Surgery Billing: Resources, News, & Insights on Best Practices

If you thought surgery was complicated, surgery billing can sometimes be a bigger pain. The processes can be tedious and elaborate. Every year, hospitals and surgeons perform a number of surgical procedures and file a claim for each surgery.

One of the foremost actions that can improve your familiarity with the surgery billing process is acquaintance with the physician’s manual. Usually, surgery medical billing rules are specified in the “Preamble” section of the manual. These rules include explanatory codes, health service codes and fees, in some cases details of specific cases (for instance if another surgeon assists with the surgery), as well as general information about the claims submission process.

surgery medical billing

Surgery Billing Claims Submissions: Timing Is Everything

One of the most integral aspects of the claims submission process is the timing. These are often different for different departments, medical consortiums, districts, provinces and countries. However, the surgeon or biller should have clear records of surgery and be mindful of the timing of the claims. Usually, there is a period of 90 days to submit claims, from the date of the surgery.

surgery billing claimsExceptions beyond that are allowed but only in extraordinary circumstances. Reversals of claims in case of accident or other circumstances can also be submitted, as long as original claims are still available. It is imperative that a surgeon’s office maintain proper surgery billing records of all surgeries and file them appropriately.

In terms of methodology in this area of surgery billing, most submissions can now be made electronically for Fee for Service (FFS) and Shadow claims. However, to expedite the process and avoid conflicts with the department designated for approval, it is important that these comply with the guidance of the physician’s manual. There are many benefits of timely and accurate billing:

  • Reduces the possibility of the claim being rejected
  • Reduces the possibility of poor audit results
  • Helps to maximize surgery billing
  • Helps to capture benefit of services eligible for incentives.

Common Surgery Billing Errors

Some of the more common surgery billing errors include a lack of documentation, citing a visit when the encounter between surgeon and patient was in fact the procedure, and citing a full visit for a non-complex problem. It is imperative that surgeons try to avoid these since it needlessly tarnishes the reputation of the surgeon and the institution sometimes.

It makes sense for surgeons and physicians to hire or request extra help for these purposes of complex surgery billing. A proper filing system should be put in place and this can often be achieve by working with an experienced medical billing firm adept in surgery billing procedures. Additionally surgeons should establish clear channels of communication and review the claims before they are filed. Since there are different billing rates and percentages for single procedures, multiple procedures and bilateral procedures, there is always room for confusion.

Surgery Billing Software

There are different software available for surgery medical billing. These can serve as good alternates to manually filling out claims, and reduce the risk of error. As a final note, here are some tips and strategies for better surgery billing:

1. Organize your paperwork: A simple but essential step.

2. Document visits and procedures scrupulously.

3. Understand insurance coverage: if you don’t know what insurance covers or does not cover, your job will be more difficult.

4. Don’t let denials get to you: often it is a frustrating and complex process, but there are appeals and coverage in place to protect your claims as long as they are valid.

5. Use all available resources, be it software or an external agency.

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New 3D Laser Dimensional Scanning & Weighing System by Walz

Laser scanning is the fastest technology to acquire 3D images for many different applications. Integrated with specialized software, 3D-generated laser technology has become a key component to today’s latest dimensional scanning and weighing systems.3d laser dimensional scanning and weighing

There are many different technologies that utilize dimensional scanning and weighing, but probably the most advanced systems are dimensioning solutions offered by Walz. By using Walz 3D laser dimensioning technology, shipping and carriers can freely combine PC software integration that can plug-in to most popular carriers. To protect themselves from the incurred cost of underestimating shipping costs for lightweight yet large items, shipping companies calculate charges based on the greater measurement between the actual gross of the package and the volumetric weight of the package, assuming that particular package meets a certain threshold size.

Static Dimensional Scanner

For smaller firms, the SPS system from Walz (“Static Package Scanner”) is ideal for POS desk, shipping/sending out and other warehouse operations, and any organizations looking for an accurate and inexpensive dimensional weighing system. But best of it, you can use this scanner to integrate with other shipping carriers and systems. How come, you may ask?

Today, it seems like even when you find a technology for 3D laser dimensional weighing and scanning, it lacks the needed integration you really need. The most important integration is the integration with shipping carriers. And here’s where Walz Scale really shines. Even more, Walz offers a number of highly-advanced systems and technologies for shipping companies needing an accurate dimensioning system for pallets and large freight operations.

Affordable Dimensional Scanning & Weighing Solutions

Dimensioning SystemsWalz really shines when it comes to ERP and WMS integration. This integration is included in an affordable dimensional scanning and weighing system from Walz. Even though this technology was too expensive for most carriers, with Walz this technology is not expensive anymore. Now, carriers can freely connect to the Internet and integrate with other shipping companies, including DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT and many others, which is an excellent feature.

Even though such dimensional scanning and weighing systems were unavailable before for most small companies, it’s very inexpensive now. Another area where businesses often hung up is the quality of components. For example, most scanners were made out of cheap materials. Walz system is based on a thick aluminium, which is perfect for industrial settings.

A New Standard In Dimensioning Systems

3D laser scanning technology is not a magic, even though the dimensioning systems that make it possible are very advanced. Behind this innovative technology, there’s a lot of knowledge, research and experience that makes the laser scanning technology seem so easy and simple to end users. If you are unfamiliar with the terms 3D laser scanning and point clouds, these are good terms to know.

3D laser scanning, in the first place, is a non-contact technology that digitally captures the form of physical objects using a line of laser light. Then, 3D laser scanner creates the so-called points of data from the surface of an object. Thus, 3D scanner simply captures a physical object’s exact size and shape into the world as a digital representation.

3D laser scanner measures fine details and capture formless shapes to quickly generate highly accurate the so-called point clouds. This technology is ideally suited to the inspection of complex geometries and shapes which require huge amounts of data for their accurate description.

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Leading Medical Billing Companies for FQHC Billing Services

medical fqhc billersThe FQHC billing process is not distinct from other forms of medical billing, but also very complicated and difficult for many federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) and community health center (CHCs) to grasp. In short, FQHC billing includes a wide range of additional complications from other medical billing types, like sliding fees schedules, minimum payments, and getting qualified coders and billers.

There’s no doubt that FQHC billing is both challenging and complex for office staff to handle successfully and seamlessly. For this reason, it requires a high level of experience and expertise to handle fluidly. Consequently, nearly all FQHCs outsource their needs to expert FQHC billing companies, or employ FQHC billers, to improve the patient billing processes. If you’re prospective parties like these, below are three leading medical billing companies that specialize in providing comprehensive FQHC billing services.

1. Practice Management Practice Management

Practice Management is one of the medical billing companies with enough experience to improve your FQHC billing. The company is well-versed in offering professional Federally Qualified Health Center billing services. They struggle to provide you with the most streamlined and advantageous FQHC billing experience. The company has a confirmed track record in reducing payment turn-around time as well as maximizing revenue.

Their experienced staff offers physician billing service(s) for all aspects of CHC billing, coding, and FQHC billing. These include Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance for dental, behavioral health, and medical claims. Besides, the company has bilingual care representatives for the expediency of their customers. The company provides FQHC Billing, CHC Billing, and FQHC Look-Alike Billing.

As an FQHC billing company, Practice Management employs specialists in billing for all medical specialties that usually offer services for FQHCs and CHCs include. These include Cardiology, Dental, Advanced Practice Nurses, OB/GYN, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Physician Assistants, Behavioral Health, and Pediatrics.

The company is one of the leading FQHC Billing service providers. The company is fully committed to satisfying their clients while complying with all the applicable and published Federal, local and state statutes, laws, and regulations.

As a premier medical billing company, they promote ethical and legal business practice throughout their organization, within the community and with their customers. Work with this company and rest assured that you will get ethical and reliable services, and maximize the benefits of your FQHC Billing experience.

2. Synergy Billing Synergy Billing

Synergy Billing is one of the premier FQHC billing companies in the industry. The company has the finest collection rates for Community Health Center (CHC) and Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) billing.

The company has the most efficient methods of collecting all the dollars for their customers` FQHC. Their staff is skillfully trained, and their down to business approach to getting FQHC billing claims paid from the first submission has actually helped them to achieve a confirmed track record of victory.

The Synergy Billing philosophy is to offer quality services at the most affordable prices. They have a shared interest in making the most of revenue; therefore, they provide other value added services that work towards their goal of making the most out of their customers` FQHC billing revenue.

3. Precise Medical Billing Inc. Precise Medical Billing

Precise Medical Billing Inc. is a practice management organization that offers FQHC billing services. The company has more than 30 years of experience. The company provides services & solutions to expedite insurance claims reimbursement.

The mission behind Precise Medical Billing Inc. is to help their customers in perfecting their whole scope of medical billing process through amplified awareness of correct billing coding, techniques, compliance & knowledge of present industry guidelines. Their main focus is to maximize the income of their customers for all services offered.

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Shop Land Pride Parts & Replacement Blades at German Bliss

German BlissOnce solely a central Illinois dealer for landscaping equipment, machinery, and utility vehicles (like tractors, lawn mowers, ATVs, and skid steers,) German Bliss has grown to now becoming one of the leading online retailers for replacement parts and mower blades from many leading brands, particularly Land Pride.

With the Internet’s most comprehensive inventory of replacement parts and mower blades, coupled with a quick and dependable customer service and delivery, German Bliss has evolved from a local business to an online role model among ecommerce store.

Why Shop German Bliss of Land Pride Parts & Blades

Easy to search and navigate interface of German Bliss’ online parts store provides you with complete specifications and details of any Land Pride parts you need. If by any chance you need additional information or can’t find the specific Land Pride replacement part or blade you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact the German Bliss hotline service and their professional staff will provide you with the information you need. Also, you can email the company about any special needs or requests, and German Bliss get in touch with you within a day, or less.

Land PrideAmong the newest additions to the German Bliss inventory are replacement blades and mower parts for Land Pride, a company well established on the U.S. soil. Founded in 1986, Land Pride was always working for its customers. Coming from Kansas and employing people from agriculture background, Land Pride knows how to make their products worth the money.

Every piece that is manufactured in Kansas obliges standards and regulations. The products that are made in Land Pride facilities are built to endure harsh and unforeseen conditions, meaning, everything is built to last. German Bliss follows a similar philosophy of quality, and as result, there were no second thoughts about the Land Pride partnership.

Huge Selection of Land Pride Replacement Parts

online orderingGerman Bliss now offers the variety of Land Pride replacement parts and blades for zero turn mowers, finishing mowers, flail mowers, and backhoes, to name just a few in its Land Pride parts warehouse. Some of the types of equipment (both Land Pride and other brands) that you can order from German Bliss include wood chippers, all purpose seeders, pallet forks, hydraulic drive post hole diggers, rotary tillers and even snow blowers. Check the entire Land Pride parts offering on the website where you will find a complete list of products with images and assembly instructions.

Because German Bliss understands how essential time is for every customer, the company has made strides to optimize its support and delivery service. The German Bliss team works round the clock to meet any of its customers’ needs in order to maintain the trust they have gained over the 74 years of being in business.

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Nerds On Call: More Than Just A Local Computer Repair Shop

Nerds on Call of Peoria ILIf you are in need of experienced computer repair services in Peoria, Illinois, then visit or contact Nerds on Call. The company is comprised of a team of dedicated professionals who can help you fix a wide range of computer problems. Nerds on Call specialize in all types of computer repairs ranging from Apple/Mac repairs to PC repairs.

The computer repair company has its headquarters in Peoria while offering four other locations in central Illinois. This allows Nerds on Call to offer timely and convenient computer services to local customers, as well as virus removal and computer optimization clients who do not live in the local central Illinois area. Their experts can actually fix and repair most common computer problems remotely, implying that you won’t have to leave the comfort of your home to enjoy their services.

Specialized & Comprehensive Computer Services

Nerds on call are more than just another computer repair shop in Peoria. Their team of experts can correctly troubleshoot and fix issues with other kind of electronics and technologies. This includes personal devices such as video game console, iPads and iPods among repair

Their team of repair technicians is also highly trained and experienced at providing you with virus removal services. The team will also help you in installing the best virus protection software for your computer or personal laptop. The company also offers computer optimization services.

The company understands that most computer problems are internal. They therefore offer remote services for more convenient and timely services. Customers can decide to take advantage of either on-site or remote computer repair services.

Experts in IT Solutions IT support consultant

Nerds on call also offer IT consulting services. They understand that your organization depends heavily on technology, and if your technology is failing to fully support your organization, then there can be a negative impact on productivity. Their highly trained IT experts will ensure that all your IT systems are aligned with their processes and objectives.

Their competitive pricing, timely reaction, excellent customer service and huge experience is what set them apart from all other players in the industry. The team of technology and computer experts at Facet Technologies and Nerds on Call have over 150 years of combined experience in the industry. They leave no stone unturned until they exceed customers’ expectations. To them, customers’ interests always come first. The company also offers periodical discounts and all its services are accompanied by a 100% money back guarantee.

Well-Versed Technology Specialists

computer hardware repairTogether as part of the Facet Technologies, Inc. family of technology solution providers, the experts at Nerds on Call are adept to the many different computer brands and technologies. The company has therefore partnered with leading technology companies such as Toshiba, Microsoft, Lenovo and Intel among others. This ensures that they use original products for their entire repair work.

Whether your iPod screen is broken and needs repairing or there is a nasty computer virus that is preventing your operating system from running smoothly, Nerds on Call repair shop is capable of dealing with a wide range of needs. They have established a reputation of providing timely, convenient and affordable services to both the area residents and non-residents.

Nerds on Call Headquarters in Peoria, IL:

Nerds on Call
4906 N. University
Peoria, IL 61614
Phone: (309) 689-3900

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An Inside Look at PFREUNDT On-board Weighing Systems

PFREUNDT has become a staple in the world of on-board weighing systems, not just in its native Germany, but also around the world, especially in North America. On-board weighing technology has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years, and at the center of this great revolution are companies like PFREUNDT, whose unique line on-board weighing systems now enjoy global appeal. PFREUNDT

So, what are PFREUNDT on-board weighing systems? What underpins their obvious importance in today’s on-board truck scales in the world?

The Unique Technology In PFREUNDT On-Board Scales

Granted, there are many global companies fighting for the on-board weighing scales space, but PFREUNDT stands head and shoulders above its competitors by having exclusive access to unique technology that makes its system significantly better than what its competition has to offer. Because of this technology, PFREUNDT on-board scales are of much better quality, more accurate, very affordable, and offer access to a global network of service centers.

Pfreundt-on-board-WeighingThis brand of on-board truck scales offers integrated connectivity through software platforms like Payload Pro Software from Walz Scale, which allows configuration of the system for use with mobile devices such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Users can even have Internet-based access to the weighing data. Although less advanced PFREUNDT weighing systems may lack this handy feature, they still offer digital monitoring capabilities.

These on-board scale also offer wireless transmission technology, so that communication of accurate weighing data is maintained all through. The wireless option is in-built into the on-board scales, which means that there is no need to use special software installed on to a mobile device in order to get the wireless transmission option. Users of this on-board weighing system also have access to other technological conveniences such the PFREUNDT web portal.

How PFREUNDT On-board Works on-board weighing scale

PFREUNDT on-board scale company offers weighing systems for a broad range of applications. Transporters, miners, farmers, and other professions requiring the use of trucks to transport heavy items can make use of this weighing technology. The good thing about these systems is that they are mobile, and this means that trucks do not have to get loaded, go to designated weighing stations, then get the weight adjusted to meet axle load requirements – all this can be done at the loading site, thanks to these on-board weighing scales. This saves costs as well as time.

The on-board weighing systems are also especially easy to use. The installation is pretty simple, as is the servicing. The systems are also very easy to operate, unlike former weighing systems. Additionally, these systems represent substantial cost savings because of their size. This is why they have grown in popularity in North America and elsewhere in the globe. PFREUNDT on-board scale are also sturdily constructed to handle the rough environments in which they are to be used.


PFREUNDT has definitely managed to make a name for itself in the on-board scales market by creating an innovative product that has completely revolutionized this industry.

The quality of PFREUNDT on-board scales is unrivaled, and so are the technological conveniences that come with this top-class weighing system. It is not surprising, therefore, that PFREUNDT on-board weighing systems have become popular around the world. For more information, please visit

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Making The Most of Your Bush Hog Equipment

Bush HogThose of us who own Bush Hog equipment know that they’re useful and powerful machines capable of clearing a field or tilling the earth and almost anything in between. Yet, you’ll often see people online with issues regarding their Bush Hog equipment, asking questions and seeking advice.

From which model of Bush Hog mowers to buy to how to keep your Bush Hog tiller running its absolute best, these questions run the entire gamut from the simple to the more complex. In this article, we’ll go over some tips and tricks for making sure that your Bush Hog equipment goes the distance and outlasts the rest.

How You Use Your Bush Hog Matters

For each Bush Hog, there’s a place every owner should start: the owner’s manual. While this oft overlooked resource may not be the first place you want to turn when beginning, it is essential to get a good understanding of your specific piece of equipment.

Whether it’s a Bush Hog rotary cutter or a Bush Hog finishing mower, you need to know the specifications and recommended usage requirements for your own. Also included are any necessary legal requirements you might need to know as well as safety concerns to keep in mind. Many of these manuals are now online too, so there’s no excuse in foregoing a review of them to get a sense for how to treat your Bush Hog.

Once you’ve looked over the manual, there are a few other aspects to keep in mind for using your Bush Hog correctly. One of the most important is to choose the right piece of equipment for the right job. When using Bush Hog equipment, especially when you own multiple types, it’s critical to the life of the machine, as well as your safety in many cases, to use the piece of Bush Hog equipment specifically designed for the job at hand.

Failing to do so, can cause failure and costly repairs. Another factor to consider is where your Bush Hog is stored, as well as the physical environment you use it in. While a Bush Hog is made to be rugged and hold up to heavy work, submerging it in water or leaving it out to the elements can damage it significantly.

Taking Care of Preventive Maintenance

Bush Hog finishing mowerLike any piece of equipment, your Bush Hog will work its best when it has routine maintenance performed. To start, get in the habit of regularly reviewing your piece of equipment before and after each use. This decreases the chance that if something is becoming an issue, you’ll miss it.

Examples might include a leak that needs repair or a cover that has come undone. As you inspect your Bush Hog, check all its shields and fluid levels. Doing so let’s you catch any problems before they get serious. Also take a moment to walk your property and remove anything that may damage your machine within its path.

Lastly, to ensure your Bush Hog is getting the level of maintenance it really needs, you’ll also want to keep a list of regular replacements. By keeping track of when you change the fluid, but also when the last time was that you swapped out a Bush Hog mower blade for example, you’ll be able to know exactly when to replace a part in question. Making sure the proper Bush Hog replacement parts are replaced regularly, as well as practicing the other tips in this guide, acts as a form of insurance against common problems that might otherwise impact Bush Hog equipment and the task you need done.

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The Most Advanced Industrial Weighing Technology of 2015

When working in the industries of mining, agriculture, construction, public works and other industrial sectors, companies need the most advanced and state-of-the-art industrial weighing technology to maximize efficiency, increase throughput, and stay ahead of the competition.

haul truck scale


Those in these industries require solutions that are practical as well as expressly accurate and reliable. The following will guide you through the most advanced industrial weighing technologies of 2015.

In-Motion Rail Scales

For those that are in need of permanent and durable installations, in-motion rail scales (or in-motion rail car weighing systems) are an ideal option. These portable railroad scales able to provide highly accurate weights for rail cars and locomotives both dynamically and statically.

in-motion rail car weigh scales are able to ensure exceptional and top-notch outputs even in the most unfavorable environments and weather conditions. This systems are able to eliminate the need of track modifications due to the bolt-in design that it features.

In-Motion rail scales additionally offer a dynamic weighing function that is able to ensure more expedient weighing and exceptional accuracies of all rail assets. This is a system that is definitive must-have for any farmer or producer.

On-Board Truck Scales scale readout on-board truck scales

On-board truck scales allow mining companies and other industrial users to measure and track vehicle weights, which eliminates the need for an external scale. Given that these scales are on-board the truck, they are among the most efficient for advanced industrial weighing.

On-board truck scales, such as those offered by Walz Scale, host a hydraulic pressure system that is able to ensure the accurate capture of all weights. Their display is compact and small while the display is able to deliver an ideal interface in order for it to be located within the truck. They are expressly easy to install, requiring no professional assistance or added fees.

In-Motion Portable Axle Scales  in-motion axle scale portable

This scale type was developed as an alternative to larger truck scales. In-Motion portable axle scales deliver a weighing option that is extremely easy while allowing for quick weight inputs. Additionally, the scales allow for the reduction or elimination of overload fines, while being robust yet thoroughly portable due to it being battery operated.

These in-motion axle scales are integrated with a weight ticket printer that enables users to print tickets for each vehicle that is weighed. See the video below to get a view on how in-motion portable axle scales function.

Load Scanner

load scanner towerAlthough the load scanner system is not considered an actual scale unit, it is incredibly fast, simple to install and impeccably accurate. It is able to incorporate loaf scanner technology that is world class while providing users with large scale weighing and payload management solutions that are both heavy duty and cost effective. The load scanner is able to develop a 3 dimensional volume image that can be calculated into weight as well as track truck loads.

It is integrated with the software platform of the Payload Pro Operating System which is compatible on all computers and mobile devices. It is this proprietary software platform that allows for operators to monitor, manage and track load scan data.

An innovative aspect to the method of payload management was spawned with the advent of the volumetric load scanner. This is a scanning system that offers an idyllic solution for the volumetric measuring of bulk materials that have been loaded onto a vehicle. Below is the industry-leading load scanner system by Walz Scale.

This form of capacity scanning technology is a tool that allows operators the ability to determine optimal and accurate load volumes through the generation of 3 dimensional imaginings of the truck bed. They utilize laser scanning technology that is advanced and can be placed to usage in a variant of operations that include the following: demolition, mining, construction and more.

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SEO Site Audits: What to Expect

seo site auditA grave challenge that has plagued the SEO community is the utter lack of standards that surround the scope and quality of work. There is a vast spectrum of SEO consultants and agencies that tend to utilize similar words in order to describe different processes and deliverables. One of the most abused of these deliverables and processes is the SEO site audit.

In order for companies to truly protect their SEO investment, they will need to have a firm understanding as to what to expect from a comprehensive SEO site audit. This will also entail which questions will need to be asked in order to better ensure that the business of receiving the scope and quality it requires.

What Are SEO Site Audits?

An SEO site audit generally marks the very beginning of a firm’s search engine marketing engagement with a (prospective) client. The goal of the audit is to identify the opportunities and challenges that a website may have to increase SEO performance. Google Webmaster Tools SEO Audit

The input is the company’s access to certain search tools such as Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, and other performance platforms. When this information has been combined with SEO experience and knowledge, a proper SEO professional will have what they need in order to analyze the site while documenting a strategy for improving organic search performance.

Essentail Components of SEO Site Audits

An SEO Audit that is complete will contain a minimum of three sections, which are as follows:

  • Analyzing of the opportunities and challenges for a website’s technical fluidity
  • Assessing the site’s content and proper use of keywords
  • Backlink health, topical relevancy, and authority

Keep in mind that there are times when these components are divided into completely separate audit documents. No audit project can be considered complete without thoroughly addressing all of the areas listed above due to the fact that they are expressly interconnected. The documented analysis of the audit is crucially important for a handful of reasons, which are as follows:

  • A detailed analysis of the company’s current situation that is able to build trust in the work that is to be done between the SEO firm/consultant and the client’s team.
  • A strategy for the improvement of SEO as well as the next steps that are needed for the implementation of the strategy. This strategy will need to address authority, content and technical opportunities in proportion to their value with a particular focus on the areas that will contain the greatest impact on the SEO performance of the company.

For this reason, it’s important to work with SEO providers who specialized in certain aspects of SEO and search marketing. For instance, if you’re looking for ecommerce-specific SEO services, then consult with a company that provides ecommerce SEO site audits, such as The same rule applies for local SEO, PPC advertising, and other forms of search marketing.

Strategic Insights for a Future SEO Program

It is clear that a proper SEO audit needs both a prioritized action plan as well as a strategy. The strategy will build off of the analysis that has been completed in order to identify how the client’s business will be able to capitalize on opportunities for the improvement of their organic search brand impressions, conversions and visits.

The prioritized action plan is able to break down the SEO strategy into projects that are discreet or deliverables that can be placed into an agreeable timeline and thoroughly executed. Furthermore, to make yourself more confident that you will be receiving precisely what your company needs for a SEO firm or professional, consider asking questions that pertain to how they perform and analyze audits as well as previous strategies and plans and their results with other clients.

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The Top 5 Bank Vault Doors for High-Profile Financial Institutions

bank vault doors for saleBank vault doors are the first barriers in protecting tangible assets and capital from any criminals and security breaches. For high-profile banks and financial institutions, modern bank vault doors offer a high amount of security and are often paramount to providing peace of mind among customers.

Using the latest technology, many bank vault doors of today can be made impenetrable to any external force. Here is a look at the top five bank vault doors that are leading the market today.

1. Brown Safe Monument Vault Door

This round vault door from Brown Safe is considered to be one of the finest and sturdiest of bank vault products. Brown Safe is a company that is known to make only high quality models and with the vault door they do not disappoint.

It offers the latest security countermeasures and is customizable in every way. It offers an integrated security hub with a Hepa 13 rated chemical and radiation resistance system. A fire containment unit and power generator is also included.

2. M3T Corporation Modular Vault Door

Both government and private agencies use the modular vault doors of M3T extensively. They offer doors in all shapes and sizes for customers. Design and efficiency are maximized through use of the most modern technology. The products are engineered to meet the highest standards.

Each modular vault door from M3T Corporation is made of high strength concrete and rebar that is set in steel frame to ensure maximum strength and flexibility. They also use modern methods that do away with the traditional welding technology. Hence it is a ‘green’ approach that does not harm the environment in any way.

3. Hamilton Safe Class V Vault Door Hamilton Safe Bank Vault Door

The Class V vault door by Hamilton Safe is an amazing product that is a great choice for all security agencies. It is approved by all federal agencies and meets all the necessary engineering standards. Banks, precious metal brokers, financial institutions and pharmaceuticals can all make use of it.

This bank vault door for sale, which is available at most high-end bank vault suppliers, provides 30 man minutes against covert entry and gives you enough time to bring in reinforcements. Hamilton Safe has a number of vault door products and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

4. Vault Pro USA Professional Series

Vault Pro is a manufacturer of high quality American made vaults and safe doors. They are all handmade by skilled craftsmen and are one of the top products you will find in the market. The Professional Series is their best models and it offers many exciting features.Security magnum extreme

Vault Pro offers a 14 bolt locking system that makes forced entry pretty much impossible. You will also find a 40 minute fire door and dual relocker. The colors are customizable and you can choose the one that you require.

5. Smith Security Magnum Vault Door Extreme

Smith Security is another company that is well known for the manufacture of safes and vault doors. The Magnum Vault Door Extreme is probably their sturdiest model and has been built to withstand any form of external breaking attempts.

This bank vault door is mounted on an 8” iron frame with the thickness being 4”. It is impossible to cut with a welding torch. It is also possible to make it out of stainless steel, offering the highest level of protection.

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