5 Stunning Patio Pavers from Belgard: An Inside Look at Your Next Outdoor Living Space

Belgard has an extensive and rich collection of high-quality pavers for walkways, driveways, pool decks and patios. They can either be traditional cobble pavers, brick pavers, concrete overlay pavers or contemporary modular pavers. Belgard pavers and hardscapes are highly customizable, with options flexible in terms of color, texture, and pattern.

Patio Pavers Ideas

Belgard also offers excellent auxiliary services such as professional installation and advice on the best options to suit your needs. The pavers come with a lifetime guarantee which gives owners added peace of mind. Among some of our favorite pavers for backyard patios and outdoor living spaces are detailed below.

Catalina Grana Paver

This is a contemporary modular paver that has a top-notch design and a great shelf life. It has a sharp, definitive cut which gives it a solid comforting look. A smooth texture and an overall orderliness give it a functional aesthetic that is good for both personal and commercial properties. It is highly durable and performs very well in high-traffic areas. Easily installed, it is very flexible and comes with multiple customization patterns.

Catalina Grana Paver

Color schemes include Aspen but can be changed to maximize aesthetics and help the paver better complement outdoor spaces. The Catalina Grana paver is very easy on the eyes. Perfectly ideal for a business casual look that adds to the homeliness of your outdoor living space while maintaining a high standard!

Belgian Cobble Paver

This is a stone textured multi-piece paver system that gives an earthy cobbled look. The Belgian Cobble paver comes in 7 unique shapes and random patterns. The random pattern means that when installed, this paver will be one of a kind. Although the texture is set, color options include Driftwood and can be customized to fit your preferences.

Belgian Cobble Paver

The Belgian Cobble paver is designed to look like natural stone but this effect can be changed with vibrant coloring. The paver can also be adapted into a permeable system depending on the base. This gives it added utility and can be useful in areas prone to water logging. The Belgian Cobble paver gives an outdoor living space a comfortable rustic look that will survive for ages!

Holland Stone

This is a classic paver that has a clean regular shape and a basic form. Its simplicity is a big part of its appeal making it highly popular for personal and commercial properties. It is incredibly durable and strong. It can handle low to high traffic volumes and can withstand vehicle traffic. It is highly adaptable and has various applications. It comes in two sizes that vary slightly in height.

Holland Stone Paver

Holland Stone comes in a wide range of color blends such as charcoal, natural, great lakes, saratoga or red makes this paver highly customizable. Patterns include straight or angled Running Bonds, standard or modified Basket Weave, Stackbond and 90 degree Herringbone. With so many options, this pavercan be effectively used to complement any outdoor living space. The Holland Stone paver is very handy and guarantees to serve and please!

Lafitt Rustic Slab

This Belgard paver is stone textured and very durable. It is modeled to look like cut slate. Once set, it lasts for an incredibly long time and has incredible strength. Design options are expanded by the available options of three shapes; small, medium and large. This means the paver can be suited perfectly to your needs.

Lafitt Rustic Slab Paver

Lafitt Rustic Slab’s color schemes include Hill Country, Brittany Beige, and Danville Beige. This makes this paver more dynamic and colors can be chosen to best compliment your next outdoor living area. The Lafitt Rustic Slab is a timeless paver. With a proven track record of durability and customer satisfaction!

Old Wold Paver

This is a classic paver that boasts a natural stone cleft effect. It has the look and feel of weathered cut stone. The design is based on the cobbled streets predominantly found in Europe. It is very strong and highly durable which makes it perfect for high traffic areas and driveways.

Old Wold Paver

With Belgard’s Old Wold Paver, potential color patterns include Sable Blend, Silex Blend, and Bella. The pavers vary in length and can be laid Running Bond pattern with a 25% variation. The Old World Paver gives a comfortable quality finish to outdoor living spaces. It has an impressive lifespan and can be a great addition to both private and commercial outdoor spaces!

All these pavers from Belgard can be used to spruce up an outdoor living area, customize a compound or add value to properties. They are incredibly dynamic, long-lasting and offer great value for money. Additional services from Belgard such as online designing and professional references make the process of getting these pavers a delight!

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An Inside Look at Befco Mowers & Rotary Equipment

befcoBefco is one of the leading companies that offer more than 100 products across the world. Some of the Befco major categories include Befco Cyclone Finishing Mowers, Befco Hurricane Flail Mowers, Befco Tornado Rotary Cutters, Befco Cyclone Flex Gang Mowers, Befco Till Rite Rotary Tillers, among many others.

When looking for the right Befco machine for your home, farm, or business, it is important to consider the performance features, capabilities, price and so on. Below we delve into some of the leading products from Befco.

Befco Hurricane Flail Mowers

befco finishing mowersThere are three series of models under the Befco Hurricane Flail Mowers. Every model has been designed to provide significant performance as well as safe mowing. These models include H70, H80, and H40. H40 can work well with tractors ranging from 15 to 40 HP. It can mow for 48”, 60” and 72”. H70 also another top rated model that is suitable for tractors with 30 to 70 HP. Lastly, H80 works perfectly with a variety of tractors from 40 to 80HP. Here are the features of Befco Hurricane Flail Mowers:

  • 2 heavy duty enforced belts
  • Grease fitting extensions
  • Mowing blades
  • Steel pulleys
  • Adjustable cutting roller with a scrape

Befco Cyclone Finishing Mowers

These mowers will rock you when it comes to quality of service. This is because it make use of sophisticated technology. Befco finishing Mowers comes in a wide range of models, including C70,C50 and C30-CES. These models are used for maintaining golf courses, fields as well as lawns. They are appropriate for use with tractors with 16 to 70HP. They are the most preferred due to the fact that their spare parts are easy to find and simple to install. Their features include:

  • Mowing blades
  • 4 rubber tires
  • PTO shaft
  • Spindle shaft
  • Precise blade overlap
  • Safety kill button

Befco Tornado Rotary Cutters

befco tornado rotary cuttersModels under this category include Tornado RHD, Tornado RSD, and Tornado RMD. These brands have the ability to cut potatoes as well as wheat. Befco Tornado rotary cutter parts comprise of heavy duty gear box, floating top link, steel plates that are free to move and standard slip clutch. Models features consist of:

  • Laminated tail wheel
  • Spring steel blades
  • Telescoping wings
  • Replaceable skids
  • Safety chain
  • Steel pulleys

Befco Cyclone Flex Gang Mowers

Befco designed these mowers for mowing large areas, including golf courses, sports grounds, and more. Models found in this group include Cyclone Super Flex, Cyclone Flex, and Cyclone Ez-Flex. These models are characterized by high mowing speeds, top-of-the-line Befco mower parts and components, as well as high quality finish. Cyclone Flex Gang Mowers features consist of:

  • Tail wheel fork
  • Stamped wheels
  • Height adjustment bushing set
  • single action hydraulic folding wing
  • Mowing blade

Befco Till Rite Rotary Tillers befco till rite rotary tiller

Rotary tillers are not only versatile, but also powerful and economical. Befco Till Rite Rotary include models such as T40, T50, T60, and T70, and are ideal for tractors with 16 to 70 HP. They are the best brands for landscaping. Their key features include:

  • Six knives in every flange
  • Side-shift system
  • Heavy duty tiller blades
  • Adjustable side skids
  • Lateral chain drive transmission in an oil bath

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Feature-Rich Home Security Systems to Meet Your Everyday Needs

Your home is your sanctuary and as such, you need to feel safe in it. This is where home security systems come in. There are literally hundreds of home security systems in existence and while this might seem as good news to some extent it isn’t as the numerous options make the task of selecting the best security systems quite challenging.

So how do you go about selecting the best system? Well, making a selection based on the features of a system is the best way to go. This said, the following is an overview of some of the features you should consider when selecting a home security system.

home security systems

Alarm & Lighting

Alarm and lighting are perhaps one of the most important features that should be considered when selecting a security system. Alarms are an industry standard when it comes to security systems and can either be triggered automatically in the event that a door or window is opened when the system has been activated or manually via a panic button.

Lighting also forms an integral part of a security system and usually come with a number of variations. For instance, they can be motion sensitive and come on in the event of an intrusion or can be programmed to come on when the alarm goes off or the panic button is pressed.

Remote Access & Programming

Remote access and programming is another important feature usually incorporated in security systems. With remote access, an aspect of versatility is brought in as an individual can be able to arm, disarm or even program a system from a remote location using some given medium: usually a computer, cell phone or some other device.

Cellular Connectioncell phone security monitoring

Cellular connection gives an individual a more secure and reliable connection to a security system. Landlines and broadband internet connections are other viable options but have some weakness. Landlines can be easily cut by an intruder while internet connectivity usually experiences some disruptions or low signals at times.

As such, it is usually advisable to use a combination of these services so as to ensure you have a reliable system. For instance, you can use a cellular signal as the main connection with a landline or broadband connection as a backup.

Two-Way Voice Intercom

A two-way voice intercom is also another great feature and an alternative to communicating with the monitoring centre via phone. With a two-way voice system, you can communicate instantly with the monitoring centre: this feature is great for the elderly or handicapped.

Fire Protection

Some security systems have an option of integrating a fire protection system. An individual can then get an alert if the fire system goes off for quick action. These fire alarm home security systems

Security Cameras

Security cameras are also another viable feature when it comes to a home security system. With security cameras, an individual has a number of options: one can choose continuously recording cameras, motion sensitive cameras or even night vision cameras

Integrated Home Automation System

An integrated system basically consists of the main security system that has been integrated with home automation controls. This system usually normally incorporates remote monitoring via a phone or computer and has limitless possibilities. For instance, it can be used to open the garage door, turn lights on or off within the house or even switch on the stereo

As a rule, the best security system for your home should have features specific to your needs. For more information about various home security systems, visit:

Seico Security
132 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61554

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Top 5 Wireless Surveillance Systems Leading the Market

A wireless surveillance and security system is an effective and highly-efficient way of adding protection to an office, workshop, storage facility, or home. Wireless surveillance systems tend to be easy to use as compared to many wired systems that can be very difficult to operate and install.

Wireless systems can be easily and discreetly installed. Furthermore, wireless cameras usually move easier as compared to other cameras which adds to the system’s flexibility. These systems also make it simple for the transfer of video monitoring to a computer, television or other recording devices such as DVD or VCR player.

If you’re interested in purchasing in wireless surveillance systems, here are the top 5 wireless surveillance systems that are currently leading the market.

Defender Phoenix 301-013 Wireless Security System

The Phoenix 301, also called PX301-013, is a digital and wireless DVR security system manufactured by Defender. The system is capable of recording and monitoring video and sound both outdoors and indoors. This system is easy to set up and it includes a two GB SD card which is capable of storing up to 350 minutes of video, audio or a combination of the two. The system includes 2 wireless cameras which are weather resistant and also features 18 infrared LEDs.Defender Wireless Security System

The cameras allow the users to see up to 40 feet under low-light conditions. The cameras also save energy by simply turning off LEDs during the day and then automatically turning them on at night. The system also has included wireless remote control which runs the entire system. The system represents an outstanding value for a lot of people who need surveillance system protection.

Lorex LIVE SD Digital Wireless LCD Video Security System

The Lorex Digital Wireless Security System is a product of Lorex. It is a wireless surveillance system which is quite easy to install as well as operate. The cameras usually connect to a power source since they don`t use batteries. After connecting the LCD receiver to source of power, the surveillance system is now fully operational. An SD card normally captures the videos which are recorded by this system. Besides being easy-to-use and compact, the system is also secure.

Lorex Wireless Surveillance System

It also features interference-free communications between the receiver and cameras which makes the system ideal for locations which use numerous wireless devices. The system also features an advanced motion-detection system and intercom functionality.

Its included surveillance cameras offers up to 40 feet of visibility in dark conditions and a wireless range of 450 feet. Furthermore, the users are able to connect this system to a computer and then access its monitoring capabilities from any place across the world using Skype. This system also offers exceptional functionality in a reliable and lightweight package.

Uniden UDW20055 Wireless Surveillance Systems

The Uniden UDW20055 Surveillance System offers a solid performance at affordable prices. The system includes a seven-inch LCD monitor, 3 rechargeable cameras and a PC recording software. Even though the system doesn’t feature an SD card capability, the users are able to record videos captured by this system using Windows computer that typically offers a superior data storage abilities.

Uniden Security System Wireless

The surveillance cameras from Uniden offer up to 40 feet of visibility at night and as much as 500 feet wireless range which is quite better than a lot of its competitors. Furthermore, the system’s 3 included cameras allows for greater monitoring and flexibility capabilities more than the typical 2-camera systems. The Uniden system also offers several viewing angles that include zoom, quad view, pan and tilt. This surveillance system offers excellent capabilities and value for any person who doesn`t mind foregoing the SD card recording functionality.

VideoSecu IRW242 Wireless Security SystemVideoSecu IRW242 Wireless Security System

The VideoSecu surveillance security system is an affordable option for individuals on a budget. This package features 2.5 GHz wireless connectivity and also includes three power cables, a receiver, 2 wireless cameras and audio-video cables to connect the receiver and TV, DVD or VCR player. The surveillance system can also be adapted so as to utilize the higher resolution cameras.

The wireless security system from VideoSecu doesn`t include SD card memory capabilities and a PC recording software thus it is the duty of the user to add their own recording functionalities.in addition, users might experience interference issues in case they use other 2.5 GHz devices such as some cordless telephones. Nevertheless, shoppers normally find that this system offers great monitoring functionality despite missing some features. It is also more affordable as compared to most of its competitors without sacrificing quality.

Zmodo Mini Elite NVR

Zmodo surveillance systemThis Zmodo surveillance system offers simple operation, easy setup and a wealth of quality features. It also includes 2 high-resolution wireless cameras, a wireless receiver, all the required power supplying cables, an infrared remote mouse and control, a network cable as well as an installation guide. Setup and installation are simplified by the pre-matched wireless receiver and cameras that do not require any IP matching.

Moreover, Zmodo surveillance makes watching and recording of videos to be a breeze. Consumers are able to download the Z-sight Application to their Android or iPhone device, scan the QR codes on the back of receivers and then immediately start watching. This flexibility allows its users to monitor their property from anywhere and it doesn’t require carrying 0f any additional equipment-no network configuration is needed. The system is excellent for any person who is looking for high-resolution video, easy setup and a smartphone capability.

The Last Word

Consumers have a lot of excellent options in regard to the wireless surveillance security systems. The systems offer flexibility, excellent functionality and the ease of use as compared to the conventional wired surveillance systems. For more information about wireless security and surveillance systems, visit www.seicosecurity.com to find a wide range of great products and solutions.

The prospective buyers must decide on the features that are important to them before purchasing so that they can make sure that they get the right equipment which suits their needs.

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Top Lawn Mower Manufacturers for a Professional Landscaper’s Finish

Top Lawn Mower ManufacturersThere are a number of lawn mowers that are available on the market. The various types of lawn mowers vary in terms of quality and finish, however a handful of top mower manufacturers all seem to provide a great cut.

Every manufacturer will have a different customization of their mowers. There are some common brands that you can expect to find at almost any reputable dealer of lawn mowers. These brands of lawn mowers below are known for specific features and functionality.

1. Bush Hog Bush Hog

The Bush Hog lawn mowers are well built to last long in rough conditions, even if they are being used more frequently. For that, they would fit well in places that there is no any service around. Also, it is built to serve in areas where productivity is needed in multiple amounts. Many people like hobby farmers, ranchers as well as farmers rely on Bush Hog mowers for their unmatched performance. They are durable, efficient and tough to use on the farm and they can also mow over 30 million acres in a year. Others will be able to be strong for up to 30 years. And because this brand of lawn mowers is so prolific, it’s easy to find replacement parts for Bush Hog mowers.

2. ExMark ExMark Mowers

The ExMark lawn mowers are also another set of reliable mowers that you can find on the market. They have been made to enhance the productivity and profitability of the farm. The mowers are also designed with the zero-turn technology. Most of the ExMark mowers are the walk-behind, which is suitable for most of the domestic farmers. There are some types of ExMark mowers like the EFI, Electronic Fuel Injection with the E-Gov, which has been made to get rid of governor droop. This helps to sustain the RPM of the engine and the speed of the blade.

3. Toro Toro

Toro is among the top lawn mowers that are known to be developed with the zero-turn technology. This helps to make the mowing process more efficient. These mowers have also been designed to handle the tough conditions and the terrains that are challenging, while sustaining the quality of the cut. You should have no problem finding a reputable Toro dealer in your area.

Land Pride4. Land Pride

If you need a set of land lawn mowers that would comfortably make your land look elegant, then the Land Pride are the best mowers to select. They are designed with an independent flotation of the deck along with the zero-turn technology. Which makes the land super elegant in the long run. Land Pride has an honest reputation in the industry for making some of the top-quality mowers for homeowners and landscapers alike.

5. Bosch

Bosch MowersBosch lawn mowers are also among the most popular brands on the market. They offer a reliable performance that pleases the farmers. They are meant to deal with the tall grass, and will comfortably cut them in the most elegant manner. They are capable of turning a bush of tall grass into a beautiful levelled gold-type lawn. Bosch mower are also durable throughout the process of mowing, which is another aspect that make them the farmers’ favorite. There are also some Bosch mowers that are cordless, since they use batteries to mow, so this is another special feature about them.

All these lawn mowers have specific features, which make them special in their own way. They are all capable of handling different situations without having any challenges. A good thing about them is that they are all easy to use.

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