The Science of Massage Therapy

massageStudies have shown that even a single massage session can have numerous physical, emotional, and even psychological benefits. As the number of benefits of massage therapy grows, so does the number of the people seeking a massage therapist for a more balanced lifestyle. Below we highlight some of the benefits of massage therapy from a wide range of perspectives

Relieves Stress

Taking care of your body should be a top priority. Adding massage therapy to your routine will make you look and feel younger and healthier. Stress relief alone is believed to improve vitality and state of mind. Prepare for a long, happy life by relaxing and relieving stress. This is also a great way to combat daily pressures and anxiety. Additionally, it reduces pain, increases energy levels, and improves overall physical and athletic performance as well as mental output.

Relieves Tension Headaches

More than half of Americans who suffer from chronic headaches experience migraines. This debilitating disorder is caused by high stress levels or lack of sleep or both. This is why many people strive to relieve tension headaches. In treating tension headaches and migraines, massage treatments are carried out regularly to help the body achieve and maintain stress-free, optimal level of relaxation.

The massage therapy approach generally reduces the chances of tension headaches and migraine attacks by relaxing muscle spasms. Focusing on the shoulder, neck, and head decreases the pain and discomfort caused by migraine and tension headaches.

Encourages Relaxation massage therapy

The body may produce a buildup of hormones when under pressure, such as working to meet deadlines or when stuck in traffic. Dangerous levels of the stress hormone cortisol may cause headaches, sleeplessness and digestive problems. Massage therapy decreases cortisol in your body, allowing it to relax and enter a rest-and-recovery mode. This effect lingers long after the therapy session is over, triggering chemistry responses to produce lasting feelings of relaxation, improved mood, and lowered stress.

Some of the benefits of improved relaxation include:

  • Reinforces positive attitude
  • Improves mental outlook
  • Enhances calm, relaxed and creative thinking
  • Allows for much better handling of daily-life pressure
  • Promotes relaxed state of mental alertness

Relaxes Muscles

Overly exuberant exercise sessions cause muscle soreness. However, most Americans often experience muscle, neck and back pain from other less-strenuous activities like sitting. In fact, chronic back pain often results from improper posture, sitting or standing. In addition to poor posture, carrying extra weight and repetitive movements can put a lot of strain on the back, causing tense muscles, spasms, and pain in the back, hips, and glutes.

Relaxing tense muscles increases flexibility and encourages blood flow to increase the supply of oxygen and essential nutrients. This activity not only reduces stiffness and swelling, but also increases flexibility to aid in eliminating pain. Depending on the type of massage therapy also releases endorphins, boosts the level of serotonin and all the hormones the body produces to help one feel good. It also promotes pain management and healing, and calms the nerves.

Improves Posture

Hunching forward or slouching causes the body to be improperly aligned. Poor posture forces some muscles to work too hard, leaving others weak. Massage can help loosen muscles made sore from poor posture and allow the body to retain its natural, pain-free posture. So find the perfect massage therapist in your area, and enjoy the amazing benefits of massage therapy.

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Top Lawn Mower Manufacturers for a Professional Landscaper’s Finish

Top Lawn Mower ManufacturersThere are a number of lawn mowers that are available on the market. The various types of lawn mowers vary in terms of quality and finish, however a handful of top mower manufacturers all seem to provide a great cut.

Every manufacturer will have a different customization of their mowers. There are some common brands that you can expect to find at almost any reputable dealer of lawn mowers. These brands of lawn mowers below are known for specific features and functionality.

1. Bush Hog Bush Hog

The Bush Hog lawn mowers are well built to last long in rough conditions, even if they are being used more frequently. For that, they would fit well in places that there is no any service around. Also, it is built to serve in areas where productivity is needed in multiple amounts. Many people like hobby farmers, ranchers as well as farmers rely on Bush Hog mowers for their unmatched performance. They are durable, efficient and tough to use on the farm and they can also mow over 30 million acres in a year. Others will be able to be strong for up to 30 years. And because this brand of lawn mowers is so prolific, it’s easy to find replacement parts for Bush Hog mowers.

2. ExMark ExMark Mowers

The ExMark lawn mowers are also another set of reliable mowers that you can find on the market. They have been made to enhance the productivity and profitability of the farm. The mowers are also designed with the zero-turn technology. Most of the ExMark mowers are the walk-behind, which is suitable for most of the domestic farmers. There are some types of ExMark mowers like the EFI, Electronic Fuel Injection with the E-Gov, which has been made to get rid of governor droop. This helps to sustain the RPM of the engine and the speed of the blade.

3. Toro Toro

Toro is among the top lawn mowers that are known to be developed with the zero-turn technology. This helps to make the mowing process more efficient. These mowers have also been designed to handle the tough conditions and the terrains that are challenging, while sustaining the quality of the cut. You should have no problem finding a reputable Toro dealer in your area.

Land Pride4. Land Pride

If you need a set of land lawn mowers that would comfortably make your land look elegant, then the Land Pride are the best mowers to select. They are designed with an independent flotation of the deck along with the zero-turn technology. Which makes the land super elegant in the long run. Land Pride has an honest reputation in the industry for making some of the top-quality mowers for homeowners and landscapers alike.

5. Bosch

Bosch MowersBosch lawn mowers are also among the most popular brands on the market. They offer a reliable performance that pleases the farmers. They are meant to deal with the tall grass, and will comfortably cut them in the most elegant manner. They are capable of turning a bush of tall grass into a beautiful levelled gold-type lawn. Bosch mower are also durable throughout the process of mowing, which is another aspect that make them the farmers’ favorite. There are also some Bosch mowers that are cordless, since they use batteries to mow, so this is another special feature about them.

All these lawn mowers have specific features, which make them special in their own way. They are all capable of handling different situations without having any challenges. A good thing about them is that they are all easy to use.

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United Facilities Redefines Total Supply Chain Solutions

If you are looking for total supply chain solutions, there is one company that is redefining the industry standard in logistics and supply chain management. That company is United Facilities, an Illinois-based third party logistics company with 12 distribution warehouses positioned all over the U.S.distribution warehouse

Since 1953 when the company started providing warehousing solutions for various business, United Facilities became a pioneer in third-party logistics and distribution solutions. The company has not only developed new systems to revolutionize the logistics industry, but the company has expanded its reach to meet in warehousing and distribution demands nationwide.

Now United Facilities is able to offer full-service supply chain solutions for a wide variety of companies. These solutions include: warehousing and fulfillment, packaging, transportation, information technology, and other value added services.

Warehousing and Fulfillment

This service is core to any logistics company and a service that United Facilities first started when they were a single warehousing company. Now that they are much larger, they offer many customized warehouses that can be streamlined and configured to the customers needs. They have their own expert staff that can provide consultancy on inventory management and fill rates, enabling a company to reduce product waste and improve timekeeping.

They have food grade distribution warehouses and temperature controlled storage for those that need them and full security on all of their warehouses. As befits a highly technical company they provide RFID (radio frequency bar coding) and barcoding as well as full online inventory tracking. This logistics and storage software is combined with a full EDI (electronic data interface) software packages as well as computerized purchasing and customer service administration. Obviously for the managers there is a performance management module.

AIB certification and special labelling can be managed and as appropriate our warehousing meets FDA approval.packaging warehouse

Packaging Services

United Facilities are so experienced with supply chain solutions that they can offer most types of packaging. From point of sale to shrink wrap, from store pallets to custom grocery displays they can provide it for you, show you how to do it or package it for you.

Transportation Solutions

Transportation solutions have been core to United Facilities logistics management solutions. The company is now an advanced third party logistics provider and will facilitate relationships that will see the safe and secure delivery of your products.

Advanced Technology Technology-based Logistics Warehouse

United Facilities have people, hardware, software and networks to operate both turnkey and customized industry standard logistic systems. The systems can be tailored to the customer’s needs including integrating with their existing ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems. Business continuity is also planned for with multi site technical platforms and built in redundancies.

Value Added Services

United Facilities follows a process of Continuous Improvement (CI). A culture built into all of the company where they strive to continually improve products and services. These changes may be incremental or may take effect almost immediately.

Not only do they use Continuous Improvement in their own company but they also champion it with their customers. Needless to say, their customers feel the benefit and have reported increases in profit margins and speed of service.

The company’s standard of service and breadth of solutions has enabled United Facilities to advanced its supply chain solutions to the next level.

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German Bliss: Peoria’s Source for Lawn Equipment Products & Service

German Bliss of East Peoria, IL is a local dealer of tractors, lawn mowers, and other property and landscape equipment. However, many area residents and business owners are not aware the German Bliss is also a comprehensive provider of tractor, small engine, and lawn mower repair in Peoria, IL.

German BlissSince 1988, German Bliss has been providing high quality repair services to various customers in throughout the central Illinois area. The company is an authorized, full-line power equipment dealer for Kubota Tractors, utility vehicles, lawn and landscaping equipment, zero turn mower, and various other forms of equipment such as blowers, trimmers, chain saws, and edgers, to name a few.

Apart from offering product sales and repair services, the professional team at German Bliss also offers various specialized services to their loyal customers. Among the most popular of these services is parts and equipment rentals for short term needs. German Bliss also hosts to a wide range of makes and models of lawn equipment, including Bush Hog, Kubota, Polaris, Toro, New Holland, Woods, Land Pride, and much more.

Learn more below about some of the specialties and product lines offered at German Bliss, or visit the website regarding lawn mower repair in Peoria IL.

Comprehensive Equipment Solutions for Many Different Needs

German Bliss specializes in the Kubota tractor line along with other short-line equipment, making them the leader in homeowner lawn care equipment, commercial mowing and landscaping. They are a true leader in the industry because of many reasons. Of course, among these are their wide range of services and their excellent customer service.small engine repair

They offer diverse services to their clients. Aside from being a supplier of lawn care, construction and agricultural equipment in central Illinois, they are also a supplier of NAPA heavy-duty car, truck and light parts. They also offer delivery services for the convenience of their customers.

Indeed, German-Bliss is a company driven by customer satisfaction. They care for their clients so they make sure that they provide nothing but high quality repair services. You can also shop their online parts store for replacement parts and components for a wide range of equipment spanning from SnowEx spreader parts to Gehl parts for skid loaders.

Peoria’s Leader for Specialized Service, Support, & Equipment

German Bliss is a diversified company because of another specialization and this is the fabrication/welding division. Among the services that it can offer are truck boxes and implement repairs; and various specialty fabricating projects.

In addition to this, the State of Illinois also has certified German-Bliss Equipment with an Illinois Truck Testing Station. Here, they can test thousands of trailers, buses and trucks annually to make sure that all state regulations are met.lawn mower repair

Whether you are a business owner, farm owner, or simply a homeowner, you will surely benefit from the comprehensive services of German Bliss. You can simply call them to avail their services. But if you want to see their showroom personally, you can visit them during office hours.

Your business only deserves the best services and equipment so you must entrust it to an industry leader like German Bliss of East Peoria, IL. With them, you are assured of high quality and excellent repair services.

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Top 10 Professions in Tech: A List for the Career-Curious

The rapid increase in the use of technology has led to the growth of the industry thus creating uncountable job opportunities. Most professions in the field of IT (Information Technology) require an undergraduate degree in a computer related field such as Computer science and Information Technology.

However, in some cases, it’s more about what you can prove, and less about having a degree. If you are seeking to venture into a career in tech, below are the top 10 technology professions that are thriving.

1. IT manager/consultantIT Jobs

An IT manager or IT consultant calls for an individual to work with a team and make sure that computer systems are set up and maintained accordingly. An IT manager is also expected to technology related advice to business in order to help them grow. There are many opportunities in this particular profession, spanning from outsourced small business IT consultants to enterprise-level IT managers.

2. Mobile application developer

Mobile application developers are responsible for developing application software for handheld devices. These devices include personal digital assistants (PDA) and mobile phones. This creative tech career is thriving and growing rapidly.

3. Web developer

web designerWeb developers design, code and modify websites to suit the needs of their client. They determine the performance of a website and does all the back-end work. Website designers are the ones who maintain and make tweaks to an already developed website.

4. Software developers

These are the people behind all the software used in running various devices. Their responsibilities include developing applications for various computer devices and also reviewing, testing and maintaining existing systems.

5. Network manager

A network manager controls access of a network within a given organization. Duties include setting up user accounts, monitoring system use and providing technical support. This is closely aligned with IT managers, however sometimes more responsibility is deligated to tasks and acting as a IT staffing company.

6. Computer systems administrator

These are the people who do all the hands-on job of ensuring that the computers are in perfect working condition. Some of their roles include data backup, data recovery, maintaining web-servers and local area networks. Their roles however differ from one organization to another.

7. Database administrator

Every institution, business and even governments handle large amounts of data thus requiring a database. This is where a database administrator comes into action. Their work is to maintain the integrity, performance and security of a database.

8. Computer systems analyst

Computer systems analysts usually come up with recommendations to address data processing problems. They analyze the problem at hand and draft a written proposal that indicates all the steps that will be taken to solve the problem including the costs breakdown.

9. Computer programmer

A computer programmer is required to have good knowledge of one or several programming languages. Their work entails rewriting, debugging, testing and maintaining programs and software that are vital to computer functions. This profession requires a lot of patience and perseverance, and it helps to have some experience with remote virus removal on computers and other specialized tasks.

10. Information security analyst

Their role is to plan and implement security measures in order to protect security on computer systems, data and networks. They are the ones who deal with cyber-attacks, hackers and other criminals planning to steal information or tamper with computer networks. Other responsibilities include training staff on security procedures, installing firewalls and data encryption.

As technology continues to grow, more tech professions are being created. The ten tech professions listed are currently the best and they have great salaries too. Get yourself acquainted and you might get the right tech profession for you.

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How Wooden Play Kitchens Help Raise Intelligent Human Beings

wooden play kitchen toddlerIf you’re seeking a unique type of toy for your growing youngster, wooden play kitchens for kids are simple yet highly powerful choice that’s often overlooked by most parents.

In general, wooden toys for kids are highly beneficial for numerous reasons. But wooden play kitchens are the pinnacle in that they help foster play that promotes relentless creativity, and in essence, fosters intelligent human beings.

Cognitive Benefits of Wooden Play Kitchen

The wooden play kitchen sets allow the proper amount of stimulation for children without it being overdone. It has been widely proven that some of the most simple toys help to develop cognitive as well as problem solving skills (unlike over-stimulating electronic toys that can actually lend to passiveness in children.) Some of the cognitive developmental benefits of natural wooden toys are as follows. wooden kitchen set

  • Wooden play kitchens help kids practice patience when sharing with other kids, or waiting for their creations to finish baking in the oven.
  • Because wooden play kitchens are complex sets with many features, they can increased attention span for hours on end.
  • Kids can enhance their motor and movement skills by utilizing the many features that these play kitchens have to offer.
  • In addition to helping kids learn to become more organization, wooden play kitchens also help encourage the development of kids’ spatial awareness.
  • Wooden play kitchen sets also help with finger dexterity in growing toddlers.

Health & Developmental Benefits of Wooden Play Kitchens

kids wooden play kitchenIt is much more beneficial for the development of children that they refrain from consistent use of natural toys for toddlers that essentially do all of the work for them. Just as our parents and grandparents gained increased knowledge and skills through the use of natural toys and imagination, wooden play kitchens, such as those from can be passed down to many generations to come.

Research concludes that plastic leaches out toxic chemicals. Even plastics that are said to be BPA free have also been proven to leach estrogenic chemicals, which pose a host of health concerns for young children, particularly young girls. This is especially important when it pertains to toddlers since they enjoy placing all thing possible within their mouths.

The safety of toys is a huge concern among most parents. This makes wooden toys, such as those like wooden play kitchens a popular option among children.

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On-board Truck Scales: The Future of Load Valuation for High-Volume Weighing Needs

Measuring high volume weights with extreme precision is almost imperative for industries like mining, farming, and resource extraction. However, measuring them in a timely manner is also important and that is exactly what was introduced in 2005.

on-board truck scale

On-board truck scales allow weights to be measured as they are loaded to the truck, unlike the traditional scales that require the driver to drive over them. Simply put, on-board scales are mobile traditional scales if not better.

Types of On-board Truck Scales

farm truck scale on boardThere are mainly two forms of on-board truck scales: Load Cell and Air Suspension. Air suspension technology is more characteristic to the traditional scales hence load cell has become the dominant form of such scales.

The Load Cell technology is of transducer nature which means scales of this type transform forces like pressure into electrical signals. These signals are then interpreted in a handheld reader or a similar device. Since the reading is presented in digital form, the reader can make more precise decisions.

Technology Behind On-board Scales: Sensors and Indicator

scale readoutSensors: An on-board truck scale has either the air suspension sensors or the mechanical sensors. Although the latter is more modern some companies also produce hybrid scales that use both types of sensor. Sensors are installed on a truck’s axle groups so their numbers depend on how many groups there are in a truck. They measure “per axle weight” in addition to changes in weight, temperature and deflection and then turn them into electrical signals. Modern on-board scales can measure these data up to .1% of GVW or gross vehicle weight.

Indicator: The indicator works as the receiver and interpreter of the electrical signals mentioned earlier. On-board scales come with mobile handheld indicators that can give accurate reading within a 500 ft radius. The range varies from brand to brand though.

To learn more or find solutions for on-board truck scales, visit Walz Scale Onboard Division for not only on-board truck scales, but also on-board scales for other forms of equipment like conveyor belt scale systems and grain carts for farming.

Advantages of On-board Truck Scales

Obviously these scales are more efficient than traditional scales but it is better to see precisely why they are defining the future of payload management. Let us take a look at the conveniences an on-board scale offers.

  • Risk of overloading is almost entirely eliminated since the weight is collected and shown as the truck is loaded.
  • Since overloading can be taken out as a possibility, related damages can also be drastically reduced.
  • Next, this is more time efficient choice. In a traditional scale a truck has to drive over a fixed scale and drive back if it is either overloaded or under-loaded. A great deal of time can be saved with this simple functionality.
  • On-board scales also increase a truck’s fuel efficiency by reducing repetitive motions for weighing loads over and over to get them right.
  • 13% of truck accidents occur due to overloading according to studies. Some even occur while driving to the truck scales. On-board scales drastically reduce this possibility.
  • Finally, by combining all the advantages mentioned, a truck’s total durability can be increased to quite some degree.

Other than the direct benefits mentioned earlier, on-board truck scales for sale also help in avoiding legal problems arising from overloading, increasing return on assets and operating efficiency. For these reasons, on-board scales will most possibly take over the traditional or railroad scales in the near future.

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The Importance of SEO-Friendly Web Design in Today’s Digital Marketing Age

Establishing a brand through a solid web design and a creative balance of digital marketing channels requires a solid SEO strategy. Most businesses have become familiar with various forms of digital marketing but the true potential of most companies is yet to be achieved.

SEO friendly web design

Re-shape How Your Company Views the Web Design Phase

Web design is not all about making a visually appealing page. Before you can start working on customer retention and attracting them to the product/service your web design offers, it is essential to have a website that can be easily found through the search engines.

Most consumers will do an online search to determine which brand is ideal for them. This presents an opportunity for your business to become a trusted source of quality product and services through good SEO practices.

Key Elements of SEO-friendly Web Design

If you are considering creating a new website or having the old one redesigned, consider the aspects applied to create a web design that is friendly to the search engines.

Site Accessibility for Crawling and Indexing

A well-designed website is more accessible to search engines because they can crawl it efficiently, presenting great results. Crawling discovers pages that are new or updated and subjects them to the indexing process to make it easier for the relevant consumers to find it.

Site accessibility might depend on the CMS (content management system) platform your web design has been integrated on. For instance, WordPress is quite SEO-friendly, however there are better CMS platforms. Check out Exponent, which is a lesser known yet highly powerful SEO-friendly CMS that was developed by a highly proficient team of Peoria web design specialists in Illinois.

Basically, indexing involves compiling the relevant data on the site with relation to the words used, tags, attributes and even location. When a user searches for a particular item in the web, the index is consulted in order to present the results that best match the consumer’s needs. The rank created is determined by the importance of the page based on an established criterion. Good web design will ensure that the pages can be accessed and they are relevant to the business niche in order to rank well in the results.

Importance of Linking

The number of links to a page determines how popular a website is and it considered as the measure of the relevance and importance of content. When there are more links available on other websites directing users towards your website, the rank in the final results for pertinent keywords will be better. However, this is not an easily manipulated aspect because the machines and algorithms used have been enhanced so that it is easier to identify spam links and other illicit practices that will have a negative impact on the results.

Good results can be achieved through SEO-friendly web design that enhances internal linking for the users. It is a fundamental principle that will help the page visitors interact with the website and share it within their network.

Web Design Conversion Elements Search engine optimization SEO

The web design applied should be optimized for increasing the conversion rate for visitors. There are different areas that can be modified in order to achieve the best outcome. Navigation and accessibility helps users have a more fulfilling experience leading to a higher probability of becoming customers. A call-to-action can also be tailored to suit the genre of the site and various techniques can direct the user to create a better experience.

It is also imperative to create other optimization features that have appeal to a visitor. Page copy, when utilized properly can have tremendous impact on the conversion rate and visual elements such as videos and images have unique attraction. Evaluate the company strategy for digital marketing and web design in order to make certain that you are obtaining the best possible results.

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Innovative Load Scanner Technology: Taking Pay Load Management to the Next Level

The newly emerging load scanner system is the latest and most innovative technology designed to measure the volume of bulk loads being placed in a truck for carrier purposes. The load scanner is an automated system with laser visual systems that calculate the volume of bulk goods being carried in a truck and provide an estimated weight of the goods using software that changes the volumetric units into weight units.

Load Scanner Management

This innovative load scanner technology is taking pay load management processes to the next level by enabling users to measure truck load volumes fluidly and seamlessly without the bottlenecks of traditional means.

The Technology Behind Today’s Load Scanner Systems

The load scanner technology is one of the most advanced system in the industry as it is equipped with the following components:

  • The load scanner technology is equipped with a volumetric payload scanner that serves the purpose of providing motion payload monitoring. The volumetric payload scanner enables the operations of carrier trucks to manage and track all commodity volumes in the real time they are carried.
  • The load scanner technology has laser technology that is equipped with advanced algorithms that offer a great system of operation where there is a non- contact solution. There is no need for the management to be in physical contact with the materials being carried in the truck as they are each equipped with a sticker that is detected by the load scanner and the information of the volume is loaded in the system.
  • The system operations is also another facility of the load scanner technology as it scans the vehicles that are empty and compares them to the loaded trucks after scans. As mentioned before, the carried items are equipped with a sticker tag delivers automated measurements once the load scanner is used.
  • The load scanner technology is a permanent and portable system. The load scanner is not so big and can be carried by hand to be used for measuring the materials being moved. It is most efficient for construction companies in their production and movement operations.
  • The load scanner technology is equipped with a volume and 3D imagery for each vehicle being used to carry loads using cloud computing systems. For this system to be effective each vehicle is placed with an individual load ticket that is emailed and the data uploaded to the online web based cloud account.

load scanner technology

Take a look at this particular load scanner system by, a property of global leader in truck scales and payload management processes, Walz Scale.

Taking Pay Load Management to the Next Level

Operators who spearhead pay load management processes are able to conduct their daily operation with greater ease when it comes to using the truck load volume scanner technology.

1. Operators no longer has to wait for the weight for each item carried by the truck to be physically measured as they can easily do this with the load scanner technology with the laser visual technology in the equipment.

truck load volume scan

2. With minimal bottlenecks, the load management process can realize a lot of time freed up as the volumetric measurement and calculation are automatically conducted by the load scanner system and thus saves a lot of time.

3. The cloud account system has also been eased the task of recording data of the loads being produced and transported is eradicated as it is conducted automatically. They only need to confirm that the information is uploaded and updated.

4. Operators can focus on the primary stages and designs of their operations without strain or too much effort. This is particularly the case for load scanners for farmers and agricultural producers who have to manage several processes as part of their business.

Load scanner systems are advancing the pay load management processes for many different industry applications, spanning from mining to farming.

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