logistics operations.

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Top 5 Box Opener Machines For Warehouse Automation

Today, boxes can be automatically opened with advanced box opener machines. With this box opening technology, a business or warehouse can open more than a thousand boxes in an hour, saving a significant amount of time and resources in manually opening boxes.

automatic box opener machines

Automatic box opening technology involves opening boxes based on a conveyor system. The entire procedure was invented as a result of a gap in automation technology that can be found in large warehouses as well distribution centers.

This advancement in technology has continued to grow as some manufacturing firms have gone abroad, and simply leaving the US as a mass distributor rather than a producer. Box opener machines do not only save time, but also make work easier as well as reduce high labor costs. Here are the top 5 machines you can choose from:

Sphere Box Cutter

The Sphere Box Cutter is one of the prominent box opener machines on the market today. It is a high frequency cutter for a variety of applications such as medical analysis, warehouse goods in warehouse returns and so on. Sphere box cutter has the ability to open about 1,500 boxes per hour.

For this reason, sphere box cutter is the most preferred box cutter all over the world. It is worth noting that this machine can save you time, costs, and largely boosts safety during the entire process. Sphere box cutter has been designed to automatically determine the size of every carton before cutting it. This eliminates the need to run cartons or boxes in sets of same size.

CCU Automatic Box Cutter

The CCU automatic box cutter is inexpensive, completely random box cutting machine, which has been designed to open a number of cartons, including HSC as well as RSC. It cuts every box at the top, particularly on 3 or 4 sides and thus eliminating manual cutting. Note that human labor is expensive, time consuming and results in cut injuries that can increase insurance premiums. CCU box cutter stands out among the other cutters because it can cut cartons of any size.

IBOD Single

IBOD Single is an automatic box opener machine. It is also referred to as intelligent box opening device. You will like this gadget because it is completely programmable box or carton opening system that can open up to 600 boxes in an hour. With this appliance you can save both time and money. It also comes with cutting blades that play an important role in box opening process. It is ability to adjust to random sizes as well as cuts is what makes it remarkable.

IBOD Double

This kind of box opener can open up to 1000 boxes in an hour. Frequency will depend on the following things: the size of the box, cut depth and other factors that affect cut times. IBOD Double allows you to change the blade without having to slow it down. This feature ensures that the machine is able to cut boxes at the required speed.

box opening machinesKnown for the being the safest and fastest way to open boxes, IBOD’s box opening machines, which are manufactured by CASI, can be found at Walz Label & Mailing Systems. Visit the website to see the various automatic box opener machines by IBOD.

IBOS 12M Casecutter

The IBOS 12M Casecutter is designed purposely for opening cigarette boxes for circulation. IBOS 12M Casecutter is the best alternative that cuts about 12M cases per 10 minutes without damaging the product. IBOS 12M makes use of the most sophisticated software which is integrated into the automatic box openers. Such a software can adjust its cut pattern selection on the fly in order to give you the best results at the end of the day.

Stay posted for more tech-related posts on various products and solutions for the automation of warehouses and distribution centers

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An Inside Look at Land Pride All-Flex Mower Technology

Land Pride has taken a lead in the area of lawn maintenance technology. Over the years, various products have been introduced by Land Pride, spanning from tillers and spreaders to rotary cutters and lawn mowers.Land Pride All-Flex Mowers

Land Pride has become a popular brand of mowers, making it easy for users to find replacement Land Pride parts when they need repairs. Repairs, however, are few and far between. The material composition of Land Pride equipment is of heavy duty rubber and thick gauge metal.

One model from Land Pride that’s defining the future of grooming mower technology is the All-Flex design. Let’s have a look at the All-Flex Mowers from Land Pride.

All-Flex Mower Technology

All-Flex Mowers from Land Pride have some general features that attribute to its success. It has dual leveling rods which reduce the strain of the machine especially when working on rough terrains. The mower got laminated tires that don’t go flat and are suitable for terrain.

The material that makes Land Pride’s All-Flex grooming mowers is thick such that it protects the internal components from damage. Spliced rubber Flex-couplers between the gear boxes protect the mower from hard objects like stones, metal or raised ground.

Below we outline some of the specific technological advancements that define Land Pride’s All-Flex Mowers.

Versatile Functionality

Land Pride All-Flex MowersLand Pride All-Flex Mowers offer a counter blade rotation on left hand deck. This helps spread grass more evenly and the decks throw away the grass from the rear mower deck. The mower has automatic wing locks. After using the mower, one does not need to get off the tractor to lock.

The mower has sleek frame design which includes a single beam hitch and compact deck overlap which allows the operator to make tighter turns without leaving windows and skips. Land Pride All-Flex mowers can therefore become zero turn mowers.

The All-Flex mower design has a 56” front edge and all welded seams which provides extra durability. Rounded front edge deck edges with no protruding skid shoe helps protect against stress, stones and other obstacles that may arise as you work. This minimizes physical damages that call for replacement Land Pride All-Flex mower parts.

Deflectors are built on the mower decks to meet the ANSI standards. Majority of the competitors use chains instead. When they are removed, they do not meet the standards required.

Seamless Grooming Mower Blade

Land Pride All-Flex mowers also have a unique blade rotation. It has a counter rotation which allows grass to be removed from the path of the rear deck, it ensures the lower deck is not covered nor the grass blocks it.

The grooming mowers also have different kind of blades designed for various reasons. Low lift blades are highly recommended on sandy soils since lifting isn’t that crucial. Medium lift blades require less HP than high lift. High lift blades, they have the greatest suction for lifting grass before it is cut. It’s not recommended for sandy soils.

Low Maintenance

The machine design has also improved safety. Rubber and chain guards also protect the user from flying debris. The equipment also comes with different varieties that differ in shape, engine size, gearbox, size and performance.

Land Pride All-Flex mowers are made for varied applications and terrains. The machine can cut on flat, rocky surfaces. Low maintenance cost, the equipment does not often break down reducing time for repair and maintenance cost.

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