5 Stunning Patio Pavers from Belgard: An Inside Look at Your Next Outdoor Living Space

Belgard has an extensive and rich collection of high-quality pavers for walkways, driveways, pool decks and patios. They can either be traditional cobble pavers, brick pavers, concrete overlay pavers or contemporary modular pavers. Belgard pavers and hardscapes are highly customizable, with options flexible in terms of color, texture, and pattern.

Patio Pavers Ideas

Belgard also offers excellent auxiliary services such as professional installation and advice on the best options to suit your needs. The pavers come with a lifetime guarantee which gives owners added peace of mind. Among some of our favorite pavers for backyard patios and outdoor living spaces are detailed below.

Catalina Grana Paver

This is a contemporary modular paver that has a top-notch design and a great shelf life. It has a sharp, definitive cut which gives it a solid comforting look. A smooth texture and an overall orderliness give it a functional aesthetic that is good for both personal and commercial properties. It is highly durable and performs very well in high-traffic areas. Easily installed, it is very flexible and comes with multiple customization patterns.

Catalina Grana Paver

Color schemes include Aspen but can be changed to maximize aesthetics and help the paver better complement outdoor spaces. The Catalina Grana paver is very easy on the eyes. Perfectly ideal for a business casual look that adds to the homeliness of your outdoor living space while maintaining a high standard!

Belgian Cobble Paver

This is a stone textured multi-piece paver system that gives an earthy cobbled look. The Belgian Cobble paver comes in 7 unique shapes and random patterns. The random pattern means that when installed, this paver will be one of a kind. Although the texture is set, color options include Driftwood and can be customized to fit your preferences.

Belgian Cobble Paver

The Belgian Cobble paver is designed to look like natural stone but this effect can be changed with vibrant coloring. The paver can also be adapted into a permeable system depending on the base. This gives it added utility and can be useful in areas prone to water logging. The Belgian Cobble paver gives an outdoor living space a comfortable rustic look that will survive for ages!

Holland Stone

This is a classic paver that has a clean regular shape and a basic form. Its simplicity is a big part of its appeal making it highly popular for personal and commercial properties. It is incredibly durable and strong. It can handle low to high traffic volumes and can withstand vehicle traffic. It is highly adaptable and has various applications. It comes in two sizes that vary slightly in height.

Holland Stone Paver

Holland Stone comes in a wide range of color blends such as charcoal, natural, great lakes, saratoga or red makes this paver highly customizable. Patterns include straight or angled Running Bonds, standard or modified Basket Weave, Stackbond and 90 degree Herringbone. With so many options, this pavercan be effectively used to complement any outdoor living space. The Holland Stone paver is very handy and guarantees to serve and please!

Lafitt Rustic Slab

This Belgard paver is stone textured and very durable. It is modeled to look like cut slate. Once set, it lasts for an incredibly long time and has incredible strength. Design options are expanded by the available options of three shapes; small, medium and large. This means the paver can be suited perfectly to your needs.

Lafitt Rustic Slab Paver

Lafitt Rustic Slab’s color schemes include Hill Country, Brittany Beige, and Danville Beige. This makes this paver more dynamic and colors can be chosen to best compliment your next outdoor living area. The Lafitt Rustic Slab is a timeless paver. With a proven track record of durability and customer satisfaction!

Old Wold Paver

This is a classic paver that boasts a natural stone cleft effect. It has the look and feel of weathered cut stone. The design is based on the cobbled streets predominantly found in Europe. It is very strong and highly durable which makes it perfect for high traffic areas and driveways.

Old Wold Paver

With Belgard’s Old Wold Paver, potential color patterns include Sable Blend, Silex Blend, and Bella. The pavers vary in length and can be laid Running Bond pattern with a 25% variation. The Old World Paver gives a comfortable quality finish to outdoor living spaces. It has an impressive lifespan and can be a great addition to both private and commercial outdoor spaces!

All these pavers from Belgard can be used to spruce up an outdoor living area, customize a compound or add value to properties. They are incredibly dynamic, long-lasting and offer great value for money. Additional services from Belgard such as online designing and professional references make the process of getting these pavers a delight!

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Video Conversion: How to Transfer VHS to DVD and Digital Files

With the revolutionary 4k resolution becoming ever-popular by the day, it’s hard to think of the times when VHS tapes were king of the living room. In all honesty, how have 2 decades gone so fast?

Convert Video VHS to DVD


All nostalgia aside, learning how to transfer VHS tapes to DVD and digital files can prove to be quite useful in this day in age. Discussed here are four of the most common method on how to convert VHS tapes to DVD or digital files.

1. Connecting your VCR to a PC

For this strategy in transferring VHS to digital files (and later DVD), you’re essentially going to need four things:

  • An Analog-to-Digital Adapter (A/V cables and USB port combo)
  • A VCR
  • A PC with a DVD writer
  • Relevant recording and burning software

Since you’re most likely getting your VHS tapes from storage, you should first clean them to the best of your ability. Clean the areas where the tape was exposed and try to ensure the spindles are moving easily using your hand. The better the tape condition, the better the results. VHS Video Tape Conversion to Digital

Before starting the VHS transfer process, you should then connect your VHS player to the PC using the Analog-to-Digital adapter. After this, activate the recording software on your PC and also start playing the tape on your VCR from the point you want it to record from.

At the end of the recording, you can now stop both the software and the running tape. Insert a blank DVD into the computer’s writer and burn the video file using the burning software. Depending on your file format, you could also opt to get a video converter to help you get your desired format.

However, if you’re going to opt for this method, ensure your PC’s RAM, storage and processing power are up to scratch. Remember, converted videos tend to occupy a huge chunk of space aside from needing enough processing power to prevent losing video frames.

2. Using A DVD Recorder

For this step in converting VHS to DVD and digital files, you’re going to need:

  • A DVD Recorder
  • A VCR
  • A composite (yellow) video output
  • An RCA analog stereo output (red/white)

Connect the composite video output and the RCA outputs of your VCR to the corresponding inputs on the DVD recorder. You should then place the tape you’re thinking of recording into the VCR and a recordable DVD into the recorder.

Go to the recorder’s input selection and select the appropriate input.

Start the DVD recording then press play on your VCR after 2 or so seconds so that you don’t miss any part of the video. After the recording process, stop both the VCR and the DVD (in any order you choose) then press eject. Your video should be ready for viewing.

3. Using a VHS and DVD Combo Player

As similar as this VHS transfer process is to the one above (Using a DVD recorder), it does bear one significant difference: the VCR and DVD Recorder are found in the same unit.

This specific feature makes the recording process quite easy, so it’s a little more seamless in VHS conversion to DVD. All you need to do is to first insert both the VHS tape and a blank DVD into the players.

Like in using a DVD recorder, hit the record button on the DVD player before pressing “play” on the VCR. After the recording process, stop both devices and eject, as above. That’s all.

Interestingly, most units have a cross-dubbing function which lets you select your preferred method of dubbing: either from DVD to VHS or vice versa.

Others also have a “record button” that takes care of the entire process automatically.

One of the biggest advantages of this process would be the fact that you wouldn’t need to set up too many connections, as opposed to the others. One the downside, these combos can prove to be quite hard to find.

4. Opting for conversion services

If you’re looking for accuracy and precision or are dealing with important videos, using a professional VHS/video conversion service would be the most logical step to take.

Professional video duplicators will often times guarantee a quality outcome when they convert VHS to DVD format. Most media conversion professionals will also ensure your finished product is ready in typically 2 weeks: depending on the load of course.

For the right money, they could also make adjustments to elements such as brightness, contrast, audio levels and color to ensure you have the best quality available.

All that goes without mentioning they can also add special features such as a table of contents or chapter headings, depending on your taste, to enhance the viewing experience.

Additionally, this option also reduces the burden of needing to buy/upgrade your equipment. You can get professional video duplicators online or in any major store near you.

However, unlike the other methods of video conversion, this one could prove to be quite expensive: especially if you have a large number of tapes.

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3 Ways to Revamp Your Look with WIFH in Atlanta

wifh atlantaWIFH (Women’s Institute for Health) is a concierge medical practice that specializes in laser aesthetics and is based in Atlanta. WIFH started in 2002 and has won the Best of Atlanta for many years in a row. Dr. Jay Kulkin, who is an internationally-recognized laser expert, leads the office every single day to see patients.

WIFH has successfully performed well over two hundred and fifty thousand (to be exact) laser sessions with extremely good outcomes. In essence, they know what they are doing and can do many treatments well.

The list of treatments offered at WIFH include: laser hair removal (any skin type,) Cellulaze for cellulite, Smartlipo, SculpSure, laser tattoo removal, microneedling, specialized skin procedures and many more. The team at WIFH wants to revamp your look for 2017 and by combining treatments laser hair removal, smartlipo and a type of skin procedure called HydraFacial they can help you achieve just that.

jay kulkin atlanta laser skin care

Dr. Jay Kulkin

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

It is believed that women spend 38 minutes a day shaving, waxing, plucking etc. and this can add up to a lot of time lost. It can also be painful to wax and with laser hair removal treatment you will never have to worry about waxing again. This can apply for men as well as women. Laser hair removal treatment is designed to stop the hair from ever growing again by targeting the root of each and every individual hair.

You may need six to nine sessions for the hair laser removal treatment to have maximum results and effects. Many people see a significant change (approximately 75 percent to 90 percent will be removed) in their amount of hair by session number eight. It is also advised that if you choose to do laser facial hair removal than you will need to come into WIFH two to three times for touch ups a year because facial hair is based on hormonal changes.

Each body part has a certain amount of time that it will need to be lasered off. The upper lip can take five minutes per a session while a whole leg can take an hour. That is why WIFH offers a complimentary consultation so you can meet with one of the laser practitioners to get more information about laser hair removal and to see what you need to do. If you meet with them that does not mean you have to do the treatment, you could change your mind.


WIFH started doing Smartlipo in 2008 two years after it was approved by the FDA. In short, Smartlipo is known as “laser assisted liposuction.” This means that a laser is used (as well as local anesthesia) to gently melt the fat before it can be suction out of the body. They are able to use tiny instruments (no IV) which will help decrease the chances of excessive tissue trauma. Smartlipo laser liposuction treatment is also able to tighten the skin.

WIFH offers the best results with Smartlipo because besides having Dr. Kulkin (whose direct cell phone number you will get so if you have any questions before your treatment and he calls in to check on you the day of as well as the after Smartlipo) they also have the latest and strongest laser in the market known as the Smartlipo Triplex. This laser is able to generate three wavelengths to give maximum effect for Smartlipo. But not everyone is able to do Smartlipo but you can still have a complimentary consultation to see if you qualify as well as to get more information about the treatment.


HydraFacial is a skin procedure which is able to hydrate, exfoliate, extract and cleanse your skin. It uses powerful peptides and antioxidants as well as hyaluronic acid. HydraFacial will make your skin smoother, cleaner and firmer from the first session. It will also stop your make-up from going into your pores and lines by simply removing them and it will make putting on make-up easier and quicker.

With HydraFacial, your skin will also be able to absorb your skin care products quicker because HydraFacial removes dead skin cells that are dull and have built to block your pores. As one of the few clinics offering HydraFacial MD in Atlanta, each treatment is tailored to your skins so that WIFH can see what the best treatment for you.

laser skin care center atlanta

WIFH is located in Atlanta’s Perimeter Town Center.

When you combine HydraFacial, Smartlipo and Laser Hair Removal you will feel like a new and revamped you. You will feel and look great as well as have less to worry about in terms of skin, weight and unwanted hair. You can save your time and use it for something more worthwhile.

6115 Peachtree Dunwoody Road #200
Atlanta, GA 30328
Phone: 404.832.0300

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Laser Cavity Detector Technology: Does It Actually Work?

Tooth cavities are a major concern for individuals around the world. Advanced cavities can cause pain and discomfort, or worse: the loss of teeth.

Early detection is key to treating and preventing the advancement of cavities. A new laser cavity detector, DIAGNOdent, is available on the market, but does it actually work as advertised?

How DIAGNOdent Cavity Detector Works

The DIAGNOdent cavity detector works by fluorescing the tooth by means of a laser. Healthy enamel show a low level of fluorescence. The more advanced the cavities, the more fluorescence is demonstrated. The level of fluorescence is directly proportional to the degree of cavities present and shows little variation across patients. The net effect of this is that a scale has been determined to diagnose the severity of the cavities and thus the recommended treatment by local dentists near me.

There are many different techniques in use for detecting cavities. These techniques include, among others, visual examination, radiography, Vista Proof and DIAGNOdent or laser fluorescence. DIAGNOdent was compared to these various techniques in terms of sensitivity and specificity.

Supporting Science & Studies

dentist cavity detectorA study was conducted by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists to compare visual examination, bitewing radiography and DIAGNOdent in terms of sensitivity and accuracy. The same two examiners made use of all three techniques to determine the severity and extent of cavities in an array of teeth presented for examination. The study concluded that visual examination is moderately sensitive and substantially specific, radiography showed low sensitivity and high specificity. DIAGNOdent showed higher scores on both sensitivity and specificity.

The problem that was found with the DIAGNOdent was the likelihood ratio being lower than for the other two techniques. Due to the sensitivity of the device to discolouration and reflective materials that may naturally accumulate on the tooth surface a far higher ratio of false positives were given by the device. This may lead to unnecessary treatment. However, it should also be noted that the other techniques examined showed a higher false negative ratio which may lead to cavities going untreated due to it not being detected.

Pitfalls of Laser Cavity Detection

It has also been found that although the number shown by the DIAGNOdent does indicate the severity of the cavities, it does not indicate the depth of the decay. The laser does not penetrate the surface of the tooth and so cannot determine how much of the tooth substrate has been compromised. This would require the use of additional diagnostic equipment such as bitewing radiography.

The detection of cavities beneath caps and other tooth restorations can be tricky. The DIAGNOdent laser has been shown capable of penetrating the composites used in restorations and so can detect underlying cavities.

The conclusion with regards to the efficacy of this cavity detection technology is that it is indeed effective at detecting cavities. However, it may be too effective and lead to an increase in unnecessary treatment. The device is best used in conjunction with other techniques in order to eliminate the false positives as much as possible. In order to further eliminate false positives it can be helpful to perform a thorough polish or the tooth surface to eliminate plaque and other bacteria generated products.

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Top 3 Most Creative Christmas Gifts for Golfers

Golf is an interesting sport that is enjoyed by a large number of individuals worldwide. In more cases often than not, golf Christmas gifts are suitable for at least one individual in someone’s life. Because the sport is so popular and widespread, there’s an abundance of Christmas gifts for golfers on the market. The only challenge is finding the right one.

To help shed light on some of the most creative and inspiring Christmas gifts for golfers, below we feature three items that will hit home with the golfer in your life.personalized divot tool

1. Mark Mender Divot Tool

Conventional or plastic divot repair tools pull up along the sides of the ball mark resulting in more damage to the green and more or less compromising the future put of other golfers. The Mark Mender, on the other hand, is golf divot repair tool that’s equipped with a spring-loaded squeeze mechanism that enables golfers to repair their divots with ease and satisfaction.

Applying a simple poke and pinch technique, the Mark Mender adds to the experience of a great approach shot while maintaining the quality of the green. In addition to being a divot tool for golf ball marks, also serves as a cigar holder further adding to its appeal. This greatly reduces the hustle of having a cigar holder attached to your cart separately from your divot tool. Enjoy your cigar as you embrace the green. It is available fully customized at 12-unit minimum order.

2. The Carry-On

The polycarbonate outer shell is TSA (Transport Safety Authority) compliant, but what makes The Carry-On more than an ordinary piece of luggage are the two built-in USB ports that connect to a battery and allow you to charge up while waiting for your next flight (it can charge your phone up to four times).

Meanwhile an internal compression packing system that allows over-packers to maximize space minus the need to check their bags at the airport. The Carry-On is particularly useful when you are down golfing a whole weekend and you need to limit your luggage.

3. Personalized Wood Golf Ball Marker

golf ball marker toolYou can have three initials engraved on this little accessory that can clip onto any golf bag and hold golf essentials like a scorecard, tees and some cash for the beer cart. Keep your golf game organized with the personalized ball marker available via fast delivery, free laser engraving available and is of high quality.

The wood golf ball marker is a small, flat object used to mark the position of a golf ball when the ball is lifted on the putting green. It is somewhat the size of a coin and is placed directly behind the ball before it is lifted. The ball is then swapped right in front of the marker on its initial position. This particular gift is handmade and can be customized with one to three initials at the vendors’ and orders placed are collectable in 3 days’ tops. See options at Etsy.com.

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The Value in Junk Removal for Businesses & The Environment

The need to find professional junk removal services is for businesses and office environments in quite common in today’s commercial atmosphere. It is very common for businesses to relocate after a certain period of time. During this transition phase, it’s important to follow a strategic plan of action to ensure that everything will run as smooth as possible, and sometimes the plan calls for a reliable and dependable junk removal service to help clear out and clean an office space in a environmentally-conscious manner. eco-friendly junk removal

In fact, this is one of the most common problems businesses encounter during a transitionary period. That is, how they can get effectively get rid of old computers, office furniture, electronics, and other junk they need to get rid of. Professional junk removal services will be able to take care of any unwanted junk in your office such as broken furniture, electronics and computers.

The task of looking for ways on how to safely and mindfully get rid of these items can be very tedious. You definitely wouldn’t want to bring them over to your new office location since it will create a cluttered and cramped environment. To make things easier for you during your relocation process, it’s best to hire a junk removal service. By doing so, you will be able to focus on more important tasks and priorities you need to fulfill. Let’s take a look at how junk removal services operate and what you should take into consideration before hiring one.

How Junk Removal Services Work

Pick up hours of reputable junk removal services usually range from 24 to 48 hours upon contacting them. They will be able to dispose non hazardous and hazardous junk responsibly. Once you consider the large amount of time required to complete the clearing out process, you will be glad that you didn’t have to do it yourself.

minneapolis junk removal by junk command

Junk removal companies like Junk Command make it easy to get rid of office junk with confidence knowing it will be properly disposed and recycled.

Loading the junk items into a truck, hauling them and disposing items which can no longer be reused is definitely time consuming. If you were to do it yourself, you will be losing precious hours you could’ve spent being at the office. Reputable junk removal services, like that of Junk Command in Minneapolis do all the work for you, all while specializing in eco-friendly junk removal and recycling services that are good for the environment.

There is also a high possibility that you will be losing a couple of days at work just to complete the entire junk removal process. On the other hand, if you ask your employees to do the work for you, they wouldn’t be able to complete the job you’re paying them for. This may result in delays or conflict of schedule with your business partners.

What to Look for in a Professional Junk Removal Service

Before settling for any junk removal service, you have to ensure that they’re a reputable company. You can do this by checking the range of work they’re capable of through their online website and brochures. If a junk remover offers a wide range of services, it means they run a more substantial operation. In terms of equipment, trucks are the most important decide factor. It’s always best to check the size of the truck they will be using and the total amount of trucks the company has.

This will give you an idea of how efficient they will be when in completing the junk removal process. For pricing, the saying “you get what you pay” holds true in this type of industry. Although you should never be overcharged for any project, it’s important to keep in mind that bargain prices are priced that way for a reason. A reputable junk removal service should be able to provide you a price estimate according to your junk’s cubic yardage. If they refuse to offer an estimated price, it’s best to look for a more reputable company.

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Sport Sunscreen vs. Regular Sunscreen: Progression in Product Design

The best sunscreen is the one that offers sufficient and sustainable protection for your skin. Research supports the benefits of using sunscreen to minimize skin damage and skin cancer caused by the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays.sport sunscreen regular sunscreen

However the question of whether to invest in sports sunscreen vs. regular sunscreen riddles many people. There are many excellent cosmetic sunscreens out there, in addition to sport sunscreens. However, many consumers are not able to differentiate the contrast and similarities between regular sunscreen and sports sunscreen.

Despite both having similar features for sun protection, there still lies a large undisputed difference between the two. Due to advancements in technological world of product design, skincare companies and therapist have formulated sport sunscreens that might make them worth checking out. There are many difference between a sport sunscreen and regular sunscreen, and these include:

Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

Harmful UV light is of two types: UVA and UVB. UVA causes a premature aging by initiating wrinkles and old age sport while UVB causes a severe burn on your skin leaving it wrecked or completely destroyed. A broad spectrum sunscreen serves an ultimate protection from both rays, it is therefore important to buy a sunscreen that guarantees you protection from all the UV light. It’s thus important to choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect you from cancer which is eventually caused by continuous exposure to both rays.

Unlike the sports sunscreen, not all the available varieties of regular sunscreens offer a strong defense from both UVA and UVB rays. Sports sunscreen offers a strong protection from both ray natures. To avoid doubts on the regular variety sunscreen, skin therapist highly advise usage of a Broad spectrum sunscreen for absolute protection. One of the best sports sunscreen brands for this is SolRx. You find their sport sunscreen products by visiting SolRx.com.

Sufficient SPF Protection

SPF stands for sun protection factor, it is normally based on the time it has taken for your skin to be affected by the sun light compared to the one which has been sun screened before. Generally SPF is a measure on how well the sunscreen is protecting your skin. Sunscreen protection is varied depending on the SPF value.

On contrast a higher SPF rating is less effective compared to a low one a sports sunscreen has a low SPF value of 15 compared to the regular sunscreen which is double. It is however the best variety to choose in case you needs ultimate protection. However, Rather than looking at large on the sunscreen’s SPF, choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

Why Sports Sunscreen

Sport sunscreen is ideal for swimmers, runners, skiers and practically anyone is outdoors for long periods of time. Sports sunscreens are usually tested on water resistivity (unlike regular sunscreen,) and they are often designed with a strong SPF factor which is often higher compared to the regular sunscreen.Sport Sunscreen

Some sports sunscreens (like SolRx) are eco-friendly and reef safe. It is claimed that some regular sunscreens damage the environment and the ocean’s coral reef. Be aware, conscious and caring on the environmental impact of your sunblock.

It’s appropriate to athletes who get sweaty during a prolonged sun exposure, sports sunscreen is more sweat resistant compared to regular sunscreen.

Regular sunscreens too are however resilience and adaptively viable to different users. However to people who participate in athletics, sports sunscreen offers you a more advanced and a large broad spectrum protection effects and capabilities for your skin. For more information on sport sunscreen vs regular sunscreen, check out this article by SolRx. It gives great insight on the benefits of choosing a sport sunscreen over traditional products.

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Why SEO Services Offer The Greatest Marketing ROI

local google seo companyIf you operate a local company that needs to increase its visibility and recognition, SEO can offer a powerful solution. Whether you’re represent an established company with a long history in your local area or a new business looking to break into the market, you will need to establish a solid web presence to succeed.

One of the best ways to do this simply and efficiently while maintaining a high-level of professionalism is working with an SEO service provider. Highly experienced SEO and Internet marketing companies provide high-return SEO services that can provide a host of advantages.

SEO Services at a Glance

Just what is an SEO service? First it is important to define what SEO is to understand what these services can do for you. SEO stands for search engine optimizing, the practice where the most relevant keywords are determined and utilized to increase the visibility of a website. These terms help websites to appear higher on the search engine sites that everyone uses every day.SEO at a Glance

It’s important to seek quality SEO services by a professional company that is devoted to supporting businesses across all industries and fields. These organizations have high ethical standards, and ensure they are producing original targeted content that will bring potential customers to your site and give you more of a solid and informative web presence.

Making the Most of SEO for Your Marketing Efforts

The return on investment is frequently quite high for businesses that invest in SEO targeted content. This is because showing up higher and more frequently on internet search results is one of the absolute best ways for customers to find things these days. When they are looking for a specific or product or service, consumers typically turn to a quick internet search.

If your business comes up in this search, they are more likely to know about you and possibly try your product or service. This level of exposure often makes the price paid to an SEO service reliable as it drives a great deal of increased traffic to your website.

These services can even drive the growth of your business in unexpected ways like SEO-driven brand reputation management and targeted marketing via social media channels. Each service will be able to provide you with many options and opportunities for increasing your visibility on the internet and driving customers to your site and eventually to working with your business.

Google Maps Marketing & Local SEO

An interesting example of using creative local SEO services in inventive ways is to do Google Maps marketing, or Google Maps SEO. This is the practice where you can use the extremely popular Google Maps platform to make your business easier for potential customers to find. So many people have difficulty finding businesses without turning to a digital map or online navigation system. As a result, Google Maps SEO marketing offers a great way to further broaden your search exposure. Google Maps marketing

This gives businesses a built-in platform to reach out to customers by ranking high on the local business listings of Google Maps. If you type the specific industry you are in on your Google search page, a map will appear with every business that falls in that category in the immediate area. The higher your business ranks on this list, the greater chance you will get noticed.

These are just a few ways that SEO services can help increase your marketing strategy and drive new customers to your business. Get started today and find an entirely new way to discover and access untapped markets in your region.

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Weighing-in on The Industry’s Leading Portable Truck Scale Systems

There’s been a lot of progress in the development of efficient vehicle weighing systems over the past few years; especially in the areas of product mobility and pinpoint accuracy.portable truck scales

Portable truck scales are among the most common weighing systems today. However, there are still important distinctions between the various types of portable truck scale systems. Two of the most popular forms of scales used for measuring a vehicle’s weight are portable wheel weighers and the portable axle scales. Below we weigh-in on both of these systems and what features each provides.

Portable Wheel Weighers wheel weigher

This form of scale is the most versatile and cost effective way of weighing a vehicle as in theory they should give you the ability to weigh any vehicle anywhere, anytime. Usually constructed out of a single piece of aluminium these scales come in single wheel units, therefore four units are required to weigh a standard two-axle vehicle. This kind of portable wheel weigher scale can usually weigh items up to 10,000 kg (20,000 lbs) accurate within 1%.

Because of the portable nature of this type of scale, they are best used for scenarios where the product that is in need of weighing is ‘away from base’ or where the weight is not going to be particularly high. However you begin to encounter problems when the weight does begin to reach, and exceed, the upper levels of weight and especially when you’re dealing with vehicles that have more than a lot of axles, as obviously, you’ll need more units at hand, all of which need to be synchronised together.

portable wheel weigher

So for any vehicle that isn’t used in heavy industry or large freight transport, the portable wheel weigher will be the most convenient and economical option. Get more info about portable wheel weighers at WalzScale.com

Portable Axle Scalesportable axle scales

When you are dealing with heavy industry equipment such as mining trucks, the axle scale provides the best alternative for when the portable wheel weigher becomes ineffective or impractical.

These scales are designed as weighbridges which are the length of tucks and are therefore not hindered by the number of axles the subject vehicle has. These truck scales are built out of heavy-duty carbon steel in order to deal with the extra weight they are expected to hold – which is as much as 50,000 kg (100,000 lbs).

Although traditionally harder to transport than portable wheel weighers, and are therefore better suited to be permanently installed ‘on base’ portable versions are becoming the norm. However, the practicality of the site in which an axle scale is being installed must be considered in ways that aren’t necessary for portable wheel weigher. For example, the land must be firm, level and at least the length of one vehicle.

axle scales

Another benefit of using axle truck scales is they can be operated in two ways, statically – the vehicle stops, gets weighed then moves on- or, when a vehicle is in motion , (e.g. vehicles with self-compensating suspension systems) which gives the best result when weighing extremely vehicles; this is something most portable wheel weighers cannot do.

Which Truck Scale is Best for Your?

For most operations that require weighing a vehicle, the best option will be several individual units of portable wheel weighers – ensuring you have enough to match the number of axles you intend to weigh. However, for those enterprises that are involved in heavy industry and are required to weigh much larger and heavier vehicles the, best option is the portable axle scale.

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The Technology Behind Robotic Spine Surgery Procedures

spine surgery robotic minimally-invasiveSpine surgery could be one of the most significant decisions an individual makes in regards to their body and overall health. Many people who are struggling with debilitating back pain and restricted range of motion often need more than non-surgical intervention. In such instances, robotic spine surgery may be the answer.

Robotic Spinal Surgery: The Most Preferred Among Less Invasive Methods

To speed up your recovery time from spine surgery, in addition to to decrease risks, you and your orthopedic spine surgeon may want to use the least invasive methods possible given your condition. Keep in mind that not everybody will benefit from techniques like robotic spinal surgery. If there is an alternative that is less aggressive, it must be something you ponder.

robotic spine surgery

Mazor Robotic’s Renaissance Guidance System

Simultaneously, however, you furthermore need a process that is going to be functional with you unique condition. If it might not work or it might not last enduringly, it is probably not the best choice for your needs. A professional orthopedic specialized in robotic spinal surgery can guide you in making this decision.

Mazor Robotic’s Renaissance Guidance System is one of the single robotic direction products in the United States used for implanting strategies throughout spine surgery. The Renaissance Guidance System allows the surgeon to use the imageries from a computerized tomography scan that is taken beforehand surgery to make a blueprint for each medical care. The CT scan info is loaded into a computerized 3D preparation system which permits to the doctor to plan the clinical process with a high degree of accuracy before ever ingoing the working room.

Robotic Spinal Surgery at a Glance

In the operating room, the surgeon does all of the physical efforts of the surgery. The robot-guidance system is a tool that aids to guide the surgeon’s instruments, founded on the extremely accurate pre-operative development of spinal implant placement. spine surgery robotic technology

Throughout the procedure of robot-guided spinal surgery, the robot is located near the patient either by assigning it to the bed or else straight anchoring it to the spine of the patient. The robot is roughly the dimension of a 12 oz. beverage can with a small arm attached.

The robot has the capability to bend and interchange so as to place its arm on the spine in a precise specific location and route. This ultra-precise leadership could improve the surgeon’s capability to securely place implants, mainly while working over very small incision (slightly invasive surgery) otherwise while dealing with compound anatomy.

Robotic spine surgery technology permits the surgeon to achieve a smaller incision in a very meticulous manner while minimizing the requisite for emission throughout the surgical process. Robot-guidance helps to maintain the precision of the surgeon’s work throughout the surgery to optimize accuracy. As a result, the technique can reduce tissue trauma, resulting in smaller scars, less bleeding, less pain, and faster recovery

Minimally-invasive robot spinal surgery uses a revolutionary new technology that has numerous advantages and might allow doctors to perform less invasive surgical processes with smaller incision, faster recovery, less bleeding, and shorter clinic stays. Robot-guidance furthermore can drastically improve the accuracy and security of surgical processes and permit these processes to be achieved with less intra-operative emission exposure to patients in addition to health care providers.

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