5 Stunning Patio Pavers from Belgard: An Inside Look at Your Next Outdoor Living Space

Belgard has an extensive and rich collection of high-quality pavers for walkways, driveways, pool decks and patios. They can either be traditional cobble pavers, brick pavers, concrete overlay pavers or contemporary modular pavers. Belgard pavers and hardscapes are highly customizable, with options flexible in terms of color, texture, and pattern.

Patio Pavers Ideas

Belgard also offers excellent auxiliary services such as professional installation and advice on the best options to suit your needs. The pavers come with a lifetime guarantee which gives owners added peace of mind. Among some of our favorite pavers for backyard patios and outdoor living spaces are detailed below.

Catalina Grana Paver

This is a contemporary modular paver that has a top-notch design and a great shelf life. It has a sharp, definitive cut which gives it a solid comforting look. A smooth texture and an overall orderliness give it a functional aesthetic that is good for both personal and commercial properties. It is highly durable and performs very well in high-traffic areas. Easily installed, it is very flexible and comes with multiple customization patterns.

Catalina Grana Paver

Color schemes include Aspen but can be changed to maximize aesthetics and help the paver better complement outdoor spaces. The Catalina Grana paver is very easy on the eyes. Perfectly ideal for a business casual look that adds to the homeliness of your outdoor living space while maintaining a high standard!

Belgian Cobble Paver

This is a stone textured multi-piece paver system that gives an earthy cobbled look. The Belgian Cobble paver comes in 7 unique shapes and random patterns. The random pattern means that when installed, this paver will be one of a kind. Although the texture is set, color options include Driftwood and can be customized to fit your preferences.

Belgian Cobble Paver

The Belgian Cobble paver is designed to look like natural stone but this effect can be changed with vibrant coloring. The paver can also be adapted into a permeable system depending on the base. This gives it added utility and can be useful in areas prone to water logging. The Belgian Cobble paver gives an outdoor living space a comfortable rustic look that will survive for ages!

Holland Stone

This is a classic paver that has a clean regular shape and a basic form. Its simplicity is a big part of its appeal making it highly popular for personal and commercial properties. It is incredibly durable and strong. It can handle low to high traffic volumes and can withstand vehicle traffic. It is highly adaptable and has various applications. It comes in two sizes that vary slightly in height.

Holland Stone Paver

Holland Stone comes in a wide range of color blends such as charcoal, natural, great lakes, saratoga or red makes this paver highly customizable. Patterns include straight or angled Running Bonds, standard or modified Basket Weave, Stackbond and 90 degree Herringbone. With so many options, this pavercan be effectively used to complement any outdoor living space. The Holland Stone paver is very handy and guarantees to serve and please!

Lafitt Rustic Slab

This Belgard paver is stone textured and very durable. It is modeled to look like cut slate. Once set, it lasts for an incredibly long time and has incredible strength. Design options are expanded by the available options of three shapes; small, medium and large. This means the paver can be suited perfectly to your needs.

Lafitt Rustic Slab Paver

Lafitt Rustic Slab’s color schemes include Hill Country, Brittany Beige, and Danville Beige. This makes this paver more dynamic and colors can be chosen to best compliment your next outdoor living area. The Lafitt Rustic Slab is a timeless paver. With a proven track record of durability and customer satisfaction!

Old Wold Paver

This is a classic paver that boasts a natural stone cleft effect. It has the look and feel of weathered cut stone. The design is based on the cobbled streets predominantly found in Europe. It is very strong and highly durable which makes it perfect for high traffic areas and driveways.

Old Wold Paver

With Belgard’s Old Wold Paver, potential color patterns include Sable Blend, Silex Blend, and Bella. The pavers vary in length and can be laid Running Bond pattern with a 25% variation. The Old World Paver gives a comfortable quality finish to outdoor living spaces. It has an impressive lifespan and can be a great addition to both private and commercial outdoor spaces!

All these pavers from Belgard can be used to spruce up an outdoor living area, customize a compound or add value to properties. They are incredibly dynamic, long-lasting and offer great value for money. Additional services from Belgard such as online designing and professional references make the process of getting these pavers a delight!

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Top 3 Most Creative Christmas Gifts for Golfers

Golf is an interesting sport that is enjoyed by a large number of individuals worldwide. In more cases often than not, golf Christmas gifts are suitable for at least one individual in someone’s life. Because the sport is so popular and widespread, there’s an abundance of Christmas gifts for golfers on the market. The only challenge is finding the right one.

To help shed light on some of the most creative and inspiring Christmas gifts for golfers, below we feature three items that will hit home with the golfer in your life.personalized divot tool

1. Mark Mender Divot Tool

Conventional or plastic divot repair tools pull up along the sides of the ball mark resulting in more damage to the green and more or less compromising the future put of other golfers. The Mark Mender, on the other hand, is golf divot repair tool that’s equipped with a spring-loaded squeeze mechanism that enables golfers to repair their divots with ease and satisfaction.

Applying a simple poke and pinch technique, the Mark Mender adds to the experience of a great approach shot while maintaining the quality of the green. In addition to being a divot tool for golf ball marks, also serves as a cigar holder further adding to its appeal. This greatly reduces the hustle of having a cigar holder attached to your cart separately from your divot tool. Enjoy your cigar as you embrace the green. It is available fully customized at 12-unit minimum order.

2. The Carry-On

The polycarbonate outer shell is TSA (Transport Safety Authority) compliant, but what makes The Carry-On more than an ordinary piece of luggage are the two built-in USB ports that connect to a battery and allow you to charge up while waiting for your next flight (it can charge your phone up to four times).

Meanwhile an internal compression packing system that allows over-packers to maximize space minus the need to check their bags at the airport. The Carry-On is particularly useful when you are down golfing a whole weekend and you need to limit your luggage.

3. Personalized Wood Golf Ball Marker

golf ball marker toolYou can have three initials engraved on this little accessory that can clip onto any golf bag and hold golf essentials like a scorecard, tees and some cash for the beer cart. Keep your golf game organized with the personalized ball marker available via fast delivery, free laser engraving available and is of high quality.

The wood golf ball marker is a small, flat object used to mark the position of a golf ball when the ball is lifted on the putting green. It is somewhat the size of a coin and is placed directly behind the ball before it is lifted. The ball is then swapped right in front of the marker on its initial position. This particular gift is handmade and can be customized with one to three initials at the vendors’ and orders placed are collectable in 3 days’ tops. See options at Etsy.com.

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Sport Sunscreen vs. Regular Sunscreen: Progression in Product Design

The best sunscreen is the one that offers sufficient and sustainable protection for your skin. Research supports the benefits of using sunscreen to minimize skin damage and skin cancer caused by the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays.sport sunscreen regular sunscreen

However the question of whether to invest in sports sunscreen vs. regular sunscreen riddles many people. There are many excellent cosmetic sunscreens out there, in addition to sport sunscreens. However, many consumers are not able to differentiate the contrast and similarities between regular sunscreen and sports sunscreen.

Despite both having similar features for sun protection, there still lies a large undisputed difference between the two. Due to advancements in technological world of product design, skincare companies and therapist have formulated sport sunscreens that might make them worth checking out. There are many difference between a sport sunscreen and regular sunscreen, and these include:

Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

Harmful UV light is of two types: UVA and UVB. UVA causes a premature aging by initiating wrinkles and old age sport while UVB causes a severe burn on your skin leaving it wrecked or completely destroyed. A broad spectrum sunscreen serves an ultimate protection from both rays, it is therefore important to buy a sunscreen that guarantees you protection from all the UV light. It’s thus important to choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect you from cancer which is eventually caused by continuous exposure to both rays.

Unlike the sports sunscreen, not all the available varieties of regular sunscreens offer a strong defense from both UVA and UVB rays. Sports sunscreen offers a strong protection from both ray natures. To avoid doubts on the regular variety sunscreen, skin therapist highly advise usage of a Broad spectrum sunscreen for absolute protection. One of the best sports sunscreen brands for this is SolRx. You find their sport sunscreen products by visiting SolRx.com.

Sufficient SPF Protection

SPF stands for sun protection factor, it is normally based on the time it has taken for your skin to be affected by the sun light compared to the one which has been sun screened before. Generally SPF is a measure on how well the sunscreen is protecting your skin. Sunscreen protection is varied depending on the SPF value.

On contrast a higher SPF rating is less effective compared to a low one a sports sunscreen has a low SPF value of 15 compared to the regular sunscreen which is double. It is however the best variety to choose in case you needs ultimate protection. However, Rather than looking at large on the sunscreen’s SPF, choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

Why Sports Sunscreen

Sport sunscreen is ideal for swimmers, runners, skiers and practically anyone is outdoors for long periods of time. Sports sunscreens are usually tested on water resistivity (unlike regular sunscreen,) and they are often designed with a strong SPF factor which is often higher compared to the regular sunscreen.Sport Sunscreen

Some sports sunscreens (like SolRx) are eco-friendly and reef safe. It is claimed that some regular sunscreens damage the environment and the ocean’s coral reef. Be aware, conscious and caring on the environmental impact of your sunblock.

It’s appropriate to athletes who get sweaty during a prolonged sun exposure, sports sunscreen is more sweat resistant compared to regular sunscreen.

Regular sunscreens too are however resilience and adaptively viable to different users. However to people who participate in athletics, sports sunscreen offers you a more advanced and a large broad spectrum protection effects and capabilities for your skin. For more information on sport sunscreen vs regular sunscreen, check out this article by SolRx. It gives great insight on the benefits of choosing a sport sunscreen over traditional products.

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The Technology Behind Robotic Spine Surgery Procedures

spine surgery robotic minimally-invasiveSpine surgery could be one of the most significant decisions an individual makes in regards to their body and overall health. Many people who are struggling with debilitating back pain and restricted range of motion often need more than non-surgical intervention. In such instances, robotic spine surgery may be the answer.

Robotic Spinal Surgery: The Most Preferred Among Less Invasive Methods

To speed up your recovery time from spine surgery, in addition to to decrease risks, you and your orthopedic spine surgeon may want to use the least invasive methods possible given your condition. Keep in mind that not everybody will benefit from techniques like robotic spinal surgery. If there is an alternative that is less aggressive, it must be something you ponder.

robotic spine surgery

Mazor Robotic’s Renaissance Guidance System

Simultaneously, however, you furthermore need a process that is going to be functional with you unique condition. If it might not work or it might not last enduringly, it is probably not the best choice for your needs. A professional orthopedic specialized in robotic spinal surgery can guide you in making this decision.

Mazor Robotic’s Renaissance Guidance System is one of the single robotic direction products in the United States used for implanting strategies throughout spine surgery. The Renaissance Guidance System allows the surgeon to use the imageries from a computerized tomography scan that is taken beforehand surgery to make a blueprint for each medical care. The CT scan info is loaded into a computerized 3D preparation system which permits to the doctor to plan the clinical process with a high degree of accuracy before ever ingoing the working room.

Robotic Spinal Surgery at a Glance

In the operating room, the surgeon does all of the physical efforts of the surgery. The robot-guidance system is a tool that aids to guide the surgeon’s instruments, founded on the extremely accurate pre-operative development of spinal implant placement. spine surgery robotic technology

Throughout the procedure of robot-guided spinal surgery, the robot is located near the patient either by assigning it to the bed or else straight anchoring it to the spine of the patient. The robot is roughly the dimension of a 12 oz. beverage can with a small arm attached.

The robot has the capability to bend and interchange so as to place its arm on the spine in a precise specific location and route. This ultra-precise leadership could improve the surgeon’s capability to securely place implants, mainly while working over very small incision (slightly invasive surgery) otherwise while dealing with compound anatomy.

Robotic spine surgery technology permits the surgeon to achieve a smaller incision in a very meticulous manner while minimizing the requisite for emission throughout the surgical process. Robot-guidance helps to maintain the precision of the surgeon’s work throughout the surgery to optimize accuracy. As a result, the technique can reduce tissue trauma, resulting in smaller scars, less bleeding, less pain, and faster recovery

Minimally-invasive robot spinal surgery uses a revolutionary new technology that has numerous advantages and might allow doctors to perform less invasive surgical processes with smaller incision, faster recovery, less bleeding, and shorter clinic stays. Robot-guidance furthermore can drastically improve the accuracy and security of surgical processes and permit these processes to be achieved with less intra-operative emission exposure to patients in addition to health care providers.

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Eastside Wellness: Solutions That Reach Beyond Chiropractic Care

Eastside Wellness Chiropractic is one of the most unique and specialized chiropractic centers based in Creve Coeur, IL (located just outside of Peoria.) Needless to say, Eastside Wellness Chiropractic is not only advanced but unique from other centers for chiropractic care in Peoria, IL. The chiropractors of this health and wellness center work hand in hand the patients in a professional and friendly manner with the ultimate aim of achieving a full-functioning health for enhancing mobility, reducing or eliminating pain as well work towards the implementation of enhanced dietary options. Peoria chiropractic care eastside wellness

Moreover, all chiropractors from Eastside Wellness Chiropractic adopt an all-inclusive technique of examining patients. They analytically assess the genesis of pain in their patient’s bodies and come up with a fully fledged treatment plan that is aimed at yielding a long-term relief to the patient. Further, the clinic staff at this chiropractic center not only assess the pain source but they also put more focus and attention on monitoring the patient`s motion patterns.

It is through proper examination of the primary motor functions as well as conducting mobility tests that the staff can pinpoint points of weakness, tight spots, and any adhesions that need immediate attention. Hence, here are some treatments and approaches to care that make Eastside Wellness Chiropractic unique.

Active Release Technique

Active Release Technique, commonly referred to as ART, is used in treating a vast spectrum of functional issues as well as physical blockages all over the body of the patient. This chiropractic center has elected this technique that one of the appropriate ways to relieve tight muscles as well as enhance the movement using natural means.

ART provides an improved supplement to other types of chiropractic adjustments. Moreover, ART is utilized in treating many other issues associated with ligaments, muscles, tendons, fascia, and nerves. When the patient`s body lays down scar tissues, the body muscles are bound to be shorter and weakened causing a strain on the tendons. Hence, ART is the technique used to identify and release any scarred tissues and normalize movement.

Functional Movement Screening (FMS)

Functional Movement Screening (FMS) is a ranking and ordering system designed to record motion patterns about normal function. By the proper screening of motion patterns, FMS can identify all the functional features and asymmetries. Functional Movement Screening

Moreover, FMS is aimed at providing a score regarding the patient’s movement that is crucial in examining and evaluating issues and tracking patient’s improvement. The score acquired will guide the professionals on the corrective workout programs that every patient should consider. Thus, FMS has played a key role in aiding the team of experts in this chiropractic center in creating an efficient and reliable exercise program aimed at yielding an improved and balanced mobility.

Cox Flexion Distraction

Cox Flexion Distraction is a significantly useful type of chiropractic care designed to aid all patients to get idea mobility a long-term pain relief. Eastside Wellness has elected to use this potent technique in treating a wide spectrum of spinal problems and other types of functional blockages.

Further, it is a unique method that is considered a secure spinal surgery alternative throughout the world today. It is a chiropractic practice used in treating intervertebral disc problems by use of traction mobilization.

If you intend to seek the unique and advanced services of this chiropractic center, you can contact the team at Eastside Wellness via the address and contact information below:

Eastside Wellness Chiropractic
351 Rusche St,
Creve Coeur, IL 61610
Phone: 309.694.3565

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3 Lifestyle Strategies For Optimal Spinal Health

Needless to say, the choices that you make each and every day have a remarkable impact on your wellness and health. In the long run, you are responsible for the improvement of your well-being. Hence, it is your obligation to make sure that you are doing anything possible to ensure that you live a healthy lifestyle.training better triathlete

Most spinal health issues can be prevented by opting for a conscious lifestyle that’s focused on proper movement and maintaining neutral spine. Furthermore, a majority of patients suffering from back pain have not experienced any accident, trauma, or any major injuries before the onset of their spinal issues.

In most cases, the leading causes of spinal issues are the cumulative effect of poor work routines, inappropriate sitting posture, lack of proper workouts, incorrect lifting, and other factors related to your lifestyle. These factors cause imbalance and stress on your spine which eventually result to back pain. Therefore, this write-up is aimed at giving top three lifestyle strategies for optimal spinal health.

Practice Proper Biomachanics & Movement


Better Triathlete

Image credit: Better Triathlete

Image credit: Better Triathlete

The pelvis is the basis of your spine. As a result, a decrease in the mobility in your ankles, hips, hamstrings, and your thoracic spine can result to overcompensation at the lumbar spine leading to an excessive tilt of your pelvis. Therefore, whether you are exercising or simply cleaning your house, it is crucial to assume proper movements so as to maintain a healthy spine.
Furthermore, most spine injuries occur due to bad biomechanics. During training, you could experience ligament sprains or muscle strains due to improper technique or loading. In most cases, a common mistake is a lumbar flexion experienced during such movements as deadlifts, rows, and sit-ups. Nonetheless, the neutral position is the safest position for your lumbar spine. Therefore, you can maintain a neutral spine position by assuming a natural but not overstated S-curve during your workouts.

Cultivate a Movement or Exercise Program

online triathlon coaching

In most cases, many back pain patients are hesitant to workouts for the fear that the stretching or exercises will worsen the current back pain. The reluctance to engage in workouts leads you to rely on medical treatments while underestimating the importance of workouts for therapeutic and long-term relief for back pain.

For a majority of back pain problems, exercises and movement are the core factors that ensure that you maintain an optimal spinal health. Further, engaging in yoga, stretching, and other types of movements are equally vital. Hence, a gradual, skillful, and regular exercise program will provide an ultimate solution and strategy for optimal spinal health.

Seek Professional Spinal Care

Seeking professional opinion is vital, especially on matters dealing with your spinal health. Seeking counsel from a spine specialists (i.e. orthopedic/spine surgeon, chiropractor, active release technique practitioner, or physical therapist,) can provide the information you need to tackle any spine issues. chiropractor

Seeking professional spinal care from a chiropractic spine doctor or physical therapist will help you to fix out of place vertebrae and do way with any pressure put on your nerve endings. Hence, they will assist in boosting the function and flexibility of your spine. Furthermore, a spine specialist or orthopedic surgeon will give you numerous therapeutic insight, including options like physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic, minimally-invasive spinal fusion surgery, nutritional programs, and spinal decompression. All in all, by seeking expert spinal care, be sure to attain optimal spinal health.

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Top 3 Sources for Custom Cycling Jerseys Online

When it comes to custom cycling jerseys, there are a few online suppliers that set themselves ahead of the pack. As the top three sources for custom cycling jerseys online, the following companies provide a wealth of options combined with professional custom design services bring your creative concept to life.

Retro2Ride.comcustom cycling jerseys

Retro Two (Retro Image Apparel Two LLC) is an innovative apparel company headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri that is founded on a creative idea that jerseys for cycling can be both fun and functional. The Retro Two custom cycling jerseys are professionally designed to include bold pop culture icons, lovely graphic illustrations, and materials of the highest quality.

The company continues to innovate by combining the iconic imagery and the signature graphics to deliver jerseys that are truly functional, durable and of the highest quality and construction, which makes you feel part of the art of riding whenever riding. And yet, the company offers a number of unique options that still fall under the category of casual cycling apparel

Retro Two offers an extensive portfolio of custom cycling jerseys made using premium quality wicking moisture material to ensure that your ride is as comfortable and fun as possible. The synthetic fabric moisture wicking properties helps to keep your body dry by absorbing and expelling the body moisture outwards. The jerseys also offer UV protection and are stain resistance. Nevertheless, you must have a minimum of 25 jerseys of the same gender and design to submit a custom order at Retro Two.

Voler.com casual cycling jerseys

Founded in 1986, Voler began as a small operation making helmet covers and windsurf bags, but it quickly grew into creating high-end custom cycling jerseys for events, teams, and other cycling brands. In addition to providing premium quality cycling apparels, the company also boosts its superior customer service that is second to none to ensure smoothest ride possible. The Voler jerseys are made in California, USA and in accordance with sustainable practices that help conserve and protect the environment.

The wonderful portfolio of jerseys offered by Voler makes riding fun and entertaining irrespective of the elements that you have to brave. The custom cycling jerseys from Voler are built to help you enjoy a comfortable ride whether during a sunny or a chilly day. The jerseys also feature lovely graphics that will help you appear unique and professional while at the same time offering exceptional performance.


Jakroo is an apparel leader that gives you full control over your looks. Using the company’s interactive 3D design space, you will be able to create a unique cycling jersey with endless possibilities. Ordering from Jakroo is fast and easy using a private online storefront where you can place orders, reorders, download account history and track shipments. In addition to a fast and easy ordering, the company further offers free professional design to help ensure that your ideas come to life. The custom jerseys from Jakroo lets you stand out amongst the competition by featuring high quality materials and lovely graphics.

The jerseys are also designed to offer maximum performance. Jakroo uses a blend of high quality Swiss and Italian fabrics to design innovative jerseys that give you the best fitting comfort and long term durability. Jakroo jerseys strictly adhere to the OEKO-TEX Standard 100, which ensures that jerseys are harmless to your body. The company also offers several technical style and fabric options that include standard, pro, thermal and junior. Some of the fabric technologies that you can choose from when ordering a custom Jersey from Jakroo include Air-Surf, Agravic, St-Power and Skinness Tutorial Thermox.

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3 Truck Scales from Walz Scale Designed to Withstand the Elements

Truck load weighing has never been an easy task, especially in the absence of the right weighing equipment. Walz Scale is the industry-leading source of top quality truck scales for various applications such as farming, construction, and mining and much more.Walz Scale Truck Scales

In fact, Walz Scale is arguably the number one source of truck scales designed to endure extreme weather and harsh conditions. The company offers a vast selection of professionally-designed truck scales to provide efficiency in all applications.

Each of the truck scales from Walz Scale has been customized to suit specific applications in farming, mining, and construction. The following are the three major Walz Scale truck scales designed to withstand harsh weather and elements for years of reliable performance.

1. Portable Truck Scales

portable truck scales Portable truck scales are designed to provide incredible performance in various sectors. They come in various designs and with a number of features. Portable truck scales from Walz Scale are durable, lightweight and software-integrated. They can be carried anywhere hence ideal for weighing off-road and over-the-road trucks. Portable truck scales are good for use in farming and agricultural weighing, as well as demolition, construction, logging, gravel and sand among other critical operations.

The steel portable truck scales are rust-resistant hence, can be used in any weather. They come in modules that are factory assembled hence very easy to install and move. Portable scales to weigh truck loads are made of durable stainless steel and finished with epoxy paint to provide superior performance. This means they provide unsurpassed dependability when being used.

2. On-Board Truck Scales on-board truck scale components

On-Board truck scales from Walz Scale provide the most efficient way to reduce redundancy in truck weighing. They are not only simplistic but are also affordable and flexible to use. They work pretty well with vehicles loaded to capacity. On-Board truck scales come with a digital indicator that displays the weight of the truck all the way.

On-board truck scales from Walz Scale are also visual to warn truckers against payloads. They are wired via the truck’s ignition to make it remain active all through. This means the one does not have to press any button when operating. These scales come with many load sensors that bolt the chassis of the truck and the body. The sensors are available in various sizes depending on the body sizes of trucks. They have been optimized to provide seamless weighing performance.

3. Weighbridge Truck Scales

truck scale weighbridgesWeighbridges are other hard-to-beat truck scale models provided by Walz Scale. Weighbridge truck scales are ideal for use in various applications ranging from agricultural productions to logistics and shipping companies. They have been customized to offer reliable efficiency and power leverage. Some of the features of weighbridge truck scales from Walz Scale include heavy duty design, full and axle platform designs and MSHA approval. They are available in different sizes and capacities to suit any weighing operation.

Weighbridge truck scales are easier and faster to use. It makes it easy to evade overload fees and other related costs due to wrong measurements. They are available in open-pit and above the ground design. The open bottom design makes these scales reduce moisture build-up hence preventing corrosion and failure.

Moreover, they also come with a self-checking mounting mechanism that aids in eliminating excessive movement of the scale. This ability makes these scales provide superior weighing performance and also extends the life and sustainability of the scales.

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5 Reasons Why UniFac Leads The Logistics & Warehousing Industry

It goes without any shred of doubt that technology can shape the entire world. It is virtually the nerve center of today’s business operations, and how one uses it determines the end results.united facilities logistics warehousing

The definition of “systems” at United Facilities, Inc. (UniFac) is not solely based on technology. The systems behind the logistics and warehousing leader encompass skillful professionals utilizing state-of-the-art software alongside superior hardware to meet and even exceed their client’s requirements and expectations.

United Facilities ostensibly boasts exceptional third-party logistics and warehousing solutions that are essential in operating a world class facility. The 3PL company affords the California landscape with an extensive range of logistics/warehousing services with incredible level of excellence, simplicity and precision (in addition to hosting distribution centers in three other states throughout the U.S.)

There are a number of reasons why UniFac leads the logistics and warehousing industry throughout the U.S. The company offers all-inclusive warehousing, logistics and distribution competencies that have been perfected through several years of elaborate research and dedication to service.

It is one of the leading 3PL companies in the U.S. (and the world at large), helping to develop solutions that cater for each and every aspect of a product lifecycle. UniFac treats the supply chain as one continuous whole that leverages on expertise and experience. This, in turn, aids to increase efficiency while minimizing costs to ameliorate the entire operations of every client’s supply chain.

Supply Chain Innovation & Growth

The current generation of UniFac is expressly driven by expansion and innovation. The 3PL company emphasizes on technology, constant improvements and community involvement—factors that are essentially the most important ingredients to evolve and reach greater limits in the global supply chain arena.

UniFac has recently introduced contemporary tracking and inventory programs to its extensive list of commendable features. This has seen it rise to new heights in terms of boosting productivity and reducing costs, ultimately leading to its current worldwide popularity.

Streamlined Packaging & Distribution

packaging warehousing californiaUnited Facilities has similarly expanded its packaging department to become a whole new field of expertise for the organization. Consequently, the firm now concentrates the energy in streamlining their client’s packaging processes. This, coupled with their cutting edge technologies, allows them company to increase productivity, save money and drive incremental sales growth.

In fact, there is a new generation of Altorfers that is remarkably active in managing the firm. It has expanded to cover more than 5 million square feet through its constantly expanding variety of services. This has really enabled them to convey their exceptional operations in over eleven cities. Warehousing services are at the center-stage of the company’s supply chain management solutions.

Strategically Positioned Warehouse Centers

The company boasts a string of strategically positioned warehouses and logistics solutions, making them one of the lead (and reputable) providers of warehousing services in the entire U.S. With active distribution warehouses in California, Illinois, Florida, and Colorado, UniFac offers a dependable network for freight forwarding.

In addition, virtually all their warehouses encompass state-of-the-art material handling equipment to execute a creditable job. They also have hoards of warehousing technologies—including hydraulic docking systems, electric stackers and forklifts—all managed and controlled by skillful professionals who understand their job.

World Class Warehousing Management System

supply chain management warehouseUniFac boasts a world class warehousing management system (WMS) that is simple to customize. Clients can customize the company’s WMS to suit their unique needs and prerequisites, allowing them to have utmost flexibility when it comes to warehouse locations. United Facilities offers a number of warehousing solution to the clients. These include (but not limited to) the following:

  • SOP standardization
  • Temperature control
  • FDA approval
  • Special labeling
  • Performance management
  • Inventory management and more

Advanced IT Supported Network & Communications

By using their unique location, the company helps its clients to make the ultimate best out of the up-to-date information and communication technologies and distribution services. The customers can easily synchronize their specific supply chains to improve processes and reduce waste occasioned by various business operations.

United Facilities has outright efficiency, speed and reliability when it comes to third party logistics and supply chain management. UniFac is a household name when it comes to warehousing and distribution service providers in the U.S. Hiring the UniFac simply means that you are guaranteed to receive deliveries within the required time frame. This will enhance your competitive edge in business, giving you a (rare) opportunity to carry out several business operations effectively and professionally.

In a nutshell—UniFac’s stringent adherence and commitment to excellence along with strong background knowledge of distribution operations can help you make the right choices in business. This is (probably) the only logistics/warehousing company that boasts the right skill and aptitude required to execute quality and efficient logistics operations.

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Advanced Truck Load Scanner Technology Offers Multi-Industry Solutions

The new load scanner technology from Walz can certainly be a great addition to a number of operations and companies that need to calculate the volume and weight of large equipment or truck loads. Whether for farming or mining, Walz Scale offers an accurate and dependable truck load scanner system that successfully caters to these kinds of industries, and many more. Truck Load Scanner Unit

The load scanner system designed by Walz Scale delivers optimal accuracy necessary for payload management and determining the precise volumetric measurements of truck beds and other load bearing equipment. While it still might be a mystery for some as to how this load volume scanning technology is becoming the new truck scale, the way the system works is actually quite simple. Below we delve further in detail about the truck load scanner from Walz, what it’s composed of, its functionality, and its overall features.

Walz Load Scanner Components

The load scanner comes fully configured from the company and consists of many components. They are Walz Load Scanner Head, instructions guide and Payload Pro Operating System. In essence, this system is very easy to set-up and use. As compared to alternative systems such as weight equipment and expensive truck scales, a load scanner by Walz Scale offers you an affordable solution for managing load data.

Load Scanner System Components

What’s So Great About This Load Scanning Technology?

This Load Scanner uses latest laser technology to deliver results. It uses laser light in order to accurately determine the exact load carried in open top trucks. This technology works irrespective of whether the trucks is in motion or is traveling dynamically. View the load scanner in action by checking out the video below.

Volumetric Load Calculations

With the volumetric load calculations using this latest Walz Scale, now it is possible to take notes of products that are loaded onto the truck. This unique feature has been incorporated keeping in the mind the needs of various industries dealing with loads such as transportation, mining, or construction industries.

Fully Automated Operation and Monitoring

This particular feature is very helpful and it helps businesses to monitor their trucks while they’re being loaded in the warehouse right to the stage of transportation and delivery. This system can also keep a record of empty trucks.

The system scans the load and can also calculate the exact weight of the load. This load weight is then compared with other trucks in the system. When trucks are on road, this record is kept and maintained till the time trucks reach their destination and are emptied.

Compatibility Features

The benefits of Walz Scale load scanner increases due to its inherent ability to work with other devices and components. It can work in association with mounting hardware, computers, reporting software and 3D scanners. To make the process of documentation and reporting easier, the scanner is shipped by the company with all these components. For more information about compatibility features, see the load scanner details at WalzScale.com.

Data Reporting In Real-Time

Real-time data reporting is an important feature that ensures that truck load is according to the requirement and is now acceptable for delivery. This volumetric load scanning system also reports in real time that trucks have arrived at their destination and are now being emptied.Data from load scanner technology

Precise Load Scanning Calculations Possible

In operations where load’s cubic volume is required, the direct measurement reported by the Walz Scale delivers a reliable and accurate measurement which you can use. Unlike other payload management and valuation systems, this system eliminates uncertainties and variable in load variation, compaction and moisture content. In short, this system offers you an accurate volume calculation and eliminates all old school methodologies such as guessing and counting truck loads.

System Scanning And Measuring The Volume

3D Volume Scan ImageAs the truck or any other target vehicles arrives under the scanner, it precisely scans the load volume within 0.3m³ and immediately creates a 3D model or a surface profile. It then compares this profile with the profile when vehicle is completely empty, and the loadscan is then able to accurately calculate the load volume to within 1 percent. Every vehicle using load scanner if fitted with special RFID tag that identifies it as it passes through the load scanner and then matches it to its load. The maximum permissible drive-through speed is 3.7mph (6kmph/hr).

Volumetric truck measure is a requirement within the quarry, civil construction, and landscape supply industries, and many other sectors where flowable solids are traded by the truck-load. Portability is also a good feature of this 3D volume load scanner which is worth mentioning. Based on the scanner’s design, you can choose permanent mounting of the system in a specific location as well as can choose a portable configuration for using this system.

By working with volume instead of weight, a more accurate measure can be successfully obtained. Operators of the Walz Scale load volume scanner can literally “see” the load, whereas volume measurement is converted from weight is commonly affected by various environmental factors like moisture and varying material densities.

Customizable Reporting

The scanner’s system allows to customize reports according to the requirements of the managing personnel. You can choose the report details and the also graphically generated images for printing or for any other use.

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