Top 3 Woods Equipment Parts Dealers Online

Are you looking for high-quality and authentic Woods equipment parts? Do you want to find an online Woods parts dealer that can assure you of the best products and dependable service?online Woods parts dealers

There are many online Woods parts dealers that you can choose from when you need to source replacement parts for Woods equipment. However, you should only consider online dealers that are preferred by most customers and have reputation for quality. Although there are suppliers of Woods replacement parts, we’ve done our homework to share with you three top-rated online dealers for Woods equipment parts.

German-Bliss EquipmentGerman-Bliss Equipment

In addition to Woods parts, German Bliss is by far the best option regardless of the type of equipment that you are looking for. Having been in equipment industry since 1940, German Bliss has found the best way to ensure that your skid steers, excavator, mowers, tractors, and many other important machines get the best replacement parts. Although the company started out in Central Illinois, it has grown over the years to become the leading parts supplier on the web.

A look at the feedback from their regular customers points toward a satisfied experience that you can trust. Having recently released its Woods parts division, customers can find a huge selection of Woods mower parts, Woods tiller parts, and much more. Visit the company’s Woods parts lookup page by clicking here or hop on over to the German Bliss online store at

Coleman Equipment, Inc.Coleman Equipment, Inc.

Coleman Equipment is a company that carries a complete line of replacement parts for mowers, landscaping attachments, loaders and an almost endless list of other machines. They also have a Woods parts manual that helps their customers to search for the specific parts that they need by entering the part’s number.

Coleman Equipment has multiple locations including Bonner Springs, KS. They can also be found in Independence, and Smithville, MO. If you cannot find time to visit their locations, you do not have to worry because they sell these parts countrywide and overseas through the online platform.

Southeast Farm Equipment Company

Southeast Farm Equipment Company has been operating in Oregon, Illinois since 1946 and has specialized in the manufacturing of various replacement parts. Their products are based on many years of innovation and that is why they have unique items such as the tractor mounted Woods cutter. Southeast Farm Equipment Company

Southeast Farm Equipment Company’s equipment is sold across the country through a network of dealers and distributors. A look at some of their products shows that they can find replacement parts for any type of machine. Whether you are thinking about mowers, excavators, or tractors, you can count on this company to find the parts that will make it work perfectly.

Of course, there are many other dealers that supply Woods parts both locally and countrywide. If you are wondering where you should purchase, your choice should be guided by high-quality and effectiveness. You need parts that will make your machines to perform better. You also need those that can last long because even if you spend a few dollars less, it will all be useless if you have to buy new replacement parts too often. In this case, you will be much better off if you buy from a company such as German-Bliss Equipment.

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Land Pride Mower Parts: Best Places to Shop Online

With more efficient and well-stocked online stores that can ship Land Pride mower parts to your doorstep, you can be sure to get the right products you need, and within a few days. Most reputable online parts stores stock a large variety of Land Pride mower parts, and it is now possible to get just about any part for any type of Land Pride mower.

Land Pride Mower Parts Online

There are numerous online stores that offer different lawn care equipment and replacements part online. Although most of them are genuine it is always important to deal with the popular ones. Most of the popular online stores offer an easy return policies, fast shipping and reliable customer support service. In this article, we review the most reputable and trusted online stores to buy lawn mower parts. Here are some of the most reputable Land Pride mower parts stores online.

German-Bliss Equipment

German Bliss is the leading and most popular supplier of Land Pride mower parts. If you are looking for the most efficient part to shop for Land Pride mower parts, visit and shop choose mower’s parts of your choice. The German Bliss was founded more than 74 years and with the many years of experience, they offer the widest selections of Land Pride mower parts. They have earned honest reputation for their impeccable 24/7 customer service and comprehensive selection of Land Pride mower parts and blades.

MFG Supply

MFG Supply offers a wide range of ample models and they offer on most of the selected products. Just visit and choice the Land Pride mower parts you need to replace. Most of their prices are affordable and they feature genuine durable products sourced directly from the manufacture. MFG have earned their reputation as the most available and affordable supplier.

Agri Supply

Agri Supply majors in agricultural machineries and their parts and features over 250,000 lawn mower blades from different reputable manufactures. With this online store you will easily find any product ranging from regular, mulching, hi-lift, fusion, gator, gator mulcher, magnum, and universal blades. Furthermore, Land Pride mower parts are just parts of agricultural machinery and, surely, you will get here. You can visit and check the available parts. The website is characterized by quality and affordable prices.

Oregon Products

Oregon Products offers high-quality Land Pride mower parts and other replacement parts. It features sharp and high-performance lawn more replacement blades at affordable price. This website is popular as it features a wide variety of mowers parts and are very efficient in delivering their products to your door step. Visit to see the products they offer.

Haltom Equipment Company

Haltom Equipment Company features a large selection of land pride parts. Whether you are looking for a land pride lawn mower parts, land pride tiller parts or land pride lawn mower parts you can find them at Most reviewers have reported good customers-service, realistic prices, and durable products in this website.

The mentioned online stores are considered by most Land Pride mower users are the most reliable options of buying mower accessories and replacement blades. Just visit their website and search for the particular part you need and you are sure to ship it to your door step.

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5 Bush Hog Rotary Cutters Take Land Clearing to the Next Level

Bush Hog Rotary CuttersBush Hog is the leading manufacturer of finishing mowers, rotary cutters, landscape tools and tractor mounted implements with a quality track record that dates back over 60 years. Over the years, the Bush Hog products have earned a desirable reputation for their durability, ruggedness, and high performance.

The first rotary cutter by Bush Hog was the model 12. The model 12 was a five-foot wide rotary cutter with swinging blades that would fold back if they encounter rocks or other heavy objects. The model 12 also featured a stump jumper and a three-point lift. Despite the model 12 success, the company continued to invest in projects that further improves performance and efficiency.

Today, Bush Hog offers an extensive range of products that range from single spindle series to flex wing series, multi-spindle and crop flails. Some of the models and series worth a special mention. And when you need replacement Bush Hog rotary cutter parts, always trust for all of your Bush Hog rotary cutter parts.

Bush Hog 2308 Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutter

The Bush Hog 2308 series are available in semi-mount, lift and pull models. The models are built to cut weeds and grass and diameter brush of up to 1 1/2-inch. The semi-mount and lift models come with 15-inch laminated tires and twin beam axles. The pull model comes with larger 20-inch laminated tires and long-lasting cushioned axles. The 2308 rotary cutter is also fitted with rubber disc cross shafts between the gearboxes to help absorb shock loads.

Bush Hog 3308 Series Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutters

The 3308 series are available in lift, semi-mount, pull, and 3308SH models. The 3308 models are built to cut weeds, grass and diameter brush of up to 2-inches. The semi-mount and lift models are built with cost-effective twin beam axles or with durable cushioned axles. The 3308SH and pull models are only designed with strong axles. The 3308SH model features a hydraulic cylinder that helps to offset the 13-inches tractor centerline to the right. The 3308 rotary cutters models are built for jobs in the areas that are difficult to reach such as near ditches.

Bush Hog 1812 Flex-Wing Rotary Cutter

The Bush Hog 1812 flex wing model is designed to offer users with more value for their investment. The 2820 model comes with extra value features such as the EZ lube drivelines, wear bushings at axle pivots, and oil sight gauges that helps to separate it from the competitors. The oil slight gauges help to improve efficiency by eliminating guess work when checking the oil. It also helps improve productivity by ensuring all three cutting box oil levels are checked in less than 10 seconds.Flex Wing Rotary Cutter from Bush Hog

Bush Hog 2810 Single Flex-Wing Rotary Cutter

The 2810 single flex wing is a perfect rotary cutter for mowing narrow highway. The Bush Hog parts and components on this model make it easier to service and comes with advanced features that help to maximize performance and durability across all uses. This Bush Hog model is built for highway right-of-way mowing or other applications where a single wing rotary cutter is the best fit. The 2810 model supports a cutting width of 10-feet 6-inches and a cutting height of 2 to 14 inches.

Bush Hog 2010 Series Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutters

The 2010 multi-spindle cutters are available in semi-mount, lift and pull models. The 2010 model is built as the standard duty to cut 9 ft. 9-inches width in heavy weeds and grass. The 2010 model has a cutting capacity of up to 1 1/2-inches inches diameter and a cutting height of 2 to 12-inches. The main features of this model include the rear sloped deck, deep sidebands, high blade tip speeds and quick-detach gearbox shields among others.

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An Inside Look at Befco Mowers & Rotary Equipment

befcoBefco is one of the leading companies that offer more than 100 products across the world. Some of the Befco major categories include Befco Cyclone Finishing Mowers, Befco Hurricane Flail Mowers, Befco Tornado Rotary Cutters, Befco Cyclone Flex Gang Mowers, Befco Till Rite Rotary Tillers, among many others.

When looking for the right Befco machine for your home, farm, or business, it is important to consider the performance features, capabilities, price and so on. Below we delve into some of the leading products from Befco.

Befco Hurricane Flail Mowers

befco finishing mowersThere are three series of models under the Befco Hurricane Flail Mowers. Every model has been designed to provide significant performance as well as safe mowing. These models include H70, H80, and H40. H40 can work well with tractors ranging from 15 to 40 HP. It can mow for 48”, 60” and 72”. H70 also another top rated model that is suitable for tractors with 30 to 70 HP. Lastly, H80 works perfectly with a variety of tractors from 40 to 80HP. Here are the features of Befco Hurricane Flail Mowers:

  • 2 heavy duty enforced belts
  • Grease fitting extensions
  • Mowing blades
  • Steel pulleys
  • Adjustable cutting roller with a scrape

Befco Cyclone Finishing Mowers

These mowers will rock you when it comes to quality of service. This is because it make use of sophisticated technology. Befco finishing Mowers comes in a wide range of models, including C70,C50 and C30-CES. These models are used for maintaining golf courses, fields as well as lawns. They are appropriate for use with tractors with 16 to 70HP. They are the most preferred due to the fact that their spare parts are easy to find and simple to install. Their features include:

  • Mowing blades
  • 4 rubber tires
  • PTO shaft
  • Spindle shaft
  • Precise blade overlap
  • Safety kill button

Befco Tornado Rotary Cutters

befco tornado rotary cuttersModels under this category include Tornado RHD, Tornado RSD, and Tornado RMD. These brands have the ability to cut potatoes as well as wheat. Befco Tornado rotary cutter parts comprise of heavy duty gear box, floating top link, steel plates that are free to move and standard slip clutch. Models features consist of:

  • Laminated tail wheel
  • Spring steel blades
  • Telescoping wings
  • Replaceable skids
  • Safety chain
  • Steel pulleys

Befco Cyclone Flex Gang Mowers

Befco designed these mowers for mowing large areas, including golf courses, sports grounds, and more. Models found in this group include Cyclone Super Flex, Cyclone Flex, and Cyclone Ez-Flex. These models are characterized by high mowing speeds, top-of-the-line Befco mower parts and components, as well as high quality finish. Cyclone Flex Gang Mowers features consist of:

  • Tail wheel fork
  • Stamped wheels
  • Height adjustment bushing set
  • single action hydraulic folding wing
  • Mowing blade

Befco Till Rite Rotary Tillers befco till rite rotary tiller

Rotary tillers are not only versatile, but also powerful and economical. Befco Till Rite Rotary include models such as T40, T50, T60, and T70, and are ideal for tractors with 16 to 70 HP. They are the best brands for landscaping. Their key features include:

  • Six knives in every flange
  • Side-shift system
  • Heavy duty tiller blades
  • Adjustable side skids
  • Lateral chain drive transmission in an oil bath

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An Inside Look at Land Pride All-Flex Mower Technology

Land Pride has taken a lead in the area of lawn maintenance technology. Over the years, various products have been introduced by Land Pride, spanning from tillers and spreaders to rotary cutters and lawn mowers.Land Pride All-Flex Mowers

Land Pride has become a popular brand of mowers, making it easy for users to find replacement Land Pride parts when they need repairs. Repairs, however, are few and far between. The material composition of Land Pride equipment is of heavy duty rubber and thick gauge metal.

One model from Land Pride that’s defining the future of grooming mower technology is the All-Flex design. Let’s have a look at the All-Flex Mowers from Land Pride.

All-Flex Mower Technology

All-Flex Mowers from Land Pride have some general features that attribute to its success. It has dual leveling rods which reduce the strain of the machine especially when working on rough terrains. The mower got laminated tires that don’t go flat and are suitable for terrain.

The material that makes Land Pride’s All-Flex grooming mowers is thick such that it protects the internal components from damage. Spliced rubber Flex-couplers between the gear boxes protect the mower from hard objects like stones, metal or raised ground.

Below we outline some of the specific technological advancements that define Land Pride’s All-Flex Mowers.

Versatile Functionality

Land Pride All-Flex MowersLand Pride All-Flex Mowers offer a counter blade rotation on left hand deck. This helps spread grass more evenly and the decks throw away the grass from the rear mower deck. The mower has automatic wing locks. After using the mower, one does not need to get off the tractor to lock.

The mower has sleek frame design which includes a single beam hitch and compact deck overlap which allows the operator to make tighter turns without leaving windows and skips. Land Pride All-Flex mowers can therefore become zero turn mowers.

The All-Flex mower design has a 56” front edge and all welded seams which provides extra durability. Rounded front edge deck edges with no protruding skid shoe helps protect against stress, stones and other obstacles that may arise as you work. This minimizes physical damages that call for replacement Land Pride All-Flex mower parts.

Deflectors are built on the mower decks to meet the ANSI standards. Majority of the competitors use chains instead. When they are removed, they do not meet the standards required.

Seamless Grooming Mower Blade

Land Pride All-Flex mowers also have a unique blade rotation. It has a counter rotation which allows grass to be removed from the path of the rear deck, it ensures the lower deck is not covered nor the grass blocks it.

The grooming mowers also have different kind of blades designed for various reasons. Low lift blades are highly recommended on sandy soils since lifting isn’t that crucial. Medium lift blades require less HP than high lift. High lift blades, they have the greatest suction for lifting grass before it is cut. It’s not recommended for sandy soils.

Low Maintenance

The machine design has also improved safety. Rubber and chain guards also protect the user from flying debris. The equipment also comes with different varieties that differ in shape, engine size, gearbox, size and performance.

Land Pride All-Flex mowers are made for varied applications and terrains. The machine can cut on flat, rocky surfaces. Low maintenance cost, the equipment does not often break down reducing time for repair and maintenance cost.

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Bush Hog Rotary Cutters Ideal for Fall Cleanup

Bush Hog Rotary CuttersBush Hog is one of the leading manufacturers of rotary cutters and other assorted equipment in the world. The company has been manufacturing rotary cutters for almost sixty years, and the devices have proven their unrivalled durability and superior performance in cleaning up millions of acres of yards, expansive properties and farm fields across the world.

Bush Hog rotary cutters can be classified into the following broad categories:

1. Bush Hog Single Spindle Series (consists of Razorback, BH10, BH20 and BH320 models)

2. Bush Hog Multi Spindle Rigid Deck Series (consists of SQ84T, 2008, 2010, 3120, 3308 & SH and 3414 models).

3. Bush Hog Flex Wing Series (consists of 1812, 1815, 2815, 3815, 2810, 2820 and 3810 models).

The following are comprehensive reviews of four different series of Bush Hog rotary cutters. You can find these products, as well as Bush Hog rotary cutter parts, from trusted supplier German Bliss.

1. BH10 Single Spindle Rotary Cutter from Bush Hog

This is an amazing device that’s ideal for cutting grass, small brush and weeds. It can perform extremely well even in harsh weather. There are three different models that are available in the BH10-series of Bush Hog rotary cutters: BH17, BH16, and BH15.

BH10 Single Spindle Rotary Cutter from Bush Hog

The BH10 Single Spindle Rotary Cutter is designed with a number of performance features, making it suitable for cutting grass and clipping pasture alike. The rotary cutter is equipped with a slip clutch (for the BH17 model) and slip clutch protection/shear spin on BH15 & BH16 models. The laminated tires (all models) make it easy to navigate.

These Bush Hog rotary cutter also features a bottom deck structure that carries a gear box, full length skids and quarter inch skids that add strength to enable it resist bending, and welded sided bands which are tightly fixed to the gear box stand. Also, the laminated tail wheel on the single spindle series consists of laminated style rubber and a curved rear band that enables it to resist mechanical forces/bending.

2. BH20 Single Spindle Rotary Cutter from Bush Hog

The BH20 Single Spindle Rotary Cutter is a powerful machine that is specially designed with the following unique performance features: a gear box stand in the bottom deck, welded side bands fixed onto a gearbox stand, durable Tail wheel beam, full length fourteen –inch skids that provide protection to side bands, powder coat paint, floating hitch that facilitates operation in rough terrain and a limited five year warranty on the gearbox.

BH26 Single Spindle Rotary Cutter from Bush Hog

The device has the following construction features: EZ Clean sloped ten gauge decks, splinted output shafts consisting of tapered roller bearings, wall measuring 3/16 inches on the tail wheel beam, continuously welded side bands measuring ¼ inches each and 130HP gearbox.

There are three other models available in the BH20-series of Bush Hog rotary cutters: BH27, BH6 and BH25).

3. SQ84T Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutter from Bush Hog

The SQ84T series of multi-spindle rotary cutters offers a powerful set of devices that are ideal for maintaining orchards as well as cutting pastures and lawns.

It’s specially designed with the following range of performance features: economic fuel consumption, wide cutting width (9 feet, 9 inches), round blade pans, rubber cushioned axles (provide protection while working on rough terrain), high blade tipping speed, manual/ hydraulic lift and dual or single axles.

SQ84T Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutter from Bush Hog

The manufactures have constructed the SQ84T Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutter with special construction features such as: lift/ semi-mount or pull operation mechanisms, floating A-frame hitch, round blade pans, strongback that consists of seven-gauge steel box, high blade tipping speed, deep side bands, fully shielded drivelines and tough slip clutches.

4. 1812 Flex Wing Rotary Cutter from Bush Hog

The 1812 Flex Wing series from Bush Hog is an efficient machine because it’s designed with the following features: EZ clean decks on the wings and at the centre, single hydraulic horse, wing free float mechanism, halved wheel spindles to enable ease of maintenance and economic use of fuel, oil sight gauge to facilitate convenient checking of oil levels and an efficient PTO driveline holder. The Flex Wing series is by far the most advanced and robust for high volume use.

1812 Flex Wing Rotary Cutter from Bush Hog

Bush Hog rotary cutters as well as Bush Hog finishing mowers are the best devices for use in crop shedding, manicuring large lawns, mowing pastures, maintaining orchards and/or clearing roadsides.

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Shop Land Pride Parts & Replacement Blades at German Bliss

German BlissOnce solely a central Illinois dealer for landscaping equipment, machinery, and utility vehicles (like tractors, lawn mowers, ATVs, and skid steers,) German Bliss has grown to now becoming one of the leading online retailers for replacement parts and mower blades from many leading brands, particularly Land Pride.

With the Internet’s most comprehensive inventory of replacement parts and mower blades, coupled with a quick and dependable customer service and delivery, German Bliss has evolved from a local business to an online role model among ecommerce store.

Why Shop German Bliss of Land Pride Parts & Blades

Easy to search and navigate interface of German Bliss’ online parts store provides you with complete specifications and details of any Land Pride parts you need. If by any chance you need additional information or can’t find the specific Land Pride replacement part or blade you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact the German Bliss hotline service and their professional staff will provide you with the information you need. Also, you can email the company about any special needs or requests, and German Bliss get in touch with you within a day, or less.

Land PrideAmong the newest additions to the German Bliss inventory are replacement blades and mower parts for Land Pride, a company well established on the U.S. soil. Founded in 1986, Land Pride was always working for its customers. Coming from Kansas and employing people from agriculture background, Land Pride knows how to make their products worth the money.

Every piece that is manufactured in Kansas obliges standards and regulations. The products that are made in Land Pride facilities are built to endure harsh and unforeseen conditions, meaning, everything is built to last. German Bliss follows a similar philosophy of quality, and as result, there were no second thoughts about the Land Pride partnership.

Huge Selection of Land Pride Replacement Parts

online orderingGerman Bliss now offers the variety of Land Pride replacement parts and blades for zero turn mowers, finishing mowers, flail mowers, and backhoes, to name just a few in its Land Pride parts warehouse. Some of the types of equipment (both Land Pride and other brands) that you can order from German Bliss include wood chippers, all purpose seeders, pallet forks, hydraulic drive post hole diggers, rotary tillers and even snow blowers. Check the entire Land Pride parts offering on the website where you will find a complete list of products with images and assembly instructions.

Because German Bliss understands how essential time is for every customer, the company has made strides to optimize its support and delivery service. The German Bliss team works round the clock to meet any of its customers’ needs in order to maintain the trust they have gained over the 74 years of being in business.

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Making The Most of Your Bush Hog Equipment

Bush HogThose of us who own Bush Hog equipment know that they’re useful and powerful machines capable of clearing a field or tilling the earth and almost anything in between. Yet, you’ll often see people online with issues regarding their Bush Hog equipment, asking questions and seeking advice.

From which model of Bush Hog mowers to buy to how to keep your Bush Hog tiller running its absolute best, these questions run the entire gamut from the simple to the more complex. In this article, we’ll go over some tips and tricks for making sure that your Bush Hog equipment goes the distance and outlasts the rest.

How You Use Your Bush Hog Matters

For each Bush Hog, there’s a place every owner should start: the owner’s manual. While this oft overlooked resource may not be the first place you want to turn when beginning, it is essential to get a good understanding of your specific piece of equipment.

Whether it’s a Bush Hog rotary cutter or a Bush Hog finishing mower, you need to know the specifications and recommended usage requirements for your own. Also included are any necessary legal requirements you might need to know as well as safety concerns to keep in mind. Many of these manuals are now online too, so there’s no excuse in foregoing a review of them to get a sense for how to treat your Bush Hog.

Once you’ve looked over the manual, there are a few other aspects to keep in mind for using your Bush Hog correctly. One of the most important is to choose the right piece of equipment for the right job. When using Bush Hog equipment, especially when you own multiple types, it’s critical to the life of the machine, as well as your safety in many cases, to use the piece of Bush Hog equipment specifically designed for the job at hand.

Failing to do so, can cause failure and costly repairs. Another factor to consider is where your Bush Hog is stored, as well as the physical environment you use it in. While a Bush Hog is made to be rugged and hold up to heavy work, submerging it in water or leaving it out to the elements can damage it significantly.

Taking Care of Preventive Maintenance

Bush Hog finishing mowerLike any piece of equipment, your Bush Hog will work its best when it has routine maintenance performed. To start, get in the habit of regularly reviewing your piece of equipment before and after each use. This decreases the chance that if something is becoming an issue, you’ll miss it.

Examples might include a leak that needs repair or a cover that has come undone. As you inspect your Bush Hog, check all its shields and fluid levels. Doing so let’s you catch any problems before they get serious. Also take a moment to walk your property and remove anything that may damage your machine within its path.

Lastly, to ensure your Bush Hog is getting the level of maintenance it really needs, you’ll also want to keep a list of regular replacements. By keeping track of when you change the fluid, but also when the last time was that you swapped out a Bush Hog mower blade for example, you’ll be able to know exactly when to replace a part in question. Making sure the proper Bush Hog replacement parts are replaced regularly, as well as practicing the other tips in this guide, acts as a form of insurance against common problems that might otherwise impact Bush Hog equipment and the task you need done.

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