5 Best Practices of FQHC Billing for Faster Payments

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) are composed of health centers that serve underprivileged individuals within a particular community. Because the patients of FQHCs are often in a low-income bracket, these health centers struggle with their billing efforts and collecting patient billings in a timely manner.

Because effective FQHC billing is vital for the health and sustainability of these health centers, it’s important that these practice leverage the right steps and best practices to thrive. Below are the top five best practices and tops that focus specifically on FQHC billing strategies. medical billing software platform

1. Maintaining Electronic Health Records of Patients

One of the most critical elements to FQHC billing is having an electronic backup of all of the health records for patients. These strategy is a wise choice for several different reasons. Mainly because if something happens to the paper copies you have something else you can turn to but also because with electronic files you can easily back it all up and make other copies in case you need to. This way you will never lose the information that you need and you can keep sending reminders to unfilled patient billings.

2. Implementing Credentialing Protocols

FQHC billing protocols such as these are vital when it comes to running a business because everything needs to be the same and qualified; if one thing is out of place or wrong then the whole system is out of whack and a lot of work will need to be done to get it all back on track.

Credentialing protocols involved with FQHC billing ensure applications are up-to-date and that the health center’s billing efforts is current. Health center billing and FQHC billing companies like MaximizedRevenue.com provide what they call “complete credentialing” which focuses to handle both NPI and CAQH applications.

3. Internal Auditing Services

Helpful for keeping track of those who still owe money as well as those who are still owed money; be able to stay on track and on top of everything by knowing all the is incoming and all that is outgoing. Doing this will allow you to never run into another financial problem again.

4. Updating Information Technology (IT) Systems

Updating your practices FQHC billing software and technology systems to meet the latest updates and trends can greatly improve your internal collections. By using the right kind of medical billing software, with each update you will be notified about what it is, how it works, how to use it, how it helps and more.

5. Off-Site Processing and Remote Access

With this nifty feature you will be able to do all the important work that you need to whether you are in the office or not. Always be able to respond to your patients and or clients by giving them the best services out there all with the fastest and most reliable system.

FQHC billing services providers is also a great solution to optimize billing procedures. Many service providers and medical billing agencies offer nothing but the best and most qualified workers working for them and offer the top of the line services for your practice in order for you to receive payments a lot faster and to get a higher amount of revenue.

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