Sport Sunscreen vs. Regular Sunscreen: Progression in Product Design

The best sunscreen is the one that offers sufficient and sustainable protection for your skin. Research supports the benefits of using sunscreen to minimize skin damage and skin cancer caused by the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) sunscreen regular sunscreen

However the question of whether to invest in sports sunscreen vs. regular sunscreen riddles many people. There are many excellent cosmetic sunscreens out there, in addition to sport sunscreens. However, many consumers are not able to differentiate the contrast and similarities between regular sunscreen and sports sunscreen.

Despite both having similar features for sun protection, there still lies a large undisputed difference between the two. Due to advancements in technological world of product design, skincare companies and therapist have formulated sport sunscreens that might make them worth checking out. There are many difference between a sport sunscreen and regular sunscreen, and these include:

Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

Harmful UV light is of two types: UVA and UVB. UVA causes a premature aging by initiating wrinkles and old age sport while UVB causes a severe burn on your skin leaving it wrecked or completely destroyed. A broad spectrum sunscreen serves an ultimate protection from both rays, it is therefore important to buy a sunscreen that guarantees you protection from all the UV light. It’s thus important to choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect you from cancer which is eventually caused by continuous exposure to both rays.

Unlike the sports sunscreen, not all the available varieties of regular sunscreens offer a strong defense from both UVA and UVB rays. Sports sunscreen offers a strong protection from both ray natures. To avoid doubts on the regular variety sunscreen, skin therapist highly advise usage of a Broad spectrum sunscreen for absolute protection. One of the best sports sunscreen brands for this is SolRx. You find their sport sunscreen products by visiting

Sufficient SPF Protection

SPF stands for sun protection factor, it is normally based on the time it has taken for your skin to be affected by the sun light compared to the one which has been sun screened before. Generally SPF is a measure on how well the sunscreen is protecting your skin. Sunscreen protection is varied depending on the SPF value.

On contrast a higher SPF rating is less effective compared to a low one a sports sunscreen has a low SPF value of 15 compared to the regular sunscreen which is double. It is however the best variety to choose in case you needs ultimate protection. However, Rather than looking at large on the sunscreen’s SPF, choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

Why Sports Sunscreen

Sport sunscreen is ideal for swimmers, runners, skiers and practically anyone is outdoors for long periods of time. Sports sunscreens are usually tested on water resistivity (unlike regular sunscreen,) and they are often designed with a strong SPF factor which is often higher compared to the regular sunscreen.Sport Sunscreen

Some sports sunscreens (like SolRx) are eco-friendly and reef safe. It is claimed that some regular sunscreens damage the environment and the ocean’s coral reef. Be aware, conscious and caring on the environmental impact of your sunblock.

It’s appropriate to athletes who get sweaty during a prolonged sun exposure, sports sunscreen is more sweat resistant compared to regular sunscreen.

Regular sunscreens too are however resilience and adaptively viable to different users. However to people who participate in athletics, sports sunscreen offers you a more advanced and a large broad spectrum protection effects and capabilities for your skin. For more information on sport sunscreen vs regular sunscreen, check out this article by SolRx. It gives great insight on the benefits of choosing a sport sunscreen over traditional products.

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3PL Company Redefines Total Supply Chain Management Solutions

Taking a closer look at some of the leading supply chain management companies in the U.S, one attribute is common among them – effective planning of 3PL (third-party logistics) strategies.

These 3PL and supply chain management solutions include periodic assessments, operational expertise, information technology, warehousing resources, and other workable 3PL methods to combat the ever-changing market dynamics required for success in supply chain management.united facilities 3pl supply chain management

United Facilities, Inc. is a perfect example of an advanced 3PL company that has mastered and shaped today’s supply chain management methods. So, what makes United Facilities standout among 3PL companies? Below we discuss a few ways in which this company has redefined total supply chain management

Widespread Distribution Centerssupply chain management 3pl solutions

United Facilities is endowed with one of the swiftest and most prolific distribution network in the U.S in terms of strategic positioning of warehouses, transport methods and most importantly supportive customer service.

The distribution centers are strategically positioned all over major cities throughout the United States. This gives the company an upper hand over its competitors in 3PL in two ways.

nationwide logistics 3pl services

First, since every corner of the nation is covered by these experts, the chances of receiving your goods at the right place and time is much higher than when a company with limited number of distribution centers is used.

The second and perhaps the most important reason is that having nationwide distribution centers in the U.S creates some sort of reaffirmation that 3PL customers are dealing with a professional company that is dedicated in providing top-quality services. Only a few 3PL contractors can match the nationwide scope that United Facilities has in USA. This marks the evolution of the logistics company over the last few years.

Transportation Resources

Although at a first glance, transportation seems like a less important service in supply chain management, a closer look of how crucial a reliable transport system is to a 3PL company reveals that it is actually a must-have feature for success in supply chain business.

Unfortunately, not many 3PL contractors have effective transport services that clients can rely on without incurring extra costs. At United Facilities, transportation can only be described using one word – exceptional.

The 3PL company actually allows clients to get a reliable transportation partner whose services are independent from the 3PL contractor. This means that you will deal with a new transport team once you get your ready for delivery. The main benefit of this setup is that it is the supply chain management company that will do all the difficult task of finding a reliable transporter for your goods as well as managing complex freight requirements. The setup also allows you to meet new faces and expand your networks in the supply-chain management industry.

Packaging & Kitting Solutions

It would be unfair to talk about the top services that make United Facilities, Inc. standout as a first-rate 3PL company without mentioning their outstanding packaging and kitting solutions. Whether you need their packaging experts to work in your preferred location or their centers, you will surely find the options very helpful for your goods assembly requirements. packaging kitting services

Some of the leading packaging options provided by this company for both locally-based and international clients include shrink wrapping, reconditioning, repackaging options, exclusive product assembly, and custom pick and packs. The company’s packaging options are also well-intended to add value to your goods through the use of modern technology that not only saves time, but also reduces the total costs of running business with significant proportions.

With these top-rated 3PL service options readily available at United Facilities, there is enough reason to believe that this company will continue to make headlines as a leading supply chain management contractor in the United States. Hopefully, they will keep up the good work as a competitive 3PL contracting company for both small and big business corporations.

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5 Formax Pressure Sealers for Efficient Document Processing

Are you shopping for top-of-the-line pressure sealers for your business’s mailing or shipping operation? Whether or Formax Pressure Sealersnot you’ve considered Formax pressure sealers, it’s good to be aware of the top brand in the industry when it comes to such products. And Formax reigns king when it comes to the best pressure sealer products and solutions. Here are five exceptional pressure sealer products from Formax that offer incredible features and performance for more efficient and productive document processing.

Formax FD 1200 AutoSeal Formax FD 1200 Pressure Sealer

This is one of the most user-friendly pressure sealers that offers a perfect solution for the processing of one-piece pressure-sensitive mailers. It comes with a laser printer that enables it produce mail-ready pieces. The FD 1200 also a low volume machine which means that it will create minimal disturbance. The Formax FD 1200 also offers a very efficient and economical solution with quality that can be relied upon.

Pressure Sealer Features

  • Has speeds of up to 35 pieces/min
  • Has clearly marked fold plates for neatness
  • Can process up to 14’’ forms
  • Has an integrated catch tray to hold processed forms

Formax FD 2200-10 AutoSeal Formax FD 2200-10 Pressure Sealer

This is a heavy duty stand alone pressure sealer with the ability of producing up to 40,000 forms an hour. The FD 2200-10 pressure sealer from Formax is well suited to those with high-volume pressure forms needs. One of the benefits of this machine is that being a standalone postage and mailing solution, it is able to seal and fold the forms at the same time which greatly cuts on both the cost of other pressure sealers and space.

Pressure Sealer Features

  • Speeds of up to 40,000 forms/hour
  • Able to easily integrate
  • Very high productivity due to its speed, economy and effectiveness
  • 8-ball transport deck ensuring smooth transition from fold rollers to the sealers
  • A 3-interface connection

Formax FD 1502 AutoSeal Formax FD 1502 Pressure Sealer

This is a mid-volume machine whose usability and reliability is unmatched. The FD 1502 the ability of carrying out light jobs with ease at speeds of 100 forms a minute. It is suitable in an office with mid-volume form needs.

The machine has four fold plates that are marked for the standard folds: C, Z, half folds and the uneven Z. This can also be rearranged to produce the custom folds, for instance eccentric Z mailers. Here’s a nice video on this product from the Whitaker Brothers.

The Formax FD 1502 provides a economical solution that is both quality and reliably effective. It is also of a standard size that it economizes on space while still offering great service.
Pressure Sealer Features

  • Has speeds of up to 100 pieces/min
  • Processing up to 14” forms
  • 3-roller top feed
  • Resettable counter

Formax FD 2054 AutoSeal Formax FD 2054 Pressure Sealer

This is a machine developed with quality and efficiency in mind. Being a desktop machine ensures that it conserves on space. It is also fully automated and has the ability to detect and adjust the 11’’, 14” and the 17” forms. The FD 2054 is able to store up to 35 pieces of folded forms by a simple press of a button. The FD 2054 also comes with an installed software to enable one customize papers to meet their particular needs.

Pressure Sealer Features

  • Speeds of up to 16,450 forms/hour
  • Ability to fold up to 17” forms
  • Automatic fold settings
  • Integrated conveyor for smooth transition of the forms
  • 35 custom fold settings

Formax FD 2200 AutoSeal

The high-end pressure sealers like the FD 2200 are designed to handle even the highest volume sealing jobs with great ease and dependability. They are fully automated to provide for quick and simple setup task. It also comes with an option that enables stacking of up to 22” for further processing.

Formax FD 2200 Pressure Sealer

In this model, there are at least four different air-feed systems options that have a capacity of at least 500 forms. As one of the best postage and mailing machine solutions, this product is ideal for offices with high-volume need of sealed forms.

Pressure Sealer Features

  • Speeds of up to 40,000 pieces/hour
  • Four in-feed options
  • Automatic fold settings
  • Heavy-duty rollers to increase its effectiveness
  • Unlimited duty cycle

To see all pressure sealer products from Formax, visit the official website at

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