Load Volume Scanner: The End of Truck Scales for Mining Companies?

In many industries such as mining and agriculture, it is extremely important to weigh the quantity of material being transported by a haul truck. This has traditionally been achieved using conventional truck scales, which are either fix weighbridges or portable axles scales and wheel weigher systems.truck scale weighbridge

In most mining operations, the loaded truck has to be driven up to the weighing site for the measurements to be taken. Unfortunately, these traditional truck scales are often cumbersome, expensive, and time consuming. This limits the weighing throughput of mining operators, and thus the overall efficiency and profitability of the weighing operation.

One form of technology that could offer the best alternative to truck scales is the load volume scanner.

What is a Load Volume Scanner?

This is a high-end volumetric laser scanner technology that generates 3D map imagery of the material that is contained in a loaded truck. This is then used in calculating the payload weight. This option is much more cost-effective and efficient than the conventional weighing method.

load volume scanner technology

How the Load Volume Scanner Works

The 3D load volume scanner system uses a unique laser scanning device that is located on a pole which is connected to a base. The loaded truck then drives beneath the laser detector, which helps to scan the load. The data is thereafter rendered into a three-dimensional volumetric image, which shows the spatial distribution of all the materials in the truck. Ideally, the system normally works by comparing the scans of a loaded truck to the corresponding empty vehicle scans.

Moreover, the system is integrated with a software that is programmed to use the information in order to perform calculations that can be used to identify the payload weight. It can may also be integrated with an RFID to automate the operation.

Benefits of Using the 3D Load Volume Scanner

1. Affordable Payload Management System

This truck load volume scanner is a cost-effective payload management solution when compared to other systems. For instance, the installation of the system is less costly. Moreover, the system requires very minimal maintenance, which helps to reduce costly repair and calibration costs.

2. Accurate Load Scanning Calculationsload scanner

In operations like mining, where the cubic volume of the load is the target metric, all the measurements produced by the load volume scanner are more reliable. The scanner provides more accurate volume calculations as well as 3D load images for each vehicle. It eliminated all the uncertainties due to load variations, moisture content or compaction. Moreover, the individual load tickets can easily be emailed or printed and the data stored or managed from a web-based cloud account.

3. Optimized Efficiency and Throughput

The good thing about this system is that it can be installed on the site and start operating on the same day. Upon becoming operational, calculations are normally made in seconds, which reduces the time that truck drivers would spend on the queue while waiting for the load to be weight. Moreover, the data can remotely be accessed in real-time using very advanced software solutions. In addition, the operators can easily access and manage the data from different types of mobile and computer devices.

4. Easier Installation and OperationLoad Scanner Software

A load volume scanner is incredibly easier to install as well as operate. The unit can be powered by either solar energy or batteries depending on the model. Note that operating the system does not require any specialized training or knowledge. This means that almost anyone can learn how to use it.

5. It is Dependable and Reliable

The scanner can perform dependably and reliably in the most remote environments or extreme conditions. Based on the frequency of use, this scanner can go for several years without any need for scheduled servicing or re-calibration. Moreover, it is specially engineered to reduce the operation error.

With all these benefits, load volume scanners are slowly taking over as the most preferred weighing option in operations where the cubic volume is required. With wide scale adoption of load volume scanners, the end of conventional truck scales for mining and various other industries.

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An Inside Look at Land Pride All-Flex Mower Technology

Land Pride has taken a lead in the area of lawn maintenance technology. Over the years, various products have been introduced by Land Pride, spanning from tillers and spreaders to rotary cutters and lawn mowers.Land Pride All-Flex Mowers

Land Pride has become a popular brand of mowers, making it easy for users to find replacement Land Pride parts when they need repairs. Repairs, however, are few and far between. The material composition of Land Pride equipment is of heavy duty rubber and thick gauge metal.

One model from Land Pride that’s defining the future of grooming mower technology is the All-Flex design. Let’s have a look at the All-Flex Mowers from Land Pride.

All-Flex Mower Technology

All-Flex Mowers from Land Pride have some general features that attribute to its success. It has dual leveling rods which reduce the strain of the machine especially when working on rough terrains. The mower got laminated tires that don’t go flat and are suitable for terrain.

The material that makes Land Pride’s All-Flex grooming mowers is thick such that it protects the internal components from damage. Spliced rubber Flex-couplers between the gear boxes protect the mower from hard objects like stones, metal or raised ground.

Below we outline some of the specific technological advancements that define Land Pride’s All-Flex Mowers.

Versatile Functionality

Land Pride All-Flex MowersLand Pride All-Flex Mowers offer a counter blade rotation on left hand deck. This helps spread grass more evenly and the decks throw away the grass from the rear mower deck. The mower has automatic wing locks. After using the mower, one does not need to get off the tractor to lock.

The mower has sleek frame design which includes a single beam hitch and compact deck overlap which allows the operator to make tighter turns without leaving windows and skips. Land Pride All-Flex mowers can therefore become zero turn mowers.

The All-Flex mower design has a 56” front edge and all welded seams which provides extra durability. Rounded front edge deck edges with no protruding skid shoe helps protect against stress, stones and other obstacles that may arise as you work. This minimizes physical damages that call for replacement Land Pride All-Flex mower parts.

Deflectors are built on the mower decks to meet the ANSI standards. Majority of the competitors use chains instead. When they are removed, they do not meet the standards required.

Seamless Grooming Mower Blade

Land Pride All-Flex mowers also have a unique blade rotation. It has a counter rotation which allows grass to be removed from the path of the rear deck, it ensures the lower deck is not covered nor the grass blocks it.

The grooming mowers also have different kind of blades designed for various reasons. Low lift blades are highly recommended on sandy soils since lifting isn’t that crucial. Medium lift blades require less HP than high lift. High lift blades, they have the greatest suction for lifting grass before it is cut. It’s not recommended for sandy soils.

Low Maintenance

The machine design has also improved safety. Rubber and chain guards also protect the user from flying debris. The equipment also comes with different varieties that differ in shape, engine size, gearbox, size and performance.

Land Pride All-Flex mowers are made for varied applications and terrains. The machine can cut on flat, rocky surfaces. Low maintenance cost, the equipment does not often break down reducing time for repair and maintenance cost.

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3 Tailgate SnowEx Spreaders That Offer Great ROI

snowex spreaders logoBefore the next snow storms, many snow removal companies need to invest in snow spreader systems that will help them tackle the harsh ice and cold that heavy weather can pose. If you are planning to buy a tailgate salt spreader to help you through hard snowstorms time, SnowEx spreaders are where you can source for affordable and efficient spreaders, as well as replacement SnowEx spreader parts, allowing you to get the best value for your investment.

If you are still undecided as to which tailgate spreader to invest in, then below we have reviewed three SnowEx tailgate snow spreaders worth a look.

Tailgate Pro Salt Spreader

With respect to the diverse techniques used by snow fighters, the Tailgate Pro from SnowEx is designed in three different models to suit the need of each snow fighter. The best thing with this kind of tailgate salt spreader is that it utilises the input while ensuring larger area coverage. tailgate spreader snowex

Due to the variation in the models, there is disparity in their specifications. On average each spreader is 100 pounds heavy and has an overall length of 20 inches, overall height of 37 inches and overall width of 43 inches.

An adjustable deflector, gate assembly kit, vibrator kit and manual gate kit are some of the accessories that can aid the use of the Tailgate Pro spreader. There are different mounts that can be used on the Tailgate Pro spreader. This system is compatible with different materials which includes; rock salt, calcium flakes, Ice melters, bulk salt and calcium chloride flakes. Low power input makes it economical, in addition to having the ability to spread a wide area without wastage of material input. You’ll also have no problem finding SnowEx tailgate salt spreader parts for these models.

Wireless Utility Salt Spreader

If you like convenience and simplicity, then Wireless Utility salt spreader is specifically designed for you. It has a wireless key, a receiver and wireless plug and play controls that will make it easy for you to use it. Wireless Utility spreader is designed to use rock salt.it is fitted with a vertical high flow auger that aids it to evenly spread the salt. It weighs 70 pounds, 22 inches long, 32 inches high and 30 inches wide.snowex spreader heavy duty

Commonly used accessories for the Wireless Utility Spreader include a wireless spreader harness and weather cover. The SnowEx wireless spreader can be mounted on the utility vehicle using a light duty hitch mount, 3 point mount, drop utility mount or a trailer mount. As a primary advantage, this spreader is easy and convenient to use and ensures there is an economical use of the rock salt in the entire spreading process.

Utility Salt Spreader

Despite its small size, the Utility Spreader has an amazing capability and efficiency. Designed in three different models, each model is specifically designed to spread calcium chloride or rock salt for up to 20 feet wide. Utility Spreader is fitted with an easy to use speed control that helps in controlling the spread width and spinner speed. Depending with the model, it can have an electric gate that regulates the material flow.

The utility salt spreader’s controls make it convenient for home use and economical in terms of material use. Its size makes it easy to store and portable especially if the area to be spread is not that big.

Snowex spreader is dedicated to ensure that you get an economical, ease to use and efficient spreaders at an affordable rate. The above SnowEx spreaders definitely fit any homeowner budget and dream of owning a spreader.

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7 Leading Manufacturers of Mailing System Products for Businesses

From sending out invoices, coupons and fliers to shipping out products and packages, small businesses have numerous mailing needs. Instead of running to the post office every time outbound mail needs to be sent, small businesses can establish their own mailing system with the right postage meters and mailroom technology.

mailing system solution Folding machines and postage meters are amongst the most popular pieces of mailing system equipment that many businesses rely upon. These products are of great assistance as they help in saving both money and time for business’ mailing needs.

In this article, we feature seven leading manufacturers of mailing system solutions for businesses. These are solutions provided by seven distinct names in the industry for postage meters, folding machines, and related mailing systems.

1. Pitney Bowes Folding Machines & Postage Meters

Pitney Bowes offers various letter folding machines and postage meters for small businesses. They have postage machines that have high-speed printers that allow small businesses to send mails through priority mails and postcards.

Pitney Bowes offers the DM125 postage meters that is designed for businesses; it sends 100-1,000 pieces of mails every month and prints a maximum of 35 letters per minute. The DM 225 supports large quantities of mails and prints a maximum of 45 letters per minute. They also have several folding machines that include the office-Right DF900 that folds a maximum of 20,000 pieces of papers per hour.

2. Neopost Letter Folding Machines & Postage Meters

Neopost has both letter folding and mailing systems that are designed for small businesses. The postage meters can process 20-45 letters per minute. The company offers machines that have been specifically designed to fold letters. Neopost mailing system products also offers devices that handle both folding letters and inserts. Their small business options can hold from 1,350-2,400 letters per hour.

mailing machine postage meter

Neopost mailing machine products are often best integrated with Neoship mail management software. This software provides the intelligence to execute the equipment to its fullest potential.

3. Hasler Letter Folding Machines & Postage Meters

Hasler has several letter folding machines and mailing postage meter machines. The company offers 4 distinct postage meters to be specifically used in small businesses. Hasler has small-business postage meters that have the ability to process 18 to 45 letters in every minute. The company has various letter holding machines that can handle several letters and fold them

4. Secap Letter Folding Machines and Postage Meters

Secap offers both letter folding machines and postage meters that work great for small businesses. The postage meters from Secap are capable of holding 30-65 letters in every minute. Their smallest letter folding Machines fold from 900-3500 letters per hour.

5. Formax Folding Machines

Formax offers several letter folding machines that favor small businesses. The FD hopper can hold 200 sheets and can fold28 by 35.5 cm papers at the speed of 7400 sheets per hour. The FD 320 can hold a maximum of 11000 papers per hour

mailing folding machines

6. Data-Pac Mailing Systems

Data–Pac DP-link products are postage meters that are specifically designed for small businesses. The complete postage meter system include software and printers that connect to a PC. They create mailing systems that turn computers to full-featured mailing centers with all U.S postal service options and rates. Link 10 desktop mailing systems allow businesses to process flats, parcels and letters

7. Martin Yale Industries Folding Machines

Martin Yale offers a wide range of folding machines that perfectly suit mail-rooms, churches, schools and small businesses. The folders at this company range from 47* 28 desktop units to 30.5* 46 formats with table feed capacities of up to a Maximum of 500 sheets. The folding machines here can process between 2,200 tom 20,000 sheets of papers per hour

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3 Wheel Load Weighers for Heavy-Duty Applications

Wheel load weighers have become very popular due to their accuracy, convenience, and versatility in many industry applications. Fully portable and easy to set-up and takedown, wheel load weighers have made weighing trucks and truck loads extremely easy and efficient.

Now that more suppliers are offering portable wheel weighers, pinpointing the best technology is not as easy as before. With that said, in this article we’ve found and featured three premium wheel load weighers that have been designed for many different heavy-duty industry applications.

wheel load weighers

1. Walz Scale Wheel Load Weighers

Walz Scale is renowned for supplying advanced weighing systems for use in the transportation, chemical, agriculture, waste, mining, laboratory, recycling and aggregate applications. The company is popular for their state-of-the-art load scanner (which offers innovative alternative to truck scales and wheel weighers,) in addition its load management technology and software. wheel load weigher walz

The wheel load weighers from Walz Scale are made of durable aluminum and steel to ensure that they’re tough enough to withstand extreme weights, harsh conditions, all while keeping them light enough to carry by hand.

The low profile platform comes handy when weighing trucks. This slim nature of the portable wheel weighers makes it easy for trucks to move across it with less inclination. This reduces the chance of vehicles tipping over. To make the process more efficient, Walz wheel load weighers come with removable ramps. The wheel weighers are not affected by rain or high humidity as they are water resistant. The fact that they are made of aluminum makes them immune to corrosion from rusting.

As one of the most popular truck scales from Walz Scale, the wheel weighers are easy to transport, easy to handle and they have a digital display to make reading easy. The wheel weighers are designed to offer seamless weighing. The AWX-45 series can weigh up to 45 tons, while other wheel weigher models can handle upwards to 90 tons. The higher capacity models serve as ideal mining truck scales which involve extremely heavy loads.

2. Intercomp Wheel Load Weighers

Intercomp has been in the weighing and measuring industry for the last 35 years. The company is renowned for its RFX wireless weighing technology which makes load management a cinch. The company has endeavored to produce high quality and high performance truck scales and weighing solutions. wheel load weigher intercomp

Intercomp offers a variety of wheel load weighers. Their wheel weighers are designed to weigh between 5,000 pounds and 20,000 pounds (approximately between 2,500 kg and 10,000 kg). The scales offer an accuracy of ±1 percent of reading.

Like the Walz system, they come with a large LCD display to make reading easy. Intercomp wheel scales are unique in that they offer the user one year of battery life with daytime and outdoor use thanks to their solar power feature. Their most popular wheel weigher is PT300. Like all other systems by Intercomp, the wheel weighers come with RFX wireless weighing communication between the remote indicators and the scales.

This wheel weigher is light and you do not need to worry about the battery getting low during the weighing process. The load management is easy thanks to the RFX wireless communication between scales and indicators.

3. CAS Wheel Load Weighers

Headquartered in East Rutherford, NJ, CAS Corporation has been manufacturing industrial and commercial scales since 1983. The manufacturer has distributors in more than 120 countries. wheel load weigher cas
Their wheel weigher systems come with a capacity ranging from 10,000 lbs and 70,000 lbs per pad.

CAS offers the convenience and efficiency of reading by featuring Zig-Bee wireless technology which connects the scales and the indicators. Their systems are sturdy, portable and built to last. Like the Walz wheel load weighers system, the pads and ramps are separate.

Ramps are only connected while weighing to make it easy for heavy duty trucks to climb on the scale. CAS wheel load weighers can measure up to 35 short tons. The system is easy to use and easy to manage.

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Bush Hog Rotary Cutters Ideal for Fall Cleanup

Bush Hog Rotary CuttersBush Hog is one of the leading manufacturers of rotary cutters and other assorted equipment in the world. The company has been manufacturing rotary cutters for almost sixty years, and the devices have proven their unrivalled durability and superior performance in cleaning up millions of acres of yards, expansive properties and farm fields across the world.

Bush Hog rotary cutters can be classified into the following broad categories:

1. Bush Hog Single Spindle Series (consists of Razorback, BH10, BH20 and BH320 models)

2. Bush Hog Multi Spindle Rigid Deck Series (consists of SQ84T, 2008, 2010, 3120, 3308 & SH and 3414 models).

3. Bush Hog Flex Wing Series (consists of 1812, 1815, 2815, 3815, 2810, 2820 and 3810 models).

The following are comprehensive reviews of four different series of Bush Hog rotary cutters. You can find these products, as well as Bush Hog rotary cutter parts, from trusted supplier German Bliss.

1. BH10 Single Spindle Rotary Cutter from Bush Hog

This is an amazing device that’s ideal for cutting grass, small brush and weeds. It can perform extremely well even in harsh weather. There are three different models that are available in the BH10-series of Bush Hog rotary cutters: BH17, BH16, and BH15.

BH10 Single Spindle Rotary Cutter from Bush Hog

The BH10 Single Spindle Rotary Cutter is designed with a number of performance features, making it suitable for cutting grass and clipping pasture alike. The rotary cutter is equipped with a slip clutch (for the BH17 model) and slip clutch protection/shear spin on BH15 & BH16 models. The laminated tires (all models) make it easy to navigate.

These Bush Hog rotary cutter also features a bottom deck structure that carries a gear box, full length skids and quarter inch skids that add strength to enable it resist bending, and welded sided bands which are tightly fixed to the gear box stand. Also, the laminated tail wheel on the single spindle series consists of laminated style rubber and a curved rear band that enables it to resist mechanical forces/bending.

2. BH20 Single Spindle Rotary Cutter from Bush Hog

The BH20 Single Spindle Rotary Cutter is a powerful machine that is specially designed with the following unique performance features: a gear box stand in the bottom deck, welded side bands fixed onto a gearbox stand, durable Tail wheel beam, full length fourteen –inch skids that provide protection to side bands, powder coat paint, floating hitch that facilitates operation in rough terrain and a limited five year warranty on the gearbox.

BH26 Single Spindle Rotary Cutter from Bush Hog

The device has the following construction features: EZ Clean sloped ten gauge decks, splinted output shafts consisting of tapered roller bearings, wall measuring 3/16 inches on the tail wheel beam, continuously welded side bands measuring ¼ inches each and 130HP gearbox.

There are three other models available in the BH20-series of Bush Hog rotary cutters: BH27, BH6 and BH25).

3. SQ84T Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutter from Bush Hog

The SQ84T series of multi-spindle rotary cutters offers a powerful set of devices that are ideal for maintaining orchards as well as cutting pastures and lawns.

It’s specially designed with the following range of performance features: economic fuel consumption, wide cutting width (9 feet, 9 inches), round blade pans, rubber cushioned axles (provide protection while working on rough terrain), high blade tipping speed, manual/ hydraulic lift and dual or single axles.

SQ84T Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutter from Bush Hog

The manufactures have constructed the SQ84T Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutter with special construction features such as: lift/ semi-mount or pull operation mechanisms, floating A-frame hitch, round blade pans, strongback that consists of seven-gauge steel box, high blade tipping speed, deep side bands, fully shielded drivelines and tough slip clutches.

4. 1812 Flex Wing Rotary Cutter from Bush Hog

The 1812 Flex Wing series from Bush Hog is an efficient machine because it’s designed with the following features: EZ clean decks on the wings and at the centre, single hydraulic horse, wing free float mechanism, halved wheel spindles to enable ease of maintenance and economic use of fuel, oil sight gauge to facilitate convenient checking of oil levels and an efficient PTO driveline holder. The Flex Wing series is by far the most advanced and robust for high volume use.

1812 Flex Wing Rotary Cutter from Bush Hog

Bush Hog rotary cutters as well as Bush Hog finishing mowers are the best devices for use in crop shedding, manicuring large lawns, mowing pastures, maintaining orchards and/or clearing roadsides.

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Barcode Label Printers for Industrial & Commercial Applications

The use of barcode label printers is always an economical way to create high quality tags, labels, tickets and receipts for many different industrial applications.

With modern advancements in barcoding and labeling technology, thermal-based label printers have become a popular choice for many users. This is because these barcode label printers offer minimal maintenance requirements in addition to the fact that they print faster and offer affordable supplies for continuous use.

barcode label printer products

In addition to thermal-based label printers, there are a number industrial-grade barcode printers that also provide high quality printing results that will definitely meet a wide range of printing needs. Some of the most popular types of printers available in the market include: –

Desktop Label Printers

Desktop label printers are specifically designed for use on small volume applications and especially if you are dealing with a few barcodes per week. The printers are compact but work perfectly well for offices that have limited space for storage.

Desktop barcode label printers offer high-quality thermal transfer or direct thermal printing and are easy to use. The different available makes normally offer multiple connectivity options thus making them an ideal choice for multiple low-to mid-volume receipts, wristbands, or labels printing applications.

Industrial Barcode Label PrintersIndustrial barcode label printer

Industrial printers are available in different makes and models. However, these heavy-duty printers offer a superior barcode, graphics and text printing quality on invoices, labels and packing slips required for any order or warehouse labeling.

Industrial barcode labeling printers can be used in the toughest of industrial environments without succumbing to pressure. They are designed to operate consistently and offer high quality results in critical operations. Some of the industrial barcode printers come with a superior RFID encoding options which offer enhanced accuracy and efficiency.

RFID Label Printers

These encoders/barcode printers offer HF RFID and UPC UHF Gen-2 printing solutions designed to support the modern demand for the advancing radio wave technology for automatic identification. The RFID printers offer reliable performance and great quality when it come different types of labeling and barcode printing ranging from item level tagging to shipping and distribution.

The RFID printer come in various designs and makes thus offering users a wide range of selections to choose from based on their printing requirements. Barcode label printers are available in industrial, compact and small high performance models to help meet different needs.

Mobile Label Printers

If you are looking for a great printer to print from anywhere and at any given time, then mobile barcode printers are the best for you. The printers are lightweight and portable and can be relied upon to give high quality receipts, barcode labels and tickets.

Mobile label printers can be used both indoors and outdoors or under any environment. The printers are designed to communicate with smartphones, tablets and computers through USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection for printing.

Kiosk Label Printers

Kiosk printers make for great devices if you want your customers to print receipts, coupons, tickets or any other information from self-serve, unattended kiosks anywhere. They are convenient and offer great customer satisfaction as they help businesses improve on service delivery. In addition, kiosk printers can help your business increase revenue collection while keeping operational costs down. You can use these label printers anywhere and under any environment.

You can choose the barcode printers based on your printing needs, method, and volume or printing environment. However, one thing is for sure; barcode label printers offer a great printing solution to both small and big businesses seeking for high quality printing results.

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Mining Truck Load Scales: 3 Systems for Seamless Payload Management

mining truck load scalesMining involves weighing, mounting and transportation of large payloads which define the success and profitability of mining operation. Efficient and accurate truck load scales are priceless in the mining business, however with so many options available, operators need to ensure they invest in the right weighing systems to ensure the most seamless payload management and weighing operation possible.

From on-board truck scales to weighbridges, there are a number of mining truck load scales that provide a sound means to weigh payloads. Below are some of the most popular mining truck scales used by most mining companies.

On-board Truck Scales

On-board truck scales allow you to weigh large weights while loads are actually in transit and on-board the truck. With these digital truck scale systems, you can save time and capital by being able to measure load weights directly from the mining truck cab. on-board truck load scales

Advantages of On-board Truck Load Scales

  • Spare time – With on-board truck scales, you can measure loads on-the-fly without needing to drive the truck to a designated weigh station.
  • Save money – With the level of efficiency and convenience provided by on-board truck load scales, you can minimize transport and labor costs.
  • Precision – On-board truck weigh scales are integrated with the most recent innovation in the weighing field to give you precise and dependable data.
  • Save on space – Individual weighing stations may take a significant amount of space at your premises. Utilizing on-board scales will diminish the need for designated weighing sites.
  • Simple to use – With the straightforward “how to use” guidelines, any administrator or mining truck operator will have the capacity to use on-board truck scales.
  • Creative Technology – On-board truck scales have advanced gauges that utilize the most technologically-advanced sensors and suspension weighing systems.
  • Versatility – The versatile truck scale framework offers an exceptional level of convenience.

Portable Truck Scales

The portable truck scales are designed for easy versatility and use in many different areas. Unlike the fixed on truck scales, portable truck scales can be used for many different mining trucks.

portable truck load scale

This convenient truck scale framework is perfect for development, decimation, logging, sand, rock, and different operations that demand an easy to use, fully-portable weighing system.

Advantages of Portable Truck Scales

  • Flexibility – You can use portable truck load scales in just about any environment, so long as the weighing surface is relatively flat or level.
  • Convenience – Portable truck scales can be set-up and taken-down within minutes. They can also be used in the harshest of conditions.
  • Cost effective – Portable scales are often more affordable. Some companies offer portable truck scale rentals for short-term use.
  • Multi purpose – These scales can be used for a wide range of applications from mining payload management to harvest weighing for farmers.

Weighbridge Truck Scales mining truck scale weighbridge

Weighbridges measure vehicles constantly and precisely, even in extreme situations. Most weighbridge truck scales are fabricated to last with a rough outline, powerful weighing sensor, and superb assembly.

The weighbridges come in either steel or concrete designs to suit the heavy weights to be measured. These tough vehicle scales can be either surface or pit mounted. There is a wide assortment of weighbridges to suit any client, and every weighbridge is completely checked and tested preceding shipment to client utilization.

Every truck scale weighbridge can be matched with a scope of markers, programming and embellishments for a complete measuring and information administration arrangement. Structural Engineering bundles are additionally accessible with all the weighbridges.

Advantages of Weighbridge Truck Scales

  • Many options available – Extensive options for designs from private manufacturers. This minimizes downtime when weighbridges need repairs.
  • Extremely durable – weighbridges are designed to withstand several hundreds of weighing sessions without needing calibration.
  • Simple to utilize – Like other truck scales, weighbridge scales are very easy to use once they are installed.

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5 Ways Technology Has Influenced How We Conduct Business

Whether they realize it or not, most managers, human resource professionals, and business leaders are leveraging the benefits of integrated technology in their day-to-day business organizations.

business technology

In essence, technology has made the common workplace more organized, enabling businesses to progress and increase productivity in many ways. Over the past few years, technology has improved drastically, changing numerous business processes in terms of communication and collaboration, marketing, resourcing, logistics, and other vital elements of business.

1. Greater Productivity

The main aim of running a business is to improve the output while minimizing inputs. This is where computers come in handy. These devices enable people to conduct business transactions faster hence creating some extra time on the otherwise packed timetable.

For instance, better technology allows managers to process large volumes of data at a lower cost. In manufacturing and supply chain management, technology makes it easier for managers to transfer data within various units in the organization.

2. Encourages Collaboration & Communication

The best thing about internet technology is that it encourages businesses to collaborate and communicate beyond limits. This implies that you don’t have to be physically available for to close a deal or provide a service.

Technology comes with a number of connectivity options such as email, video conferencing, remote computer support and access, and teleconferencing systems, all of which facilitate collaboration and communications. For instance, organizations from different continents can hold conferences via video calls.

3. Enhanced Marketing & Advertising

Without any doubt, digital marketing is the best tactic of promoting an online business. Nowadays, sellers and clients interact often via social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. Social media sites are known to offer the largest number of consumers and this is why most organizations are beginning to create their own profiles on such sites. For example, businesses will often get feedback on how their products and services are from social media sites.

4. Resourcing & IT Support

It is evident that technology has totally changed how businesses are resourced. It does this in two ways: technology outsourcing and cloud computing.

Outsourcing technology services, such as business IT support and consultancy services, enables companies to delegate different aspects of their business to third or affiliate parties and still remain connected and manage important processes within their departments. On the other hand, cloud computing refers to software applications, hardware and infrastructure to be accessed online.

These two ways influence how resources are managed, deployed and where they occur. However, some organizations are reluctant in embracing facilities which come with high operating costs but are more effective.

5. Advanced Security Levels

Security is the most important aspect in any organization as it guards critical information against hackers. With the help of innovative technology, companies are now able to keep their information private and only accessible to the right people. Advanced security system technology prevents vital information and company secrets from leaking out to competitors.

Businesses which embrace better technology will increase their profits while minimizing overall costs. Regardless of whether your business is online or offline, there is no denying that technology will not have an incredible impact at the workplace. It is time to let go off traditional methods.

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How Advanced Cubing Systems Are Streamlining Shipping & Receiving Operations

Cubing systems (or “cubers”) are designed to determine the dimensions and weight of packages and other units that destined for shipping. Advancements in cubing systems have significantly helped to improve the performance and efficiency of shipping and receiving operations, warehousing and distribution companies, and other related business models. cubing dimensioning packages

In short, these cubing and dimensioning systems provide accurate and reliable measurement of weight and volumetric dimensions, making these internal process far more efficient and streamlined.

Industrial Applications of Cubing Systems

Automated cubing systems are popularly used in industrial applications, such as warehouses and distribution centers. An automatic cubing system provides both dimensional scanning and weighing components businesses need to achieve the weight and dimensions of large packages and pallets

The loaded cubes are placed on the number of scales which are integrated at one end of the conveyor belt system, whereas the operator scans the barcode label, which illustrates the weight of the pallet. Motorized conveyor then transports the pallet to the cutting of cubes that automatically collects dimensions of a loaded pallet as it passes over the head of laser sensors.

conveyor cubing system operation


The size is then combined with data from the scales and barcode scanner before transporting to the customer’s billing system, which then decides whether the cargo’s weight is of a certain category, or the other. This system tray for cubing commerce is approved by the National Institute of Measurement.

Travel expenses to be incurred can be precisely determined from the achievements of its data. Automatic cubing systems are able to accurately determine the cubic size of the loaded pallets, even irregular shaped loads (not cuboid) or the goods covered in black or blue plastic that could not be cut into cubes.

Cubing for Shipping & Receiving Operations

Cubers scan the units with laser technology designed to provide accurate dimensional data, regardless of the speed of the conveyor belt. The scanner allows the warehouse to handle a large number of packets at a much greater speed, thanks to high-speed laser. When it comes to the cost of installing this system, it is advised to have smaller cubes. Dimensional detector systems can be integrated into a carrier setting without changing the existing settings.

Many warehouse managers have noticed how effective storage functionality has become after installing the three-dimensional scanner. There is no need to use a tape measure to take a lot of time, since this information can be created in seconds, saving time and money.pallet cubing systems

The advanced technology allows the store to just connect your computer to the Internet and the software makes it easy to exchange data. Integrated with dimensional weighing scale systems, these static cubing systems provide accurate weighing and measuring solutions even in the busiest stores. Customers who have used the technology have completely changed the way of managing packages, and admit that installation was very easy.

In-motion Cubing Systems for Conveyors

The carrier based cubing systems may be used for boxes or pallets. The store can choose between 3 different sizes for cutting unit blocks. For busy warehouses, the 4010- cutter is better as it is able to handle high-speed scanning on the go, it means that the work can be done faster, with accuracy checked. Construction of 3,000 cubic meters storage budget is not so much activity with the system.

conveyor in-motion cubing systems

Advanced in-motion cubing systems are able to deliver some incredible advantages, including:

  • Labor costs can be reduced as a result of automation
  • Warehousing companies can provide faster and more efficient customer service
  • There can be a reduction in the margin of error in the recording of accurate data
  • Inventory can be more accurate
  • The store can be able to handle large volumes

These advanced cubing systems provide solutions that offer better functionality and performance at all levels of the design, the package weighs, and other storage needs of automation.

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