5 Stunning Patio Pavers from Belgard: An Inside Look at Your Next Outdoor Living Space

Belgard has an extensive and rich collection of high-quality pavers for walkways, driveways, pool decks and patios. They can either be traditional cobble pavers, brick pavers, concrete overlay pavers or contemporary modular pavers. Belgard pavers and hardscapes are highly customizable, with options flexible in terms of color, texture, and pattern.

Patio Pavers Ideas

Belgard also offers excellent auxiliary services such as professional installation and advice on the best options to suit your needs. The pavers come with a lifetime guarantee which gives owners added peace of mind. Among some of our favorite pavers for backyard patios and outdoor living spaces are detailed below.

Catalina Grana Paver

This is a contemporary modular paver that has a top-notch design and a great shelf life. It has a sharp, definitive cut which gives it a solid comforting look. A smooth texture and an overall orderliness give it a functional aesthetic that is good for both personal and commercial properties. It is highly durable and performs very well in high-traffic areas. Easily installed, it is very flexible and comes with multiple customization patterns.

Catalina Grana Paver

Color schemes include Aspen but can be changed to maximize aesthetics and help the paver better complement outdoor spaces. The Catalina Grana paver is very easy on the eyes. Perfectly ideal for a business casual look that adds to the homeliness of your outdoor living space while maintaining a high standard!

Belgian Cobble Paver

This is a stone textured multi-piece paver system that gives an earthy cobbled look. The Belgian Cobble paver comes in 7 unique shapes and random patterns. The random pattern means that when installed, this paver will be one of a kind. Although the texture is set, color options include Driftwood and can be customized to fit your preferences.

Belgian Cobble Paver

The Belgian Cobble paver is designed to look like natural stone but this effect can be changed with vibrant coloring. The paver can also be adapted into a permeable system depending on the base. This gives it added utility and can be useful in areas prone to water logging. The Belgian Cobble paver gives an outdoor living space a comfortable rustic look that will survive for ages!

Holland Stone

This is a classic paver that has a clean regular shape and a basic form. Its simplicity is a big part of its appeal making it highly popular for personal and commercial properties. It is incredibly durable and strong. It can handle low to high traffic volumes and can withstand vehicle traffic. It is highly adaptable and has various applications. It comes in two sizes that vary slightly in height.

Holland Stone Paver

Holland Stone comes in a wide range of color blends such as charcoal, natural, great lakes, saratoga or red makes this paver highly customizable. Patterns include straight or angled Running Bonds, standard or modified Basket Weave, Stackbond and 90 degree Herringbone. With so many options, this pavercan be effectively used to complement any outdoor living space. The Holland Stone paver is very handy and guarantees to serve and please!

Lafitt Rustic Slab

This Belgard paver is stone textured and very durable. It is modeled to look like cut slate. Once set, it lasts for an incredibly long time and has incredible strength. Design options are expanded by the available options of three shapes; small, medium and large. This means the paver can be suited perfectly to your needs.

Lafitt Rustic Slab Paver

Lafitt Rustic Slab’s color schemes include Hill Country, Brittany Beige, and Danville Beige. This makes this paver more dynamic and colors can be chosen to best compliment your next outdoor living area. The Lafitt Rustic Slab is a timeless paver. With a proven track record of durability and customer satisfaction!

Old Wold Paver

This is a classic paver that boasts a natural stone cleft effect. It has the look and feel of weathered cut stone. The design is based on the cobbled streets predominantly found in Europe. It is very strong and highly durable which makes it perfect for high traffic areas and driveways.

Old Wold Paver

With Belgard’s Old Wold Paver, potential color patterns include Sable Blend, Silex Blend, and Bella. The pavers vary in length and can be laid Running Bond pattern with a 25% variation. The Old World Paver gives a comfortable quality finish to outdoor living spaces. It has an impressive lifespan and can be a great addition to both private and commercial outdoor spaces!

All these pavers from Belgard can be used to spruce up an outdoor living area, customize a compound or add value to properties. They are incredibly dynamic, long-lasting and offer great value for money. Additional services from Belgard such as online designing and professional references make the process of getting these pavers a delight!

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Top 3 Sources for Custom Cycling Jerseys Online

When it comes to custom cycling jerseys, there are a few online suppliers that set themselves ahead of the pack. As the top three sources for custom cycling jerseys online, the following companies provide a wealth of options combined with professional custom design services bring your creative concept to life.

Retro2Ride.comcustom cycling jerseys

Retro Two (Retro Image Apparel Two LLC) is an innovative apparel company headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri that is founded on a creative idea that jerseys for cycling can be both fun and functional. The Retro Two custom cycling jerseys are professionally designed to include bold pop culture icons, lovely graphic illustrations, and materials of the highest quality.

The company continues to innovate by combining the iconic imagery and the signature graphics to deliver jerseys that are truly functional, durable and of the highest quality and construction, which makes you feel part of the art of riding whenever riding. And yet, the company offers a number of unique options that still fall under the category of casual cycling apparel

Retro Two offers an extensive portfolio of custom cycling jerseys made using premium quality wicking moisture material to ensure that your ride is as comfortable and fun as possible. The synthetic fabric moisture wicking properties helps to keep your body dry by absorbing and expelling the body moisture outwards. The jerseys also offer UV protection and are stain resistance. Nevertheless, you must have a minimum of 25 jerseys of the same gender and design to submit a custom order at Retro Two.

Voler.com casual cycling jerseys

Founded in 1986, Voler began as a small operation making helmet covers and windsurf bags, but it quickly grew into creating high-end custom cycling jerseys for events, teams, and other cycling brands. In addition to providing premium quality cycling apparels, the company also boosts its superior customer service that is second to none to ensure smoothest ride possible. The Voler jerseys are made in California, USA and in accordance with sustainable practices that help conserve and protect the environment.

The wonderful portfolio of jerseys offered by Voler makes riding fun and entertaining irrespective of the elements that you have to brave. The custom cycling jerseys from Voler are built to help you enjoy a comfortable ride whether during a sunny or a chilly day. The jerseys also feature lovely graphics that will help you appear unique and professional while at the same time offering exceptional performance.


Jakroo is an apparel leader that gives you full control over your looks. Using the company’s interactive 3D design space, you will be able to create a unique cycling jersey with endless possibilities. Ordering from Jakroo is fast and easy using a private online storefront where you can place orders, reorders, download account history and track shipments. In addition to a fast and easy ordering, the company further offers free professional design to help ensure that your ideas come to life. The custom jerseys from Jakroo lets you stand out amongst the competition by featuring high quality materials and lovely graphics.

The jerseys are also designed to offer maximum performance. Jakroo uses a blend of high quality Swiss and Italian fabrics to design innovative jerseys that give you the best fitting comfort and long term durability. Jakroo jerseys strictly adhere to the OEKO-TEX Standard 100, which ensures that jerseys are harmless to your body. The company also offers several technical style and fabric options that include standard, pro, thermal and junior. Some of the fabric technologies that you can choose from when ordering a custom Jersey from Jakroo include Air-Surf, Agravic, St-Power and Skinness Tutorial Thermox.

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The Importance of SEO-Friendly Web Design in Today’s Digital Marketing Age

Establishing a brand through a solid web design and a creative balance of digital marketing channels requires a solid SEO strategy. Most businesses have become familiar with various forms of digital marketing but the true potential of most companies is yet to be achieved.

SEO friendly web design

Re-shape How Your Company Views the Web Design Phase

Web design is not all about making a visually appealing page. Before you can start working on customer retention and attracting them to the product/service your web design offers, it is essential to have a website that can be easily found through the search engines.

Most consumers will do an online search to determine which brand is ideal for them. This presents an opportunity for your business to become a trusted source of quality product and services through good SEO practices.

Key Elements of SEO-friendly Web Design

If you are considering creating a new website or having the old one redesigned, consider the aspects applied to create a web design that is friendly to the search engines.

Site Accessibility for Crawling and Indexing

A well-designed website is more accessible to search engines because they can crawl it efficiently, presenting great results. Crawling discovers pages that are new or updated and subjects them to the indexing process to make it easier for the relevant consumers to find it.

Site accessibility might depend on the CMS (content management system) platform your web design has been integrated on. For instance, WordPress is quite SEO-friendly, however there are better CMS platforms. Check out Exponent, which is a lesser known yet highly powerful SEO-friendly CMS that was developed by a highly proficient team of Peoria web design specialists in Illinois.

Basically, indexing involves compiling the relevant data on the site with relation to the words used, tags, attributes and even location. When a user searches for a particular item in the web, the index is consulted in order to present the results that best match the consumer’s needs. The rank created is determined by the importance of the page based on an established criterion. Good web design will ensure that the pages can be accessed and they are relevant to the business niche in order to rank well in the results.

Importance of Linking

The number of links to a page determines how popular a website is and it considered as the measure of the relevance and importance of content. When there are more links available on other websites directing users towards your website, the rank in the final results for pertinent keywords will be better. However, this is not an easily manipulated aspect because the machines and algorithms used have been enhanced so that it is easier to identify spam links and other illicit practices that will have a negative impact on the results.

Good results can be achieved through SEO-friendly web design that enhances internal linking for the users. It is a fundamental principle that will help the page visitors interact with the website and share it within their network.

Web Design Conversion Elements Search engine optimization SEO

The web design applied should be optimized for increasing the conversion rate for visitors. There are different areas that can be modified in order to achieve the best outcome. Navigation and accessibility helps users have a more fulfilling experience leading to a higher probability of becoming customers. A call-to-action can also be tailored to suit the genre of the site and various techniques can direct the user to create a better experience.

It is also imperative to create other optimization features that have appeal to a visitor. Page copy, when utilized properly can have tremendous impact on the conversion rate and visual elements such as videos and images have unique attraction. Evaluate the company strategy for digital marketing and web design in order to make certain that you are obtaining the best possible results.

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