The Most Advanced Industrial Weighing Technology of 2015

When working in the industries of mining, agriculture, construction, public works and other industrial sectors, companies need the most advanced and state-of-the-art industrial weighing technology to maximize efficiency, increase throughput, and stay ahead of the competition.

haul truck scale


Those in these industries require solutions that are practical as well as expressly accurate and reliable. The following will guide you through the most advanced industrial weighing technologies of 2015.

In-Motion Rail Scales

For those that are in need of permanent and durable installations, in-motion rail scales (or in-motion rail car weighing systems) are an ideal option. These portable railroad scales able to provide highly accurate weights for rail cars and locomotives both dynamically and statically.

in-motion rail car weigh scales are able to ensure exceptional and top-notch outputs even in the most unfavorable environments and weather conditions. This systems are able to eliminate the need of track modifications due to the bolt-in design that it features.

In-Motion rail scales additionally offer a dynamic weighing function that is able to ensure more expedient weighing and exceptional accuracies of all rail assets. This is a system that is definitive must-have for any farmer or producer.

On-Board Truck Scales scale readout on-board truck scales

On-board truck scales allow mining companies and other industrial users to measure and track vehicle weights, which eliminates the need for an external scale. Given that these scales are on-board the truck, they are among the most efficient for advanced industrial weighing.

On-board truck scales, such as those offered by Walz Scale, host a hydraulic pressure system that is able to ensure the accurate capture of all weights. Their display is compact and small while the display is able to deliver an ideal interface in order for it to be located within the truck. They are expressly easy to install, requiring no professional assistance or added fees.

In-Motion Portable Axle Scales  in-motion axle scale portable

This scale type was developed as an alternative to larger truck scales. In-Motion portable axle scales deliver a weighing option that is extremely easy while allowing for quick weight inputs. Additionally, the scales allow for the reduction or elimination of overload fines, while being robust yet thoroughly portable due to it being battery operated.

These in-motion axle scales are integrated with a weight ticket printer that enables users to print tickets for each vehicle that is weighed. See the video below to get a view on how in-motion portable axle scales function.

Load Scanner

load scanner towerAlthough the load scanner system is not considered an actual scale unit, it is incredibly fast, simple to install and impeccably accurate. It is able to incorporate loaf scanner technology that is world class while providing users with large scale weighing and payload management solutions that are both heavy duty and cost effective. The load scanner is able to develop a 3 dimensional volume image that can be calculated into weight as well as track truck loads.

It is integrated with the software platform of the Payload Pro Operating System which is compatible on all computers and mobile devices. It is this proprietary software platform that allows for operators to monitor, manage and track load scan data.

An innovative aspect to the method of payload management was spawned with the advent of the volumetric load scanner. This is a scanning system that offers an idyllic solution for the volumetric measuring of bulk materials that have been loaded onto a vehicle. Below is the industry-leading load scanner system by Walz Scale.

This form of capacity scanning technology is a tool that allows operators the ability to determine optimal and accurate load volumes through the generation of 3 dimensional imaginings of the truck bed. They utilize laser scanning technology that is advanced and can be placed to usage in a variant of operations that include the following: demolition, mining, construction and more.

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SEO Site Audits: What to Expect

seo site auditA grave challenge that has plagued the SEO community is the utter lack of standards that surround the scope and quality of work. There is a vast spectrum of SEO consultants and agencies that tend to utilize similar words in order to describe different processes and deliverables. One of the most abused of these deliverables and processes is the SEO site audit.

In order for companies to truly protect their SEO investment, they will need to have a firm understanding as to what to expect from a comprehensive SEO site audit. This will also entail which questions will need to be asked in order to better ensure that the business of receiving the scope and quality it requires.

What Are SEO Site Audits?

An SEO site audit generally marks the very beginning of a firm’s search engine marketing engagement with a (prospective) client. The goal of the audit is to identify the opportunities and challenges that a website may have to increase SEO performance. Google Webmaster Tools SEO Audit

The input is the company’s access to certain search tools such as Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, and other performance platforms. When this information has been combined with SEO experience and knowledge, a proper SEO professional will have what they need in order to analyze the site while documenting a strategy for improving organic search performance.

Essentail Components of SEO Site Audits

An SEO Audit that is complete will contain a minimum of three sections, which are as follows:

  • Analyzing of the opportunities and challenges for a website’s technical fluidity
  • Assessing the site’s content and proper use of keywords
  • Backlink health, topical relevancy, and authority

Keep in mind that there are times when these components are divided into completely separate audit documents. No audit project can be considered complete without thoroughly addressing all of the areas listed above due to the fact that they are expressly interconnected. The documented analysis of the audit is crucially important for a handful of reasons, which are as follows:

  • A detailed analysis of the company’s current situation that is able to build trust in the work that is to be done between the SEO firm/consultant and the client’s team.
  • A strategy for the improvement of SEO as well as the next steps that are needed for the implementation of the strategy. This strategy will need to address authority, content and technical opportunities in proportion to their value with a particular focus on the areas that will contain the greatest impact on the SEO performance of the company.

For this reason, it’s important to work with SEO providers who specialized in certain aspects of SEO and search marketing. For instance, if you’re looking for ecommerce-specific SEO services, then consult with a company that provides ecommerce SEO site audits, such as The same rule applies for local SEO, PPC advertising, and other forms of search marketing.

Strategic Insights for a Future SEO Program

It is clear that a proper SEO audit needs both a prioritized action plan as well as a strategy. The strategy will build off of the analysis that has been completed in order to identify how the client’s business will be able to capitalize on opportunities for the improvement of their organic search brand impressions, conversions and visits.

The prioritized action plan is able to break down the SEO strategy into projects that are discreet or deliverables that can be placed into an agreeable timeline and thoroughly executed. Furthermore, to make yourself more confident that you will be receiving precisely what your company needs for a SEO firm or professional, consider asking questions that pertain to how they perform and analyze audits as well as previous strategies and plans and their results with other clients.

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The Top 5 Bank Vault Doors for High-Profile Financial Institutions

bank vault doors for saleBank vault doors are the first barriers in protecting tangible assets and capital from any criminals and security breaches. For high-profile banks and financial institutions, modern bank vault doors offer a high amount of security and are often paramount to providing peace of mind among customers.

Using the latest technology, many bank vault doors of today can be made impenetrable to any external force. Here is a look at the top five bank vault doors that are leading the market today.

1. Brown Safe Monument Vault Door

This round vault door from Brown Safe is considered to be one of the finest and sturdiest of bank vault products. Brown Safe is a company that is known to make only high quality models and with the vault door they do not disappoint.

It offers the latest security countermeasures and is customizable in every way. It offers an integrated security hub with a Hepa 13 rated chemical and radiation resistance system. A fire containment unit and power generator is also included.

2. M3T Corporation Modular Vault Door

Both government and private agencies use the modular vault doors of M3T extensively. They offer doors in all shapes and sizes for customers. Design and efficiency are maximized through use of the most modern technology. The products are engineered to meet the highest standards.

Each modular vault door from M3T Corporation is made of high strength concrete and rebar that is set in steel frame to ensure maximum strength and flexibility. They also use modern methods that do away with the traditional welding technology. Hence it is a ‘green’ approach that does not harm the environment in any way.

3. Hamilton Safe Class V Vault Door Hamilton Safe Bank Vault Door

The Class V vault door by Hamilton Safe is an amazing product that is a great choice for all security agencies. It is approved by all federal agencies and meets all the necessary engineering standards. Banks, precious metal brokers, financial institutions and pharmaceuticals can all make use of it.

This bank vault door for sale, which is available at most high-end bank vault suppliers, provides 30 man minutes against covert entry and gives you enough time to bring in reinforcements. Hamilton Safe has a number of vault door products and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

4. Vault Pro USA Professional Series

Vault Pro is a manufacturer of high quality American made vaults and safe doors. They are all handmade by skilled craftsmen and are one of the top products you will find in the market. The Professional Series is their best models and it offers many exciting features.Security magnum extreme

Vault Pro offers a 14 bolt locking system that makes forced entry pretty much impossible. You will also find a 40 minute fire door and dual relocker. The colors are customizable and you can choose the one that you require.

5. Smith Security Magnum Vault Door Extreme

Smith Security is another company that is well known for the manufacture of safes and vault doors. The Magnum Vault Door Extreme is probably their sturdiest model and has been built to withstand any form of external breaking attempts.

This bank vault door is mounted on an 8” iron frame with the thickness being 4”. It is impossible to cut with a welding torch. It is also possible to make it out of stainless steel, offering the highest level of protection.

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