3 Essential Postage Machines for Business Mailrooms

From small businesses to enterprise-level corporations, many companies have started investing in postage machines so that they can manage their mailing needs in-house instead of visiting the post office whenever they want something to be sent.

postage meter mailing machine

Shown here is a high-end postage meter workstation from Neopost USA.

While there are quite a number of mailing and postage machines that support today’s office mailroom operations, there are certain products that are vital for an effective mailing system. Here are three of the most essential postage and mailing machine technologies that assist in office mailroom operations:

Postage Meters

Postage meters are assets that are used in mailrooms to add convenience and reduce the costs that are associated with mailing. Postage machines are also known as franking machines; their key role is to frank and print indicia on postage envelopes before they pass through mailing machines.

In summary, the data that is printed postage envelopes is what is known as frank; it contains all the information that is associated with the mailing item. Such information includes postage charges, company zip codes and item weights. There are several types of postage meter machines that are in the market currently where businesses can choose them depending on their mailing needs, volume and frequency.

postage meter

Features & Types of Postage Meters

Different types of mailing machine models and brands offer different functions and operations of postage meters; some of these functions combine with electronic scales.

In addition, there are mailing machines that are equipped with other functionalities such as automatic feeds and envelop sealing. To assist in lowering the costs of mailing and improve operational experience, there are postage meters that have advanced functions.

Some of the primary benefits of postage meters include:

  • Postage meters reduce the time spent in mailing operations
  • Postage meters make it easy for companies to track their spending on letters, mails, parcel posts, etc.
  • Postage meter machines increase the level of convenience for mailing operations

Envelope Address Printers

Envelope address printers are basically mailing machines that enable business mailrooms to be convenient when duplicating address information on postage packages and mails directly without necessarily relying on the services of the post office. envelope address printers

These types of postage machines allow businesses to save significant amounts of money depending on the volume of their postages. These advanced envelope address printer machines are capable of printing barcodes, addresses, attention lines apart from permitting indicia.

Some of the major benefits of address printers include:

  • They reduce the mailing costs and increase productivity therefore reducing the amount of time that would have been spent on postage operations
  • Some address printers for sale are capable of printing other information; such information include marketing messages on postage pieces to serve as postage labels and meters

Tabbers & Labelers tabber labeler machine

In business mailroom operations, there are postage pieces that do not necessarily need envelopes; it’s at such occasions where labelers and tabbers come into use. Labelers and tabbers are basically automatic mailing machines that digitally apply label seals and tabs of mailing items that are open ended. Such mailing items include booklets, folder stocks, newsletters and postcards. Advanced tabber machines can allow you to use a maximum of three tables on mailing items.

Some of the primary labelers and tabbers include:

  • They make mail more secure and ensure that postages aren’t miss-delivered
  • They allow individuals to apply stamps and addresses on labels efficiently and effectively
  • These machines add convenience, save time and effort apart from reducing mailing costs in the long run

To see a complete offering postage machines for sale, visit WalzEQ.com, the industry’s trusted source for a wide range of mailing and postage machines for business mailrooms.

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5 Leading Manufacturers of Envelope Address Printer Products

With many leading manufacturers of envelope address printers in the US, making that perfect choice can be a hard decision, especially when you business depends on it. With actionable information on what envelope address printers best fit your company’s needs, you can be more confident in investing in suitable system to facilitate your mailing operations. To elaborate, here is a review of the five leading manufacturers of envelope address printer products.address printers machines

1. Neopost USA

Neopost USA is among the leading Manufacturers of Envelope Address Printer Products that you can buy from if you would need if you were to get a perfect deal. When you do choose them, you will definitely be certain that you would get your envelops right during your decision. They have been in the industry for quite sometimes that has given them a high reputation when compared to other options for envelope address printer products.

2. Secap

Secap is a reputable company that has been running if you do need that best company of your choice. When you do choose them, they will assist you during your purchase even as you do buy them well when making your decisions right of where to get envelope address printer products.

The customers who have been buying from the Secap company has been giving it high reviews since they have experience needed when selling the quality they will have. You will definitely understand the kind of Envelope Address Printer Products that you should buy.

3. Plunkett’s Advertising & Branding Industry

When you buy envelope address printer products from Plunkett’s Advertising and Branding Industry, you’ll get also get expert customer service by professionals who utilize these products in their own operations. The company has an impressive display of high quality of products that you will get even as you do need your purchase well. Those who have acquired them have been satisfied with the quality especially when making your decisions well of the products.

4. Diamond Envelope

Diamond Envelope manufactures is a leading company that manufacturers standard envelopes, new booklet and windows that you might need. The professionals at Diamond Envelope will assist you to get the quality that you would need even as you do buy them easily during your choice of the envelope address printer products to buy. Many buyers today prefer them since they will sell you the quality you would need when making your choice. They have a wide range of options that will make you get a perfect deal during your choice.

5. Quality Park

Quality Park is another leading supplier of envelopes as well as mail meter supplies that you can buy when you need a perfect quality. With the binding paper, you will be getting the archiving, color-coding and organizing that you would need during your decision. You will definitely be certain that you would buy the best quality when buying.

In the end, the above are leading manufacturers of envelope address printer products if you do need a jumpstart in shopping for the perfect choice.

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Essential Mailing Machines Designed to Increase Efficiency & Throughput

Either for small or large businesses, efficiency in the mailroom is an essential aspect that has to be considered for productivity and throughput. The mail department’s main objective is to ensure appropriate management of incoming and outgoing information or mail. It is in the mailroom that the information is received, processed, and dispatched to other parties in a consistent manner.

Considering this, mailing machines have a count in the flow of these activities. Different criteria are always considered when determining the best machine selections that would improve efficiency and performance of this office sector. This brings us to our main concern: what are the various types of mailing equipment and mailing machines that may be able to help in elevating mailroom office efficiency? Here are three highly-effective mailing equipment and machines designed to increase efficiency and throughput in the office.

mailroom equipment

1. Postage Meters

A postage meter’s main task is printing signatures or official stamps in a mail or packages to ascertain that postage payment has been made. Businesses that frequently handle large amounts of mail to and from the corporation can benefit from this equipment. It can help at saving time, saving administrative energy and espousing consistency when coordinating postage. postage meter

Thanks to the contemporary trends, postage meters are not bounded to posting amenities alone; mail management can also be achieved with up-to-date machines. The additional services that can be offered include mail information management such as signature confirmation, delivery of information, e-return and certified mail.

2. Address Printers

An address printer is a double edged asset in the mailroom office that can enhance its efficiency as well as saving on the office space. The gadget can help at ensuring mailed items are addressed as required and presented in an appealing form.address printer

Also, mailing address printers can help at reducing postage expenses – the business will not have to buy pre-printed envelopes for its mailing necessities. Factors to look at when selecting the best address printer includes one with a high prioritized volume and high speed.

3. Tabbing & Labeling Machines

What makes tabbing and labeling machines a must-have asset in the mailroom office is its reliability and large output heights. A single machine is capable of labeling an average of 15,000 pieces per hour. In addition to that, it provides more efficiency and consistency by ensuring the output is uniform and of high quality, this will in turn improve the organizations profile that will result in greater performance levels.

This doesn’t mean that the machine is not useful to small businesses or organizations; they can also offer quality finish ups to their output adding some professionalism to them. This will in turn set them far much apart from competition.

Looking at making businesses more efficient and productive, it is important to opt for mailing equipment that would save time, money and energy which might be wasted by manpower. In the mailroom, the same treat applies; why waste these resources on routine tasks that can be saved by mailroom office machines?

There are different machines that are fit for different tasks in the mailroom. It is all about selecting the most convenient and potent to suit in a given office setting. To start with, the above equipment is the basic mailroom machines any office should not miss to improve its efficiency.

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7 Leading Manufacturers of Mailing System Products for Businesses

From sending out invoices, coupons and fliers to shipping out products and packages, small businesses have numerous mailing needs. Instead of running to the post office every time outbound mail needs to be sent, small businesses can establish their own mailing system with the right postage meters and mailroom technology.

mailing system solution Folding machines and postage meters are amongst the most popular pieces of mailing system equipment that many businesses rely upon. These products are of great assistance as they help in saving both money and time for business’ mailing needs.

In this article, we feature seven leading manufacturers of mailing system solutions for businesses. These are solutions provided by seven distinct names in the industry for postage meters, folding machines, and related mailing systems.

1. Pitney Bowes Folding Machines & Postage Meters

Pitney Bowes offers various letter folding machines and postage meters for small businesses. They have postage machines that have high-speed printers that allow small businesses to send mails through priority mails and postcards.

Pitney Bowes offers the DM125 postage meters that is designed for businesses; it sends 100-1,000 pieces of mails every month and prints a maximum of 35 letters per minute. The DM 225 supports large quantities of mails and prints a maximum of 45 letters per minute. They also have several folding machines that include the office-Right DF900 that folds a maximum of 20,000 pieces of papers per hour.

2. Neopost Letter Folding Machines & Postage Meters

Neopost has both letter folding and mailing systems that are designed for small businesses. The postage meters can process 20-45 letters per minute. The company offers machines that have been specifically designed to fold letters. Neopost mailing system products also offers devices that handle both folding letters and inserts. Their small business options can hold from 1,350-2,400 letters per hour.

mailing machine postage meter

Neopost mailing machine products are often best integrated with Neoship mail management software. This software provides the intelligence to execute the equipment to its fullest potential.

3. Hasler Letter Folding Machines & Postage Meters

Hasler has several letter folding machines and mailing postage meter machines. The company offers 4 distinct postage meters to be specifically used in small businesses. Hasler has small-business postage meters that have the ability to process 18 to 45 letters in every minute. The company has various letter holding machines that can handle several letters and fold them

4. Secap Letter Folding Machines and Postage Meters

Secap offers both letter folding machines and postage meters that work great for small businesses. The postage meters from Secap are capable of holding 30-65 letters in every minute. Their smallest letter folding Machines fold from 900-3500 letters per hour.

5. Formax Folding Machines

Formax offers several letter folding machines that favor small businesses. The FD hopper can hold 200 sheets and can fold28 by 35.5 cm papers at the speed of 7400 sheets per hour. The FD 320 can hold a maximum of 11000 papers per hour

mailing folding machines

6. Data-Pac Mailing Systems

Data–Pac DP-link products are postage meters that are specifically designed for small businesses. The complete postage meter system include software and printers that connect to a PC. They create mailing systems that turn computers to full-featured mailing centers with all U.S postal service options and rates. Link 10 desktop mailing systems allow businesses to process flats, parcels and letters

7. Martin Yale Industries Folding Machines

Martin Yale offers a wide range of folding machines that perfectly suit mail-rooms, churches, schools and small businesses. The folders at this company range from 47* 28 desktop units to 30.5* 46 formats with table feed capacities of up to a Maximum of 500 sheets. The folding machines here can process between 2,200 tom 20,000 sheets of papers per hour

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5 Formax Pressure Sealers for Efficient Document Processing

Are you shopping for top-of-the-line pressure sealers for your business’s mailing or shipping operation? Whether or Formax Pressure Sealersnot you’ve considered Formax pressure sealers, it’s good to be aware of the top brand in the industry when it comes to such products. And Formax reigns king when it comes to the best pressure sealer products and solutions. Here are five exceptional pressure sealer products from Formax that offer incredible features and performance for more efficient and productive document processing.

Formax FD 1200 AutoSeal Formax FD 1200 Pressure Sealer

This is one of the most user-friendly pressure sealers that offers a perfect solution for the processing of one-piece pressure-sensitive mailers. It comes with a laser printer that enables it produce mail-ready pieces. The FD 1200 also a low volume machine which means that it will create minimal disturbance. The Formax FD 1200 also offers a very efficient and economical solution with quality that can be relied upon.

Pressure Sealer Features

  • Has speeds of up to 35 pieces/min
  • Has clearly marked fold plates for neatness
  • Can process up to 14’’ forms
  • Has an integrated catch tray to hold processed forms

Formax FD 2200-10 AutoSeal Formax FD 2200-10 Pressure Sealer

This is a heavy duty stand alone pressure sealer with the ability of producing up to 40,000 forms an hour. The FD 2200-10 pressure sealer from Formax is well suited to those with high-volume pressure forms needs. One of the benefits of this machine is that being a standalone postage and mailing solution, it is able to seal and fold the forms at the same time which greatly cuts on both the cost of other pressure sealers and space.

Pressure Sealer Features

  • Speeds of up to 40,000 forms/hour
  • Able to easily integrate
  • Very high productivity due to its speed, economy and effectiveness
  • 8-ball transport deck ensuring smooth transition from fold rollers to the sealers
  • A 3-interface connection

Formax FD 1502 AutoSeal Formax FD 1502 Pressure Sealer

This is a mid-volume machine whose usability and reliability is unmatched. The FD 1502 the ability of carrying out light jobs with ease at speeds of 100 forms a minute. It is suitable in an office with mid-volume form needs.

The machine has four fold plates that are marked for the standard folds: C, Z, half folds and the uneven Z. This can also be rearranged to produce the custom folds, for instance eccentric Z mailers. Here’s a nice video on this product from the Whitaker Brothers.

The Formax FD 1502 provides a economical solution that is both quality and reliably effective. It is also of a standard size that it economizes on space while still offering great service.
Pressure Sealer Features

  • Has speeds of up to 100 pieces/min
  • Processing up to 14” forms
  • 3-roller top feed
  • Resettable counter

Formax FD 2054 AutoSeal Formax FD 2054 Pressure Sealer

This is a machine developed with quality and efficiency in mind. Being a desktop machine ensures that it conserves on space. It is also fully automated and has the ability to detect and adjust the 11’’, 14” and the 17” forms. The FD 2054 is able to store up to 35 pieces of folded forms by a simple press of a button. The FD 2054 also comes with an installed software to enable one customize papers to meet their particular needs.

Pressure Sealer Features

  • Speeds of up to 16,450 forms/hour
  • Ability to fold up to 17” forms
  • Automatic fold settings
  • Integrated conveyor for smooth transition of the forms
  • 35 custom fold settings

Formax FD 2200 AutoSeal

The high-end pressure sealers like the FD 2200 are designed to handle even the highest volume sealing jobs with great ease and dependability. They are fully automated to provide for quick and simple setup task. It also comes with an option that enables stacking of up to 22” for further processing.

Formax FD 2200 Pressure Sealer

In this model, there are at least four different air-feed systems options that have a capacity of at least 500 forms. As one of the best postage and mailing machine solutions, this product is ideal for offices with high-volume need of sealed forms.

Pressure Sealer Features

  • Speeds of up to 40,000 pieces/hour
  • Four in-feed options
  • Automatic fold settings
  • Heavy-duty rollers to increase its effectiveness
  • Unlimited duty cycle

To see all pressure sealer products from Formax, visit the official website at Formax.com.

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