7 Leading Manufacturers of Mailing System Products for Businesses

From sending out invoices, coupons and fliers to shipping out products and packages, small businesses have numerous mailing needs. Instead of running to the post office every time outbound mail needs to be sent, small businesses can establish their own mailing system with the right postage meters and mailroom technology.

mailing system solution Folding machines and postage meters are amongst the most popular pieces of mailing system equipment that many businesses rely upon. These products are of great assistance as they help in saving both money and time for business’ mailing needs.

In this article, we feature seven leading manufacturers of mailing system solutions for businesses. These are solutions provided by seven distinct names in the industry for postage meters, folding machines, and related mailing systems.

1. Pitney Bowes Folding Machines & Postage Meters

Pitney Bowes offers various letter folding machines and postage meters for small businesses. They have postage machines that have high-speed printers that allow small businesses to send mails through priority mails and postcards.

Pitney Bowes offers the DM125 postage meters that is designed for businesses; it sends 100-1,000 pieces of mails every month and prints a maximum of 35 letters per minute. The DM 225 supports large quantities of mails and prints a maximum of 45 letters per minute. They also have several folding machines that include the office-Right DF900 that folds a maximum of 20,000 pieces of papers per hour.

2. Neopost Letter Folding Machines & Postage Meters

Neopost has both letter folding and mailing systems that are designed for small businesses. The postage meters can process 20-45 letters per minute. The company offers machines that have been specifically designed to fold letters. Neopost mailing system products also offers devices that handle both folding letters and inserts. Their small business options can hold from 1,350-2,400 letters per hour.

mailing machine postage meter

Neopost mailing machine products are often best integrated with Neoship mail management software. This software provides the intelligence to execute the equipment to its fullest potential.

3. Hasler Letter Folding Machines & Postage Meters

Hasler has several letter folding machines and mailing postage meter machines. The company offers 4 distinct postage meters to be specifically used in small businesses. Hasler has small-business postage meters that have the ability to process 18 to 45 letters in every minute. The company has various letter holding machines that can handle several letters and fold them

4. Secap Letter Folding Machines and Postage Meters

Secap offers both letter folding machines and postage meters that work great for small businesses. The postage meters from Secap are capable of holding 30-65 letters in every minute. Their smallest letter folding Machines fold from 900-3500 letters per hour.

5. Formax Folding Machines

Formax offers several letter folding machines that favor small businesses. The FD hopper can hold 200 sheets and can fold28 by 35.5 cm papers at the speed of 7400 sheets per hour. The FD 320 can hold a maximum of 11000 papers per hour

mailing folding machines

6. Data-Pac Mailing Systems

Data–Pac DP-link products are postage meters that are specifically designed for small businesses. The complete postage meter system include software and printers that connect to a PC. They create mailing systems that turn computers to full-featured mailing centers with all U.S postal service options and rates. Link 10 desktop mailing systems allow businesses to process flats, parcels and letters

7. Martin Yale Industries Folding Machines

Martin Yale offers a wide range of folding machines that perfectly suit mail-rooms, churches, schools and small businesses. The folders at this company range from 47* 28 desktop units to 30.5* 46 formats with table feed capacities of up to a Maximum of 500 sheets. The folding machines here can process between 2,200 tom 20,000 sheets of papers per hour

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