Advancements Security Products for Financial Institutions

Despite great improvements in security products, financial institutions such as banks continue to lose a lot of money to fraudsters. According to Kaspersky Lab, a Malware and Security solutions company, hackers managed to steal more than $1 billion from more than 100 banks in 25 countries in 2014 alone.

financial security systems

They managed to access the banking systems by infiltrating it with malicious virus (malware). Brutal ATM threats is also on the rise as unscrupulous individuals insert skimming devices that get a hold of customer account information. The following are advanced security measures being adopted by financial institutions.

1. Use of Cyber Security Metrics

Cyber attacks rank among the top threats to banks and other financial institutions. Individuals are able to monitor and control ATM operations remotely and can access funds through transfers or letting the ATM spew money. Banks such as Bank of America which is the no 2 bank in the US has adopted cyber security metrics. These financial security systems frequently scan the system, create a trail and also counts potential risks. This action helps identify suspicious activity by tracking events.

2. Emergency Response ATM Security Systems

According to the Muthoot Pappachan Group, one of the leading providers of banking security products in India, many financial institutions lose lots of money through ATM attacks. Attackers either use crude weapons or insert skimming devices into the money dispensing machines.

Furthermore, banks spend lots of money deploying people at each and every ATM machine. The company has come up with technology where ATM machines are fitted with electronic sensors that monitor suspicious activity and send an alert/call to designated control rooms within the vicinity.

3. More Advanced & Secure Mobile Banking mobile banking security

Mobile banking is first becoming the preferred mode of transacting. However, it also comes with many security risks since it is still at its infancy stages. According to a report published by Norton, an anti-virus and Malware Company, banks and people lose lots of money due to poor authentication process while using mobile devices. One of the best security products is from Apple which not only identifies but also authenticates users when they log in/access the account and also features a revocable standard token.

4. Triple DES or 3DES

Triple DES which is also known as 3DES is one of the financial security systems that are being adopted by many banks. Normally, data is encrypted once; however, in triple DES technology it is encrypted three times. It follows a sequential process where the first 64 bits are encrypted by the second 64 bits which is then encrypted by the third 64 bit.

5. Intelligent Solutions

Another way of combating loses due to attacks on ATMs is by adoption of intelligent security cameras. The solutions come with a range of features which help monitor as well as keep track on the activities within the area. Courtesy of highly-advanced video analytics the systems feature facial recognition, motion sensing, as well as behavioral recognition. They can also be integrated with other safety options such as alarm systems, GPS, surveillance systems/CCTV and more.

Online and mobile banking is playing a core role in financial institutions. However, cybercrime and ATM attacks are posing a great threat to this industry. It is therefore paramount to adopt the above mentioned security products to minimize the losses

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Advanced Truck Load Scanner Technology Offers Multi-Industry Solutions

The new load scanner technology from Walz can certainly be a great addition to a number of operations and companies that need to calculate the volume and weight of large equipment or truck loads. Whether for farming or mining, Walz Scale offers an accurate and dependable truck load scanner system that successfully caters to these kinds of industries, and many more. Truck Load Scanner Unit

The load scanner system designed by Walz Scale delivers optimal accuracy necessary for payload management and determining the precise volumetric measurements of truck beds and other load bearing equipment. While it still might be a mystery for some as to how this load volume scanning technology is becoming the new truck scale, the way the system works is actually quite simple. Below we delve further in detail about the truck load scanner from Walz, what it’s composed of, its functionality, and its overall features.

Walz Load Scanner Components

The load scanner comes fully configured from the company and consists of many components. They are Walz Load Scanner Head, instructions guide and Payload Pro Operating System. In essence, this system is very easy to set-up and use. As compared to alternative systems such as weight equipment and expensive truck scales, a load scanner by Walz Scale offers you an affordable solution for managing load data.

Load Scanner System Components

What’s So Great About This Load Scanning Technology?

This Load Scanner uses latest laser technology to deliver results. It uses laser light in order to accurately determine the exact load carried in open top trucks. This technology works irrespective of whether the trucks is in motion or is traveling dynamically. View the load scanner in action by checking out the video below.

Volumetric Load Calculations

With the volumetric load calculations using this latest Walz Scale, now it is possible to take notes of products that are loaded onto the truck. This unique feature has been incorporated keeping in the mind the needs of various industries dealing with loads such as transportation, mining, or construction industries.

Fully Automated Operation and Monitoring

This particular feature is very helpful and it helps businesses to monitor their trucks while they’re being loaded in the warehouse right to the stage of transportation and delivery. This system can also keep a record of empty trucks.

The system scans the load and can also calculate the exact weight of the load. This load weight is then compared with other trucks in the system. When trucks are on road, this record is kept and maintained till the time trucks reach their destination and are emptied.

Compatibility Features

The benefits of Walz Scale load scanner increases due to its inherent ability to work with other devices and components. It can work in association with mounting hardware, computers, reporting software and 3D scanners. To make the process of documentation and reporting easier, the scanner is shipped by the company with all these components. For more information about compatibility features, see the load scanner details at

Data Reporting In Real-Time

Real-time data reporting is an important feature that ensures that truck load is according to the requirement and is now acceptable for delivery. This volumetric load scanning system also reports in real time that trucks have arrived at their destination and are now being emptied.Data from load scanner technology

Precise Load Scanning Calculations Possible

In operations where load’s cubic volume is required, the direct measurement reported by the Walz Scale delivers a reliable and accurate measurement which you can use. Unlike other payload management and valuation systems, this system eliminates uncertainties and variable in load variation, compaction and moisture content. In short, this system offers you an accurate volume calculation and eliminates all old school methodologies such as guessing and counting truck loads.

System Scanning And Measuring The Volume

3D Volume Scan ImageAs the truck or any other target vehicles arrives under the scanner, it precisely scans the load volume within 0.3m³ and immediately creates a 3D model or a surface profile. It then compares this profile with the profile when vehicle is completely empty, and the loadscan is then able to accurately calculate the load volume to within 1 percent. Every vehicle using load scanner if fitted with special RFID tag that identifies it as it passes through the load scanner and then matches it to its load. The maximum permissible drive-through speed is 3.7mph (6kmph/hr).

Volumetric truck measure is a requirement within the quarry, civil construction, and landscape supply industries, and many other sectors where flowable solids are traded by the truck-load. Portability is also a good feature of this 3D volume load scanner which is worth mentioning. Based on the scanner’s design, you can choose permanent mounting of the system in a specific location as well as can choose a portable configuration for using this system.

By working with volume instead of weight, a more accurate measure can be successfully obtained. Operators of the Walz Scale load volume scanner can literally “see” the load, whereas volume measurement is converted from weight is commonly affected by various environmental factors like moisture and varying material densities.

Customizable Reporting

The scanner’s system allows to customize reports according to the requirements of the managing personnel. You can choose the report details and the also graphically generated images for printing or for any other use.

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