5 Best Security & Surveillance System Measures for Banks

Security Systems BanksAll things considered, banks are commonly seen as the most secure organizations on the planet. We endow banks with our financial assets, and it is their responsibility to keep it secure and safe. So as to satisfy this dedication and obligation, banks require high-tech security and surveillance systems.

With the current advancements in technology and security innovation, most banks are are on the forefront of enhancing the effectiveness of their security systems and surveillance frameworks by putting more resources into this innovation. Nonetheless, today’s software-based security systems should not distract the bank from considering the importance of protecting the network and its elements at the physical level. Therefore, this review is aimed at featuring five of the best security and surveillance system measures for banks.

Install Digital IP Surveillance Systems

Digital IP surveillance systems take into consideration remote monitoring of both archived and live video footage from any computer that has an internet connection as well as access to the network.digital IP surveillance systems

A digital IP (Internet Protocol) address is a numerical label allocated to every device participating in a computer network that uses the IP for correspondence. Therefore, the digital IP surveillance systems are suitable for banks because it can capture clear footage of any bank transactions by proper monitoring of the teller areas. Further, it gathers clear images of individual client faces.

Only select security system suppliers specialize in such advanced surveillance frameworks for banks and financial institutions. For digital IP surveillance systems, a sound solution is Seico Security. This supplier offers comprehensive security system solutions for all levels of banks.

Implement a Regular Data Backup Strategy

Backing up vital data is a crucial measure in disaster recovery. Therefore, this is the most convenient bank security measure that eliminates issues of unauthorized access to the bank’s confidential information. Nonetheless, it is paramount to note that the information on the backup tapes, disks, or disks can be stolen and utilized by someone outside the bank. Therefore, it is advisable to keep all network data backups off-site and take proper care to ensure they are secured in the off-site locations.

Integrate Access Control Systems  access control security systems

Access control is a vital stride towards eliminating a bank`s security risks. The access control systems incorporate three processes: validation, authorization, and audit. Therefore, for you to access the bank or the bank’s vaults, you will be required to present certain credentials. Some of the simple credentials used include inputting your username and password.

Additionally, some more sophisticated access control systems may require you to have a multi factor authentication such as PIN or a smart card. Therefore, security access control systems will play a crucial role in ensuring banks` security by making sure that every user accesses the right data and other corporate resources.

Employ Human Security Guards

Human security guards are wrongdoing, risk and crime prevention officers tasked with offering protection to particular individuals and property. Therefore, in a banking institution, they can play a great role in detecting or preventing burglary. Furthermore, the human security guards play a crucial role in protecting the clients and employees as well as prevent destruction or damage of the bank’s building.

Disable Inactive Drives

Disabling the drives will make sure that the bank employees do not copy any vital information to any removable media. Therefore, you can remove or disable USB ports, floppy drives, and any other types of external connections. As a result, this is a great strategy that will ensure that all bank`s vital data is not set on unauthorized individuals` hands. Therefore, to ensure proper security of the banking institutions, consider disabling all drives after use or any drives that are consistently inactive.

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How to Find Well-Versed IT Support Solutions for Your Business

business it support consultingWhen starting a new business or investing in new technology and computers to an established business, there are a wide range of IT support and consulting opportunities to help companies stay competitive in today’s digital marketing age. While the spectrum of technology specialists is vast, there are many IT support and consulting companies that provide trustworthy business Information Technology support solutions for any business. These companies are committed to help any business company that is facing challenges as far as today`s technology is concerned.

Indeed, years of experiences, qualifications, and recommendations are some of the important things to consider when one is choosing the best IT support solutions provider. Below are qualities and characteristics that define well-versed IT support solutions and what kind of services a comprehensive provider can offer.

1. Business Computer Network Set-up & Supportcomputer network protection

Setting up a computer network is one of the best ways to get more use out of a business computer. Networks make it possible to share a single broadband internet connection among many computers and PC users among other incredible benefits. So, it is crucial to look for the best service provider with enough knowledge and expertise in the industry. Such professionals have well-trained and certified specialists who can offer top computer network set and support solutions.

2. Network Security & Protection

The best IT support service providers offer highly reliable network security and protection solutions. The solutions are designed to offer protections to computer networks and advanced IT systems. Such professionals have a reputation because of top-notch network security and protection solutions. They offer high protection level and customer support. Also, they ensure that their customers are fully satisfied.network security systems

For sure, the valuable data of an individual’s business should not be at risk. An expert IT support service provider will assess the current network security measures of the business, and recommend a suitable solution to any problem. This will protect the company from malware, spam, and virus threats. They can implement state-of-the-art software and hardware security solutions from some of the trusted names such as Microsoft and Cisco that can help to eliminate outside security threats.

3. Virus Removal Services

A comprehensive service provider should have highly educated and well-trained IT professionals who use advanced procedures and processes for PC protection and virus removal. There are many signs that show that a computer has a virus, for instance, inability to open some programs, or sluggish performance. Consequently, one should always scan his or her computer for viruses. In case a computer has a virus, the infection should be removed as fast as possible. Failure to do so can lead to data security issues, slower system performance, and complete loss of data.

Experienced computer service providers can remotely connect to an individual’s computer and free it of any spyware, viruses, and other threats that can hinder its performance. Besides, after restoring it to like its new standards, they will install a reliable antivirus software program that ensures that the computer is always protected.

4. Computer Repair Services computer repair service

Well-versed IT support solutions provider offer dependable computer repair services for any business. Their technical team has perfected their client service programs and processes to ensure that they offer reliable and fast computer repair service. Some of the computer repairs services that they provide include on-site computer repair, in-shop computer repair, and remote computer repair.

5. Proficient & Trusted IT Staffing Services

it staffingA professional IT support solutions provider provides proficient and reliable IT staffing service. They strive to establish long-term, quality relationship with all businesses and individuals that they work with. Well-trained and certified technicians perform Their IT staffing process. Therefore, premium solutions are guaranteed.

The above are qualities and characteristics that define well-versed IT support solutions and what kind of services a comprehensive provider can offer. You can leverage all of these business IT support and consulting solutions by working with:

Facet Technologies, Inc.
2103 Court Street,
Pekin, IL 61554
Phone: 309-353-4727
Website: FacetTech.com

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Feature-Rich Home Security Systems to Meet Your Everyday Needs

Your home is your sanctuary and as such, you need to feel safe in it. This is where home security systems come in. There are literally hundreds of home security systems in existence and while this might seem as good news to some extent it isn’t as the numerous options make the task of selecting the best security systems quite challenging.

So how do you go about selecting the best system? Well, making a selection based on the features of a system is the best way to go. This said, the following is an overview of some of the features you should consider when selecting a home security system.

home security systems

Alarm & Lighting

Alarm and lighting are perhaps one of the most important features that should be considered when selecting a security system. Alarms are an industry standard when it comes to security systems and can either be triggered automatically in the event that a door or window is opened when the system has been activated or manually via a panic button.

Lighting also forms an integral part of a security system and usually come with a number of variations. For instance, they can be motion sensitive and come on in the event of an intrusion or can be programmed to come on when the alarm goes off or the panic button is pressed.

Remote Access & Programming

Remote access and programming is another important feature usually incorporated in security systems. With remote access, an aspect of versatility is brought in as an individual can be able to arm, disarm or even program a system from a remote location using some given medium: usually a computer, cell phone or some other device.

Cellular Connectioncell phone security monitoring

Cellular connection gives an individual a more secure and reliable connection to a security system. Landlines and broadband internet connections are other viable options but have some weakness. Landlines can be easily cut by an intruder while internet connectivity usually experiences some disruptions or low signals at times.

As such, it is usually advisable to use a combination of these services so as to ensure you have a reliable system. For instance, you can use a cellular signal as the main connection with a landline or broadband connection as a backup.

Two-Way Voice Intercom

A two-way voice intercom is also another great feature and an alternative to communicating with the monitoring centre via phone. With a two-way voice system, you can communicate instantly with the monitoring centre: this feature is great for the elderly or handicapped.

Fire Protection

Some security systems have an option of integrating a fire protection system. An individual can then get an alert if the fire system goes off for quick action. These fire alarm home security systems

Security Cameras

Security cameras are also another viable feature when it comes to a home security system. With security cameras, an individual has a number of options: one can choose continuously recording cameras, motion sensitive cameras or even night vision cameras

Integrated Home Automation System

An integrated system basically consists of the main security system that has been integrated with home automation controls. This system usually normally incorporates remote monitoring via a phone or computer and has limitless possibilities. For instance, it can be used to open the garage door, turn lights on or off within the house or even switch on the stereo

As a rule, the best security system for your home should have features specific to your needs. For more information about various home security systems, visit:

Seico Security
132 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61554

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5 Ways Technology Has Influenced How We Conduct Business

Whether they realize it or not, most managers, human resource professionals, and business leaders are leveraging the benefits of integrated technology in their day-to-day business organizations.

business technology

In essence, technology has made the common workplace more organized, enabling businesses to progress and increase productivity in many ways. Over the past few years, technology has improved drastically, changing numerous business processes in terms of communication and collaboration, marketing, resourcing, logistics, and other vital elements of business.

1. Greater Productivity

The main aim of running a business is to improve the output while minimizing inputs. This is where computers come in handy. These devices enable people to conduct business transactions faster hence creating some extra time on the otherwise packed timetable.

For instance, better technology allows managers to process large volumes of data at a lower cost. In manufacturing and supply chain management, technology makes it easier for managers to transfer data within various units in the organization.

2. Encourages Collaboration & Communication

The best thing about internet technology is that it encourages businesses to collaborate and communicate beyond limits. This implies that you don’t have to be physically available for to close a deal or provide a service.

Technology comes with a number of connectivity options such as email, video conferencing, remote computer support and access, and teleconferencing systems, all of which facilitate collaboration and communications. For instance, organizations from different continents can hold conferences via video calls.

3. Enhanced Marketing & Advertising

Without any doubt, digital marketing is the best tactic of promoting an online business. Nowadays, sellers and clients interact often via social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. Social media sites are known to offer the largest number of consumers and this is why most organizations are beginning to create their own profiles on such sites. For example, businesses will often get feedback on how their products and services are from social media sites.

4. Resourcing & IT Support

It is evident that technology has totally changed how businesses are resourced. It does this in two ways: technology outsourcing and cloud computing.

Outsourcing technology services, such as business IT support and consultancy services, enables companies to delegate different aspects of their business to third or affiliate parties and still remain connected and manage important processes within their departments. On the other hand, cloud computing refers to software applications, hardware and infrastructure to be accessed online.

These two ways influence how resources are managed, deployed and where they occur. However, some organizations are reluctant in embracing facilities which come with high operating costs but are more effective.

5. Advanced Security Levels

Security is the most important aspect in any organization as it guards critical information against hackers. With the help of innovative technology, companies are now able to keep their information private and only accessible to the right people. Advanced security system technology prevents vital information and company secrets from leaking out to competitors.

Businesses which embrace better technology will increase their profits while minimizing overall costs. Regardless of whether your business is online or offline, there is no denying that technology will not have an incredible impact at the workplace. It is time to let go off traditional methods.

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Advancements Security Products for Financial Institutions

Despite great improvements in security products, financial institutions such as banks continue to lose a lot of money to fraudsters. According to Kaspersky Lab, a Malware and Security solutions company, hackers managed to steal more than $1 billion from more than 100 banks in 25 countries in 2014 alone.

financial security systems

They managed to access the banking systems by infiltrating it with malicious virus (malware). Brutal ATM threats is also on the rise as unscrupulous individuals insert skimming devices that get a hold of customer account information. The following are advanced security measures being adopted by financial institutions.

1. Use of Cyber Security Metrics

Cyber attacks rank among the top threats to banks and other financial institutions. Individuals are able to monitor and control ATM operations remotely and can access funds through transfers or letting the ATM spew money. Banks such as Bank of America which is the no 2 bank in the US has adopted cyber security metrics. These financial security systems frequently scan the system, create a trail and also counts potential risks. This action helps identify suspicious activity by tracking events.

2. Emergency Response ATM Security Systems

According to the Muthoot Pappachan Group, one of the leading providers of banking security products in India, many financial institutions lose lots of money through ATM attacks. Attackers either use crude weapons or insert skimming devices into the money dispensing machines.

Furthermore, banks spend lots of money deploying people at each and every ATM machine. The company has come up with technology where ATM machines are fitted with electronic sensors that monitor suspicious activity and send an alert/call to designated control rooms within the vicinity.

3. More Advanced & Secure Mobile Banking mobile banking security

Mobile banking is first becoming the preferred mode of transacting. However, it also comes with many security risks since it is still at its infancy stages. According to a report published by Norton, an anti-virus and Malware Company, banks and people lose lots of money due to poor authentication process while using mobile devices. One of the best security products is from Apple which not only identifies but also authenticates users when they log in/access the account and also features a revocable standard token.

4. Triple DES or 3DES

Triple DES which is also known as 3DES is one of the financial security systems that are being adopted by many banks. Normally, data is encrypted once; however, in triple DES technology it is encrypted three times. It follows a sequential process where the first 64 bits are encrypted by the second 64 bits which is then encrypted by the third 64 bit.

5. Intelligent Solutions

Another way of combating loses due to attacks on ATMs is by adoption of intelligent security cameras. The solutions come with a range of features which help monitor as well as keep track on the activities within the area. Courtesy of highly-advanced video analytics the systems feature facial recognition, motion sensing, as well as behavioral recognition. They can also be integrated with other safety options such as alarm systems, GPS, surveillance systems/CCTV and more.

Online and mobile banking is playing a core role in financial institutions. However, cybercrime and ATM attacks are posing a great threat to this industry. It is therefore paramount to adopt the above mentioned security products to minimize the losses

For more information on the advancements of security systems and products for banks and financial institutions, visit:

Seico Security
132 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61554

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The Top 5 Bank Vault Doors for High-Profile Financial Institutions

bank vault doors for saleBank vault doors are the first barriers in protecting tangible assets and capital from any criminals and security breaches. For high-profile banks and financial institutions, modern bank vault doors offer a high amount of security and are often paramount to providing peace of mind among customers.

Using the latest technology, many bank vault doors of today can be made impenetrable to any external force. Here is a look at the top five bank vault doors that are leading the market today.

1. Brown Safe Monument Vault Door

This round vault door from Brown Safe is considered to be one of the finest and sturdiest of bank vault products. Brown Safe is a company that is known to make only high quality models and with the vault door they do not disappoint.

It offers the latest security countermeasures and is customizable in every way. It offers an integrated security hub with a Hepa 13 rated chemical and radiation resistance system. A fire containment unit and power generator is also included.

2. M3T Corporation Modular Vault Door

Both government and private agencies use the modular vault doors of M3T extensively. They offer doors in all shapes and sizes for customers. Design and efficiency are maximized through use of the most modern technology. The products are engineered to meet the highest standards.

Each modular vault door from M3T Corporation is made of high strength concrete and rebar that is set in steel frame to ensure maximum strength and flexibility. They also use modern methods that do away with the traditional welding technology. Hence it is a ‘green’ approach that does not harm the environment in any way.

3. Hamilton Safe Class V Vault Door Hamilton Safe Bank Vault Door

The Class V vault door by Hamilton Safe is an amazing product that is a great choice for all security agencies. It is approved by all federal agencies and meets all the necessary engineering standards. Banks, precious metal brokers, financial institutions and pharmaceuticals can all make use of it.

This bank vault door for sale, which is available at most high-end bank vault suppliers, provides 30 man minutes against covert entry and gives you enough time to bring in reinforcements. Hamilton Safe has a number of vault door products and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

4. Vault Pro USA Professional Series

Vault Pro is a manufacturer of high quality American made vaults and safe doors. They are all handmade by skilled craftsmen and are one of the top products you will find in the market. The Professional Series is their best models and it offers many exciting features.Security magnum extreme

Vault Pro offers a 14 bolt locking system that makes forced entry pretty much impossible. You will also find a 40 minute fire door and dual relocker. The colors are customizable and you can choose the one that you require.

5. Smith Security Magnum Vault Door Extreme

Smith Security is another company that is well known for the manufacture of safes and vault doors. The Magnum Vault Door Extreme is probably their sturdiest model and has been built to withstand any form of external breaking attempts.

This bank vault door is mounted on an 8” iron frame with the thickness being 4”. It is impossible to cut with a welding torch. It is also possible to make it out of stainless steel, offering the highest level of protection.

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Top 5 Wireless Surveillance Systems Leading the Market

A wireless surveillance and security system is an effective and highly-efficient way of adding protection to an office, workshop, storage facility, or home. Wireless surveillance systems tend to be easy to use as compared to many wired systems that can be very difficult to operate and install.

Wireless systems can be easily and discreetly installed. Furthermore, wireless cameras usually move easier as compared to other cameras which adds to the system’s flexibility. These systems also make it simple for the transfer of video monitoring to a computer, television or other recording devices such as DVD or VCR player.

If you’re interested in purchasing in wireless surveillance systems, here are the top 5 wireless surveillance systems that are currently leading the market.

Defender Phoenix 301-013 Wireless Security System

The Phoenix 301, also called PX301-013, is a digital and wireless DVR security system manufactured by Defender. The system is capable of recording and monitoring video and sound both outdoors and indoors. This system is easy to set up and it includes a two GB SD card which is capable of storing up to 350 minutes of video, audio or a combination of the two. The system includes 2 wireless cameras which are weather resistant and also features 18 infrared LEDs.Defender Wireless Security System

The cameras allow the users to see up to 40 feet under low-light conditions. The cameras also save energy by simply turning off LEDs during the day and then automatically turning them on at night. The system also has included wireless remote control which runs the entire system. The system represents an outstanding value for a lot of people who need surveillance system protection.

Lorex LIVE SD Digital Wireless LCD Video Security System

The Lorex Digital Wireless Security System is a product of Lorex. It is a wireless surveillance system which is quite easy to install as well as operate. The cameras usually connect to a power source since they don`t use batteries. After connecting the LCD receiver to source of power, the surveillance system is now fully operational. An SD card normally captures the videos which are recorded by this system. Besides being easy-to-use and compact, the system is also secure.

Lorex Wireless Surveillance System

It also features interference-free communications between the receiver and cameras which makes the system ideal for locations which use numerous wireless devices. The system also features an advanced motion-detection system and intercom functionality.

Its included surveillance cameras offers up to 40 feet of visibility in dark conditions and a wireless range of 450 feet. Furthermore, the users are able to connect this system to a computer and then access its monitoring capabilities from any place across the world using Skype. This system also offers exceptional functionality in a reliable and lightweight package.

Uniden UDW20055 Wireless Surveillance Systems

The Uniden UDW20055 Surveillance System offers a solid performance at affordable prices. The system includes a seven-inch LCD monitor, 3 rechargeable cameras and a PC recording software. Even though the system doesn’t feature an SD card capability, the users are able to record videos captured by this system using Windows computer that typically offers a superior data storage abilities.

Uniden Security System Wireless

The surveillance cameras from Uniden offer up to 40 feet of visibility at night and as much as 500 feet wireless range which is quite better than a lot of its competitors. Furthermore, the system’s 3 included cameras allows for greater monitoring and flexibility capabilities more than the typical 2-camera systems. The Uniden system also offers several viewing angles that include zoom, quad view, pan and tilt. This surveillance system offers excellent capabilities and value for any person who doesn`t mind foregoing the SD card recording functionality.

VideoSecu IRW242 Wireless Security SystemVideoSecu IRW242 Wireless Security System

The VideoSecu surveillance security system is an affordable option for individuals on a budget. This package features 2.5 GHz wireless connectivity and also includes three power cables, a receiver, 2 wireless cameras and audio-video cables to connect the receiver and TV, DVD or VCR player. The surveillance system can also be adapted so as to utilize the higher resolution cameras.

The wireless security system from VideoSecu doesn`t include SD card memory capabilities and a PC recording software thus it is the duty of the user to add their own recording functionalities.in addition, users might experience interference issues in case they use other 2.5 GHz devices such as some cordless telephones. Nevertheless, shoppers normally find that this system offers great monitoring functionality despite missing some features. It is also more affordable as compared to most of its competitors without sacrificing quality.

Zmodo Mini Elite NVR

Zmodo surveillance systemThis Zmodo surveillance system offers simple operation, easy setup and a wealth of quality features. It also includes 2 high-resolution wireless cameras, a wireless receiver, all the required power supplying cables, an infrared remote mouse and control, a network cable as well as an installation guide. Setup and installation are simplified by the pre-matched wireless receiver and cameras that do not require any IP matching.

Moreover, Zmodo surveillance makes watching and recording of videos to be a breeze. Consumers are able to download the Z-sight Application to their Android or iPhone device, scan the QR codes on the back of receivers and then immediately start watching. This flexibility allows its users to monitor their property from anywhere and it doesn’t require carrying 0f any additional equipment-no network configuration is needed. The system is excellent for any person who is looking for high-resolution video, easy setup and a smartphone capability.

The Last Word

Consumers have a lot of excellent options in regard to the wireless surveillance security systems. The systems offer flexibility, excellent functionality and the ease of use as compared to the conventional wired surveillance systems. For more information about wireless security and surveillance systems, visit www.seicosecurity.com to find a wide range of great products and solutions.

The prospective buyers must decide on the features that are important to them before purchasing so that they can make sure that they get the right equipment which suits their needs.

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